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11 Best Softwares for Brochure Design

Your ability to sell your company effectively might be greatly facilitated by brochures. It offers you a fantastic opportunity to employ some fascinating and appealing content in the form of headers and descriptions and to provide key details about your goods and your services.

It needn’t take a lot of time or effort to design a brochure. Even if you have no design knowledge, you can create great brochures with the help of powerful layout tools and intuitive interfaces. The best outcomes with the least amount of work and fastest turnaround times can only be attained with the proper software.

And to further help you with your brochure design, we made a list of the best softwares for brochure design you can go to attain marketing goals. Here they are:


Best Software for Brochure Design


1. Adobe InDesign


The Adobe Creative Cloud software collection includes Adobe InDesign, a software that is excellent when it comes to brochure design. For both digital and print media, it is generally the professional standard tool for graphic design and layout. It is incredibly simple to use and learn.

Adobe InDesign is a great and flexible tool for creating a variety of print media, from flyers to brochures. Complex variable data projects are simple to complete when using XMPie and Easy Catalog, two very compatible plug-ins of the app.

Brochures with multiple pages can be created using Adobe InDesign. You can accomplish this using Indesign’s master page tool if your project is a print project with several pages or a master layout. Three-column layouts are another thing that InDesign does quite well. If you are working in a professional setting, InDesign is the best option because it includes all the required functionality.


2. Canva


One of the most well-liked free brochure makers is Canva, which can be used by designers of all skill levels. It may be used easily and successfully to develop brochures. Additionally, it provides templates for making posters, presentations, social media posts, and other types of visual content.

Canva’s incredible user interface makes sure that despite the abundance of options, you never feel intimidated or confused and end up making a mess. It has an easy steep learning curve that does not take so much time to complete. You won’t have any problems utilizing the software to create the brochure of your choosing because it is straightforward.


3. Adobe Illustrator

Another potent design tool by Adobe Creative Cloud Software Suite is Illustrator. It is part of the high-quality tools under the Adobe creative cloud express that is the industry standard for designing. Although it is mostly used to create vector art, it may also be used to make simple designs like booklets and brochures.

With its adaptable and simple tools, Illustrator allows users to adjust every aspect of positioning, font, color, and texture. This program efficiently produces lovely vector illustrations and art.

For skilled or qualified designers, Adobe Illustrator has the same cutting-edge features and capabilities.


4. Quark Express Digital Publishing Software


One of the earliest design and publishing tools to hit the market was QuarkXPress. This graphic design and desktop publishing software can be used for many different things, including digital publishing, photo editing, and brochure creation.

Its old characteristics caused it to lose its monopoly for a while, but just recently, a more modernized source desktop publishing version was released. Quark currently has several cutting-edge and few distinctive features that set it apart from competing for brochure creation software.


5. Scribus


Another open source software that works efficiently as a brochure design program is Scribus. It shares many of InDesign’s features. For creating brochure designs, the program is of course free and extremely dependable. In terms of integrating with other tools, plugins, and add-ons, it provides more versatility because it has a wide collection of brochure design templates.


6. Affinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher is a desktop publishing program with many features. You may now create brochures easily and with enjoyment thanks to the graphic design software’s introduction of some of the best and most sophisticated design elements.

The user interface of Affinity Publisher is superb. This software is well-designed, and you will like using it. With Affinity Publisher, you get many add-ons. It means that you have access to various advanced functions through these add-ons.


7. EdrawMax Brochure Maker

EdrawMax is a powerful brochure design tool that has more than enough features, templates, and examples to provide the best brochure design. With the help of this intriguing tool, you can quickly produce flyers, brochures, pamphlets, and more.

This program is a good place to start if you’ve never used brochure design software before. It blends flawlessly with both private and professional brochure designs.


8.  Marq

Another highly regarded brochure generator that you can use to efficiently produce online brochures and lay out your services and business information is Marq, formerly known as Lucidpress.

With the help of this application, you can make your brochures in under 30 minutes using a variety of free and premium brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, or other handout templates.

With Marq Online Brochure Maker’s cutting-edge design, you can make elegant digital displays that are ideal for computer viewing. You may export your brochures in several formats (JPG, PNG, or PDF) using Google Docs, YouTube, Facebook, and other tools. Keyboard shortcuts are also available. Additionally supported is real-time collaboration, which enables you to edit a single document concurrently with other people.


9. Inkscape

Inkscape is also great when it comes to brochure design just like how it is in some other graphic design styles. It is great for vector graphics and illustrations because of its core capabilities, which include object generation and manipulation, node editing, and other vector editing tools.



10. Venngage


A free online design platform called Venngage offers many tools and options for producing diagrams, presentations, infographics, and other types of visual design. Venngage has over 10,000 expert designs that you can quickly alter to meet your needs. Its brochure maker is designed with non-designers in mind.

Its drag-and-drop editor offers innovative features that enable you to quickly modify the text, fonts, colors, and backdrops. You can use its wide collection of icons and graphics, an endless array of stock pictures, and other resources in the Venngage library to improve the style of your brochure.


11. Flipsnack


Another well-liked tool for producing brochure designs is Flipsnack. It enables users to create multimedia- and graphic-rich digital flipbooks from PDFs. These can then be published and distributed online. It offers a wide variety of completely customizable brochure styles. You can also incorporate your online brochure so that it appears on your website. With this, customers will stay on your website longer and be more interested in your material.




Using the best brochure maker software or online tool for brochure creation will make it much easier for you to create stunning brochures in the future. The correct brochure maker can significantly reduce manual work and increase business marketing. Resulting in making the entire brochure-designing process quick and easy for you. Aside from the mentioned design tools above, you can also try Microsoft Publisher. It is another desktop publishing program for simple layout designs suitable for beginners.


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