10 Best SMS Blocker Apps For Android

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Communication is part of our life. Our livelihood and happiness depend on it. Thanks to the advancement in technology, we now have a medium to communicate with our friends and family via text messages on mobile phones. Though most of these interactions are fun, some of them can irritate your bone. And all its credit goes to unknown spam and promotional messages. Good thing there are SMS blocker apps available to help.

Nobody likes to get notified of spam messages over 100 times in a day. They get you distracted, spoiling your further routine. Luckily, there is a way to put a stop to it- SMS blocker apps. If you rock an Android phone, just go to Play Store and you’ll find several SMS blocker apps ready to serve you.

Now the next obvious question is- which are the best SMS blocker apps for Android? For your convenience, here is a list of the top 10 SMS blocker apps that won’t disappoint.

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List of Best SMS Blocker for Android

1. Calls Blacklist

text message blocker app

If you wish to block SMS and calls on your Android device, the Calls blacklist may be the ideal choice. The app provides you with an SMS messenger, where you can send and receive messages. To block an unknown or private number, just add it to the messenger’s blacklist, and you won’t hear from it again.

Download: Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker

2. Key Messages

sms blocker for android

It’s one of the highly-rated SMS blocker apps on the Play Store. Thanks to its superb user interface, you can block spam messages/numbers in an instant. The app also comes with a quick prioritisation feature, which allows you to create a black or white list to avoid cluttering your phone.

Download: Key Messages – Spam Blocker, Text Blocker

3. Root Call SMS Manager

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It is perfect for those individuals who use two numbers and wish to create separate blacklists for each of them. This app successfully blocks all SMS and MMS messages on your device. You also have the option to instantly lock/unlock incoming calls as per your convenience. If you use its free version, you are only allowed to form two entries in white and black lists.

Download: Root Call SMS Manager

4. Call Blocker and SMS Blocker

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If an individual needs an easy to use SMS blocker app, then Call Blocker and SMS Blocker by KiteTech comes at the top of the list. Users have to make this app their default messaging app to avail of its advantages (block SMS & numbers). With its ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, your device can take a break from receiving calls and messages for a defined period; let’s say 8 am-6 pm.

Download: Call Blocker and SMS Blocker

5. Call Control

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One of the most popular apps on the Play Store, Call Control is a call and SMS blocking app. With its ‘Community Blacklist’, you can easily block all the calls from collectors, telemarketers, and spammers. Apart from this, the app comes with a bag full of features like SMS text filter, Do Not Disturb mode, blocked calls log, etc. It’s available for free and is used by over 5 million people worldwide.

Download: Call Control – SMS/Call Blocker. Block Spam Calls!

6. Hiya- Caller ID & Block

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Known for its credibility, Hiya has a database of millions of phone numbers, which it uses to block unwanted calls and messages. It offers the benefit of intuitive navigation, which makes scrolling around the app fun and satisfying.

Download: Hiya – Call Blocker, Fraud Detection & Caller ID

7. Google Messages

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If you aren’t a fan of third-party apps, then Google Messages is suitable for you. It comes pre-loaded in Android smartphones and is one of the best messaging apps on the market. As of now, Google Messages is the only Android app to function with RCS messaging feature. In case you like to block unwanted messages from a number, simply long-press on the number (in the inbox) and tap on ‘Block’ to never hear from it.

Download: Google Messages

8. Truecaller

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With a fan following of over 25 million users, Truecaller is one of the favorite caller identifier apps in the market. The app is designed to function as a multitasker- blocking spam calls/SMS, caller ID, smart contact manager, among others. It rocks an organized and spam-free inbox, keeping usability in mind.

Download: Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS, spam block

9. Call Blocker and SMS Blocker

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As the name suggests, the app allows an individual to block unwanted calls and SMS, without worrying about the consequences. Once you have added a number to the blacklist, the app automatically ignores calls and SMS in the coming future. If you want to see the record of the rejected numbers, the app will help you with the same.

Download: Call Blocker – Blacklist, SMS Blocker

10. Caller ID – Phone Dialer, Call Blocker

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If for some reason you aren’t a fan of Truecaller, this app can satisfy your needs. Known as the stunt double of Truecaller, users can make this their default messaging app to block telemarketing and spam messages. Apart from this, the app offers useful features like smart call log, call blocker, etc. to meet the requirements of its users.

Download: Caller ID – Phone Dialer, Call Blocker

To sum it up…

Constant badgering from unwanted messages can greatly affect the mood of a person. With the help of the above-listed apps, you can run away from it. Depending on your needs and the brand of your Android phone, choose any of the above apps to make your life a little simple.