Soccer Games for Android

best soccer games for android

Here is the list that all soccer lovers are looking for! If you are one of them, you can’t miss the best soccer games for Android. We have chosen for you the most ingenious and challenging games that will make you play for hours. Download any of these games and enjoy your homies lots of entertainment hours that only soccer can give you. Create teams, play with your friends, and design strategies to score the winning goal.

List of Best Soccer Games for Android

1. FIFA Soccer

FIFA Soccer

Participate and compete in multiple leagues and create your dream team in one of the top soccer games for Android. You have the option to choose from more than 50,000 players from teams all over the world. Participate in the multiple international leagues that currently exist and make championships in the Europa League, UEFA Champions League, The Bundesliga, etc.

You can interact with soccer legends such as Pele, Ronaldo, Maradona, Zidane, among many others, and create strategies and plays that your imagination will only limit. This game allows you to:

» Play with your favorite team in every league you want.
» You can complete the challenges to improve the skills of your players and team.
» Level up your star players by exploiting their potential and creating a dream team.
» Compete against your friends online and make your tournament to see who the best of all is.

2. Soccer Star 2020 Top Leagues

Soccer Star 2020 Top Leagues

In this soccer game, you will compete to be the best in the Argentine Super League, a competitive league considered one of the best in the world. Play with your favorite team of the selection you like and interact with the most important players of the moment. Become the best starter of your team and score the best goals to advance and win the cup of the Argentinean super league.

With exceptional gameplay and graphics, you will advance as a beginner making your way through the most potent teams to reach the end and conquer the championship by lifting the victory cup.

3. Stickman Soccer 2018

Stickman Soccer

It is a soccer game in the stickman style, where you will compete and have hours of fun battling to become the best in the world. With a fast pace, excellent graphics, high-quality animations, and easy-to-use controls, people consider it one of the top soccer games for Android in the world.

It has many fun features like slow-motion replays, the introduction of yellow and red cards, free kicks, more realistic stadiums, and the ability to customize teams and players. All to bring the best gameplay you want in a soccer game. Choose and build your dream team from over 150 preset parties and reach the top by playing for hours of fun-filled entertainment.

4. Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars

The mechanics of this game is quite simple because it resembles arcade soccer tables. The players are pieces within the field that you can move as if you had a racket in your hand.

With a wide range of categories, you can compete against several players in its multiplayer version or simply against the game’s AI. Challenge your friends and show them who is the champion of the game. Some features are:

» Possibility to play online or offline mode.
» The gameplay is quite simple and easy to understand.
» The graphics and details regarding the movement of the ball are impressive.
» Participate in the different modalities against people from all over the world.
» Invite and play against your friends through Facebook.
» As you progress, you will get better equipment and awards.

5. Dream League Soccer 2021

Dream League Soccer 2021

It is part of our top soccer games for Android with impressive graphics, and it has unique gameplay in its style. Enjoy and start participating with the availability of more than 4,000 players from the best clubs in the world. Build your dream team and compete to be the best of them all.

On the game app, you can customize everything from players to your stadium. There are no limits to develop the full potential of the game. The visual experience and AI have improved considerably compared to its predecessors’ versions. As a result, it has become one of the most original mobile games of the moment.

Compete online and get exclusive prizes as you climb up the global rankings; prove that your team is the best in the world.

6. Puppet Soccer Champions

Puppet Soccer Champions

It is one of the most fun soccer games of the moment, and we include it on our top soccer games for Android. Compete and participate in crazy competitions with puppets of the most crucial soccer players around the world. Customize and earn different rewards as you progress and spend hours of fun enjoying the frenetic mechanics that this game offers.

You have the option to choose from over 90 animated puppets or use one of the 30 pre-made teams. The gameplay is quite engaging and crazy when the ball starts bouncing. You can play split-screen with your friends and see who scores the most goals.

7. Soccer Royale: Clash Games

Soccer Royale: Clash Games

It is one of the top soccer games for Android from VivaGame Studios developers. Create your team and compete against players from all over the world for the top prize. This is a game of the ROYALE theme that uses the card’s implementation to obtain improvements in the game. Form your clan and improve characters by sharing and exchanging cards to form a fearsome deck for everyone.

Open chests as you score goals and have access to juicy rewards that will make your players a fearsome team. And evolve your characters using cards or coins that you acquire through the game and compete with your friends online to see who the best of all is. Although it is a free game, you can buy the coins or cards to upgrade your team faster.


Don’t wait any longer! A true soccer fan will not let this opportunity pass him by. Any of the best soccer games for Android will make you enjoy this incredible passion for the sport. You can play soccer games with you anywhere. Let the passion for soccer take over you and download any of these games; you won’t regret it!