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Technology has undoubtedly made life much easier for people from all walks of life. The music industry is one of the fields that has reaped the benefits of all of the new technological advancements in recent years. Smartphones and tablets have entirely transformed how we now connect, listen to, and share musical content. A similar statement can be made about the wide range of music-related applications that are now readily available.

It has been decades since people were required to spend a significant amount of money to mix music or become a DJ. From turntables to crossfaders, plenty of equipment was needed for being a DJ or even just practicing. In addition, they were also prohibitively expensive and difficult to obtain. Fortunately, with the proliferation of mobile and computer applications, all of that has changed. In this article, I am going to tell you about the best apps to mix songs together. I am sure it will be helpful for you when you read them one by one.

Best Songs Mixer Apps in 2021

1. VirtualDJ

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Virtual DJ’s soaring popularity has elevated it to the top of the list of must-have applications for aspiring DJs. It offers effects, standardized tools, and overlapping sound waves that are constantly up to date with the latest technology and inventiveness. These will assist in ensuring that users are always one step ahead of the competition. With more options than simple media players such as iTunes, this application is a well-loved piece of software used by DJs to create digital music and is widely used.

Using its multi-deck standalone DJ mixer, VirtualDJ ensures that creativity is kept at a high level. Jog wheels, synth sounds, advanced mixers, transport controls, loops, filters, cues, pads, and effects are all included. This easy-to-use application with intelligent, quantizing features provides exceptional outputs for any type of DJ of any kind of setup. In addition, it is enriched by plug-and-play DJ equipment, attractive video graphics, high-grade sound quality, accurate vinyl feel, amazing video-mixing, stunning visuals, and plenty of other effects.

Download: VirtualDJ | Windows | MacOS

2. GarageBand

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GarageBand is well-known for its easy-to-use music creation system and its ability to launch podcasts automatically. This program has a simple user interface that allows users to create their own music easily. Even for those who are just getting started, GarageBand contains hundreds of authentic-sounding tool patches pre-loaded into the application. It takes as little as a button click to use this application to help you create a personalized track. You can choose from 9 different genres, including Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Beat Masher, Chill, Funk, Hip-hop, Dubstep, Electro, etc.

What makes GarageBand stand out is the large number of features that are available to users to customize their experience. For beginners, its audio recording feature facilitates the enhancement of audio tracks through effects such as echo, reverb, pitch correction, autotune, distortion, etc. It also includes an extensive collection of sampled instruments and realistic software model instrumentals that you can use to create unique mixtures or even perform live music using pre-made MIDI keyboards, which are included in the application.

Download: GarageBand | iOS | Mac

3. Edjing

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Edjing is well-known for its straightforward and intuitive interface, allowing users to mix songs easily and generate new music. You can create original music or remix mixtapes with the highest quality sound reproductions using the user-friendly palette and simple-to-use controls, as well as over 20 DJ effects and functions. In addition, with free effects in the virtual mixer, such as pinching, flinger, EQ, the user can enjoy new dynamic Spectrum Roll Filters through the virtual mixer’s customized skins.

Features such as Sync and Auto Mix are also included in this app. In addition, different effects such as pre-queuing, rhythmic, and other audio effects can be purchased separately as extras. In addition to manual song addition, one’s previously saved music, whether on a drive or an SD card, can be easily accessed. And you can share the mixes via social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Deezer, or SoundCloud.

Download: Edjing Mix | Android | iOS

4. MixPad

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MixPad Multitrack Mixer app gives access to professional recording and mixing functionality through unlimited audio effects, mix recording, tracks, a beatmaker, an extensive VST plug-in, and music library support. Aside from serving as a platform for streamlining the recording and mixing process, the application also includes a wide range of features and effects that allow one to feel and perform like a professional mixer, including everything from reverb, compression to special effects, as well as audio panning.

This application enables the user to mix an infinite amount of music, sounds, and audio tracks. You can create custom beats using sample patterns with the beat designer. Aside from that, the app supports VST plug-ins for the addition of accurate recording, studio effects, and instruments. Using online drives such as SoundCloud, Google Drive, and DropBox makes it possible to do MP3 mixing, CD burning, and uploading of your productions.

Download: MixPad Multi-Track Recording and Mixing | Android | PC & Mac

5. Traktor DJ

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Traktor DJ was developed by a Berlin-based music technology software company. Filter, track alignment, flinger, and delay effects are all included in Traktor DJ, and it can automatically detect and loop beats. Traktor DJ also offers automatic tempo synchronization and virtual decks for audio playback. It also includes artwork browsing, integrated recorders, intuitive gain controls, support for internal and external audio inputs, Ableton links, MIDI controllers and mappers, and iOS and iTunes compatibility.

Download: Traktor DJ | iPad | Desktop