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11 Best Softwares for Sublimation Printing

What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing is a process of printing designs into a variety of materials utilizing a carrier material. And it is one of the newest and coolest trends in the design process today. 


How does it work?

Sublimation is a physical process by which solids pass into the gas phase without passing through the liquid state. In printing design, it works by transferring a design into materials using ink and heat together. 

Now that sublimation design printing is gaining popularity in the market, a lot of people are entering this business. If you are among the many who would like to barge into this rising trend, you need reliable software for sublimation printing. Having the finest sublimation software is the most essential part of gaining roots in this business and technology craze. 



List of 11 Best Softwares for Sublimation Printing 

 Here, we round up 11 of the Best Sublimation Software that can help you generate the best designs for sublimation printing. 



  1. Adobe Photoshop

best softwares for sublimation printing


Adobe Photoshop has built and established its name within the photo editing software industry and continues to do so up to these days. There is no doubt that when it comes to sublimation printing, it is number one on the list. 

This software is the best tool to create high-quality sublimation graphics. It has many versatile programs that can edit existing photos and create sublimation with customized designs and logos. Although it is not very easy to use, it is the most reliable one.

This software comes with a subscription price that is not very affordable. But, there is a week-long trial period for you to try if it works for you. 


  1. Adobe Illustrator 

sublimation print

When it comes to vector-based graphics design programs, Illustrator is the standard. It offers a variety of tools ranging from changing layouts to editing vector designs. It is very rich and advanced in features, that’s why it is chosen by most professionals. 

But like Photoshop, Illustrator comes with a high-paying subscription fee. However, it is a reasonable investment. 


  1. CorelDraw 

design software

 When it comes to creating sublimation designs using vector images, CorelDraw is the most ideal tool. This software is suitable for beginners in sublimation design. It is a program made for small sublimation businesses with a limited budget and amateur graphic design experience. 

It has a highly adaptive and customizable user interface. Also, it can import files in several formats and export them into more common formats. Moreover, it contains endless items that can be used for any design. 

CorelDraw can be subscribed to for a lifetime. But we recommend you pay for it using the monthly subscription as it is more affordable and practical. 


  1. Gimp

sublimation software

 This open-sourced software is another program best for sublimation printing. Its features are very similar to Photoshop but without a price tag. For beginners, looking for a raster-based design space for a sublimation experience, Gimp is the best way to be. Although it is not as powerful as the other priced design tool, it is still as competitive. 


  1. Affinity

graphic design

Another software that is great for the sublimation business is Affinity Photo. Its features are as rich but its price does not come as expensive. It works for both vector and pixel-based designs. It’s a graphic design software best for detailed and intricate illustrations. And it can be used on PC, Macs, and Ipad. 

Affinity Photo is a software that can be purchased one time so there is no need to worry about subscription fees.


  1. Sketch 

software for sublimation

 Another top-of-the-line design software for sublimation printing is Sketch. It is an equally amazing tool for vector illustrations but at a fraction of the price of other first-rate photo editing software. Its user interface is unique and simply perfect for any graphic design. It has great responsive screen templates and plugins that designers will favor a lot.

The most prominent feature of this design software is its collaborative capabilities that allow a team to work on the same file at the same time. 

This software best fits Apple products but can also be used on any computer. It comes with an annual subscription in two packages, standard, and business. 


  1. Gravit Designer 

best sublimation software

 This is comparatively new in the graphic design program market but is already gaining popularity among software for sublimation printing. It offers the ability to create designs for online and in-app interfaces. The software works best with touchscreens such as tablets, smartphones, and apple products. 

It has a straightforward user interface that makes it easy to navigate. And can be exported in multiple file formats. It comes in a basic free trial version and a paying pro version with advanced features. 



  1. Inkscape

graphic design program

 This photo editing software is open-source. It has power-pack features that help you create excellent sublimation print materials. It is a design tool based on vectors but can be paired up with a variety of add-ons such as raster images. 

This is the best sublimation software for designers opting for the free version but with comprehensive and high-quality results. 


  1. Canva

photo editing software

This design program is web-based and can be accessed through a browser. It may come as an online photo editing software for social media posts at first but its advanced feature is amazing for sublimation printing. Its user interface is simple and beginner-friendly so it is suitable for all types of users.

Although it is not as comprehensive as other high-standard sublimation software, its free version is rich in design templates. It is among the best choices for businesses with sublimation printers. 


  1. Krita

designs for sublimation

Another best software for sublimation that is a free version is Krita. This design software specializes in digital illustrations and is great for the sublimation business. It features an intuitive interface that can be optimized by the users. And it works with any operating system.   

Krita is brilliant if you are looking for free sublimation software for Epson printers. 


  1. Cricut Design Space

cricut design space


Among the many design tools for sublimation printing is the Cricut Design Space. By owning a Cricut electronic cutting device, you get access to its semi-free online program Design Space. It is free and very handy to use.  

Although it takes more steps to do sublimation business through this tool, it is a sure way to achieve high-quality images. 



Sublimation printing is the newest “IT” in town and looks like it’s here to stay. And Sublimation printing software is the best weapon to have to cope with this trend. By getting the best design tool, you can achieve the best sublimation print results. 

There are a few factors to be considered in getting the best sublimation software. These are ease of use, capability, features, and, price. The one with the most intuitive user interface that works well with raster and vector images is the best fit. Sublimation software with comprehensive features are also good options.

Photo editing software that is of the free version or has free trials are an excellent choice for those with a limited budget. And you could never go wrong with paying a good price for a complete pack of a friendly interface, unconventional capabilities, and a wide-ranging array of features. 

Having all of these considered, the best software for sublimation printing is surely one of the mentioned above.