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15 Best Software Job Search Sites in USA in 2023

15 Best Software Job Search Sites in USA in 2023In the USA, several well-known and reliable job-search websites dedicate to serving software and IT job searchers. If you’re on the hunt for the best software job opportunities in the USA, look no further. In this article, we’ll explore the best software job search sites in USA that cater specifically to software professionals, helping you find your dream job in the tech industry.

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The best software job search sites in the USA

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a popular professional networking platform extensively utilized for job hunting and establishing connections with experts from various sectors, including software and technology.


  • Features a robust job search engine that allows you to search for software and tech job openings based on various criteria, such as location, niche job, experience level, and keywords
  • Provides various networking features, such as groups and discussions, where you can engage with professionals in the software engineering industry, join relevant communities, and exchange knowledge and experiences
  • Allows professionals to endorse and recommend each other’s skills and expertise
  • Provides valuable insights and analytics about job postings
  • Offers premium subscriptions

2. WeWorkRemotely

WeWorkRemotely is a widely recognized job board and platform that provides remote job opportunities. This tech blog centers on remote work and its application in diverse industries, such as software and technology.


  • Features a wide range of remote job listings, including software development, web design, project management, customer support, marketing, and more
  • Has a strong focus on tech and software-related positions
  • Provides a user-friendly interface that allows job seekers to navigate and filter job listings based on specific criteria quickly
  • Showcases job listings from companies worldwide, offering international opportunities for remote work
  • Job seekers can subscribe to email alerts to receive notifications about newly posted remote job opportunities

3. StackOverflow

Stack Overflow is a widely-used online forum that allows developers and programmers to ask questions and answer technical questions. As a go-to platform for software professionals, this resource provides an extensive knowledge base, facilitates community discussions, and features a job board. In addition to reducing the exchange of knowledge, this platform also serves as a gateway to job opportunities and valuable insights into the software development industry.


  • Allows developers to ask questions, provide answers, and share their knowledge with a global community
  • It has dedicated niche job boards that connect employers with software developers and tech professionals
  • Has a reputation system based on users’ contributions and expertise
  • Allows you to create a developer job profile that showcases your skills, experience, and contributions
  • Conducts an annual developer survey that provides insights into the software development industry, including salaries, job satisfaction, and technology trends

4. GitHub

GitHub is a widely used web-based platform in the software development community that offers version control, code hosting, and collaboration features. This software boasts many features that make it an indispensable tool for software professionals and job seekers.


  • Serves as a portfolio platform for developers to showcase their projects, contributions, and skills
  • Home to a vibrant open-source community with millions of projects available for exploration, contribution, and learning
  • Supports the creation of comprehensive documentation for projects
  • It has a GitHub Jobs job board, where employers and recruiters post software-related job openings

5. KeyValues

The KeyValues platform is a tech solution that caters to job seekers looking for companies that match their values and preferences. By providing insights into the organization’s principles, culture, and advantages, it assists individuals in making educated decisions about the career pathways they wish to pursue.


  • Enables job seekers to search for companies based on specific values they prioritize
  • Offers comprehensive company profiles that highlight their values, culture, and perks
  • Employs a values-based matching approach to connect job seekers with suitable companies
  • Encourages companies to share authentic information about their values and work environment

6. Indeed

Indeed has gained immense popularity as a leading job search engine and is widely recognized globally. This platform utilizes advanced algorithms to gather job postings from many sources, such as corporate web pages, employment portals, and staffing firms.


  • Boasts a vast database of job listings from numerous industries, including software and tech
  • Provides advanced search filters to help job seekers refine their search and find relevant job postings
  • Features company reviews and ratings provided by employees and job seekers
  • Job seekers can set up email alerts on Indeed to receive notifications about new job postings that match their search criteria
  • Allows job seekers to create and upload their resumes and cover letter to their profile
  • Provides salary insights for various job titles and locations based on user-submitted data and information from job postings
  • Offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing job seekers to search and apply for tech jobs on the go

7. AngelList

AngelList is a cutting-edge platform connecting startups, job seekers, and investors within the dynamic tech industry. This job board platform is a valuable resource for individuals seeking employment within the startup industry, encompassing the software and technology sectors.


  • Offers comprehensive job boards focused explicitly on startup companies
  • Provides detailed profiles of startup companies, showcasing their mission, team, products or services, funding status, and other relevant information
  • Has an extensive network of investors who actively support and invest in startups
  • Allows job seekers to connect directly with startup founders and employee
  • Streamlines the application process by allowing job seekers to apply directly through the platform
  • Offers syndicates and fundraising features that enable startups to raise capital from individual investors or venture capitalists
  • Valuable insights and resources for job seekers interested in the startup ecosystem

8. Dice

Dice is a renowned job board and career platform that caters exclusively to the technology industry. The job board platform can connect employers and recruiters with technology professionals, particularly those in the software industry.


