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Best Software To Use with Akai MPK Mini

Best Software To Use with Akai MPK MiniThe MIDI controller or MIDI keyboard is one of the most important tools in music production. Many producers and artists use it to create elements in their music. Other creatives also use it in other forms of art which aren’t necessarily related to music. Among the different MIDI controllers out there, the Akai MPK Mini stands out. 


The Akai MPK Mini has been regarded by music professionals and critics as one of the best choices for a MIDI controller because of its mobility and quality. It is suitable for both professionals and beginners. It features 25 keys and 8 drum pads for you to add your selected synths and sounds. 

Though the Akai MPK Mini is already high-quality and valuable on its own, it is important to have good music production software that allows you to maximize all of your MIDI controller’s features. The MIDI controller can work with any digital audio workspace (DAW), but in this guide, we’ll be discussing the best software to use with Akai MPK Mini. 

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Best Software To Use with Akai MPK Mini

1. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is one of the leading digital audio softwares that are accessible to the public. There are three different versions that vary depending on price point and its corresponding features. For this guide, we’ll discuss the available features in the standard version of Ableton. 

Ableton Live gives you access to over 1800 different sounds with a music library size of over 10GB. It also has 14 different MIDI effects that you can use on your Akai MPK Mini, and 37 other general audio effects. There are all kinds of features and actions that you can use with these elements, such as advanced warping and time-stretching, together with unlimited undo actions when editing together your music. When it comes to using Ableton with your MIDI keyboard, you can utilize powerful sequencing for your hardware and software instruments. 

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2. FL Studio

An alternative to Ableton Live is FL Studio: another premium and powerful digital audio software that you can use with your Akai MPK Mini. The FL Studio Producer edition is the standard version of the software. With it, you get access to over 90 different instruments and effects. It has support for not only MIDI keyboards, but also for MIDI scripting, and other additional content such as different samples, loops, and presets that you can add to your piece. 

By purchasing FL Studio, you also get lifetime updates for free. The Producer package is priced at $199.99, but there are also other packages such as the simpler “Fruity” package that costs $99, and other more premium versions that have other plug-ins and features. 

Image Line FL Studio 20.8

3. Logic Pro X 

For those who are using Apple devices like the Mac or Macbook, or if you simply prefer the iOS operating system, Logic Pro X is the audio software for you. Like our other entries in this list, it has MIDI support and other features that make using your Akai MPK Mini with ease.

Logic Pro X allows you to customize your workspaces, such as the tools you want to display on your editing screen and key commands for quick access to different tools. It also allows you to work on multiple projects of your choosing at the same time. When it comes to recording and using your MIDI controller, you can add different events to your piece instead of recording them in real time. When editing, you can make all kinds of MIDI edits and even create MIDI notes. 

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What software is compatible with Akai MPK mini?

Almost every digital audio software can work with the Akai MPK Mini. It goes the same for any other brand or kind of MIDI keyboard as well. However, the three softwares we’ve outlined are some of the best that you can use with the Akai MPK Mini because of the features that specifically support MIDI controllers. 

Which DAW is best for Akai MPK mini?

You can use any DAW that is most convenient or has the best features for you. People who prefer free softwares can use platforms such as Cakewalk. There are also other premium softwares other than Ableton, Logic Pro X, and FL Studio, such as Reaper or Cubase. 

Can you use Akai MPK mini without DAW?

Yes, you can use the Akai MPK Mini, as well as other MIDI controllers, without having to use a DAW. Simply activate your device and connect it to your PC, and input your MIDI data onto your device.  

Does MPK mini come with software?

When you purchase the Akai MPK Mini, you also gain access to different software that is bundled with the product. It comes with the DAW called MPC Beats that can be accessed on both Windows and Mac. Under MPC Beats, there are all kinds of features such as instrument and effect plugins, and different samples that you can use with your MIDI keyboard.

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