  • Features an extensive database of job boards and job listings, predominantly focused on technology-related positions
  • Provides advanced search filters that allow job seekers to refine their search based on specific criteria
  • Offers insights into the most in-demand technologies and programming languages within the tech industry
  • Provides company profiles that offer information about the companies posting popular jobs on the platform
  • Offers a learning platform where job seekers can access resources to enhance their technical skills and stay updated with industry trends
  • Provides career advice and insights tailored explicitly to technology professionals
  • Fosters a tech community where professionals can engage in discussions, share insights, and seek advice from fellow industry peers

9. Ladders

Ladders is a leading-edge job board search platform that specializes in serving the needs of top-tier professionals and executives looking to take their careers to the next level. The venue is a valuable resource for experienced professionals seeking high-level career opportunities, particularly those in the software industry. Its features include executive-level job listings, personalized matching, confidential job searches, career advice, networking opportunities, and membership benefits.


  • Features job listings for executive-level positions, including senior management roles, director-level positions, and C-suite positions
  • Offers a personalized matching system that connects professionals with relevant job opportunities based on their skills, experience, and career preferences
  • Allows users to conduct a confidential job search, ensuring that their current employers or colleagues are not aware of their job-seeking activities
  • Provides a wealth of career advice, insights, and resources to help professionals navigate their career journeys
  • It offers a professional community where users can discuss, share insights, and expand their network within their industry and desired job market
  • Offers a membership option that provides additional benefits to users

10. F6S

F6S is a modern global platform that seamlessly connects startups, entrepreneurs, and investors from all corners of the world. 


  • Offers a wide range of opportunities for startups, including access to funding, accelerator programs, incubators, competitions, grants, and resources
  • Connects startups with a network of investors, venture capitalists, angel investors, and corporate partners
  • Provides startup profiles where companies can showcase their products, services, team members, and achievements
  • Fosters a community of startups, entrepreneurs, and industry experts
  • Offers a range of resources and knowledge base materials to support startups in their growth and development
  • Provides tools and features for startups to recruit talent for their teams
  • Offers exclusive deals and perks for startups, such as discounts on services, software tools, cloud hosting, marketing platforms, and more

11. HackerNews

Hacker News is a popular online platform that centers around discussions and news related to technology, startups, programming, and entrepreneurship. Y Combinator operates this platform, which boasts a thriving community of tech enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs.


  • Showcases these fields’ latest and most popular stories, providing a curated feed of technology-related news and trends
  • Fosters a collaborative environment where users can learn from each other and exchange ideas
  • It has a dedicated section for job listings, where startups and tech companies can post job openings

12. Remotive

Remotive is an innovative system that specializes in the realm of remote work and distributed teams. This platform offers many resources, job listings, and a thriving community for individuals and companies seeking remote work opportunities.


  • Offers a curated selection of remote job opportunities across various industries, including the software sector
  • Fosters a community of remote workers and enthusiasts
  • Recommends various tools and software that can enhance remote work productivity and collaboration
  • Provides insights and articles on remote work culture, best practices, and industry trends
  • Maintains a directory of remote-friendly companies
  • Organizes and promotes remote work events and conferences, both online and offline

13. Crunchboard

TechCrunch’s official job board, CrunchBoard, utilizes a targeted and active audience every month to assist in filling your company’s job openings. When you post a job on CrunchBoard, it displays across the TechCrunch network. 


  • Gives employers a variety of low-cost job posting packages with features
  • Contains an easy registration process and a straightforward job posting process
  • Offers premium email advertising, featured listings, and social media visibility

14. JustTechJobs

JustTechJobs is an advanced job board and career platform that caters to technology-related job seekers. It provides a comprehensive database of technology jobs across diverse industries, enabling users to find and apply for relevant job opportunities easily.


  • Aggregates job postings from different sources and companies, specifically targeting technology-related positions
  • Provides a resume database where job seekers can create profiles and upload their resumes
  • Offers an application tracking system that allows job seekers to manage their job applications in one place
  • Features company profiles that provide information about the hiring companies, their culture, technologies used, and other relevant details
  • Provides career resources, including articles, guides, and tips for tech professionals
  • Offers job alert notifications to inform job seekers about new job opportunities

15. RemoteTechJobs

Remote technology jobs present an excellent opportunity for individuals seeking to work from the comfort of their homes or those struggling to secure a job in their preferred industry within their local area.


  • Has a vast selection of remote software job listings from reputable companies
  • Provides a convenient and focused platform for tech professionals seeking remote work opportunities

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How is the software job market now in the USA?

The software job market in the US has exhibited robust growth and encouraging patterns. This industry has witnessed a steady surge in demand for tech professionals across diverse domains. It is crucial to acknowledge that the labor market is subject to fluctuations over time, which can attribute to various factors such as economic circumstances, technological progressions, etc.

What are the best job sites to get a job in the US?

In the US, job seekers have access to many top-tier job sites that can assist in identifying employment prospects. LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor are among the most popular job search platforms, providing many job opportunities across various sectors. When finding the right fit for technology and IT positions, Dice is the go-to platform for employers and job seekers.  Perusing various job sites can furnish many job openings and tools to augment your job hunt in the United States.

What are the best websites that offer remote jobs?

 Remotiv, We Work Remotely, and RemoteTechJobs are leading online outlets specializing in curating remote job opportunities across diverse industries. These platforms cater to the growing demand for remote work and offer a comprehensive range of job listings for professionals seeking remote work arrangements. LinkedIn and Indeed offer specialized filters for remote jobs, enabling users to browse and apply for remote positions within their platforms conveniently.