10 Best Sticky Note Apps for Windows PC

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Do you use Sticky Notes in Windows 10 often but wish it had more features? Sticky Notes hasn’t been updated in years, pushing users to find other options.

Sticky Notes was one of the coolest features of Windows that excelled at its basic goal. You could still view your notes and add new tasks when surfing the internet. However, now that the Classic Sticky Notes is no longer available in Windows 10, many people are looking for other alternative options that are both easy to use and efficient.

Sticky Notes can be replaced with a variety of note-taking applications. These apps not only help you take and save notes, but also make your screen organized.

List of Best Sticky Notes Apps for Windows

So, in this article, let’s look at some great Sticky Notes alternatives for Windows 10 that are lightweight, have a modern interface, comes with cloud-syncing capability, and supports hotkeys.

① Google Keep

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Google Keep is one of the best Sticky Notes alternatives for Windows 10. It allows you to create different kinds of notes like lists, texts, audio, and images. You can also set reminders for place or time, which are integrated with Google Now.

This app also features an optical character recognition technology that lets you extract text from photographs. Google Keep has the ability to transform text notes into checklists. It also lets you automatically transcribe any voice recordings you make. You can also access your notes in Google Keep from all your devices and smartphones.

② Stickies

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Stickies allows you to create notes that only contain a picture, which you can then edit on the spot. Stickies Notes can be sent to anyone over the network. Recipients can easily reply via email or Dropbox folder, making it similar to an instant messenger.

The Friends menu allows you to arrange and sort your friends, edit their virtual addresses, and assign one of the function keys to each friend as a hotkey. You can use the right-click context menu to hyperlink the text in the note and even Google it. In the choices, you can also change the search engine. All of the notes will be snapped to each other, neatly lined up on the board. Notes can be added to any window and shown only when that window is open.

The app lets you adjust the colors, font sizes, and other aspects of the notes. It also lets you use the Stickies website to download pre-curated themes. You may also set reminders or have the notes disappear after a certain period of time.

③ Simple Sticky Notes

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Simple Sticky Notes, as the name implies, is a simple note-taking app that allows you to add your notes as sticky windows on your desktop. The program operates entirely from the machine tray and is very easy to use. The color of the notes can be changed, and each note can be closed or minimized independently.

④ Hott Notes

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This may be the ideal tool for those who need to jot down something quickly or scribble down any vital information. Hott Notes features different ways of taking notes. The app also lets you set simple reminders and build task lists. You can also write or draw in the app with its scribble feature.

⑤ PNotes

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PNotes is a little different from the other apps listed in this post. The app is available in two versions: the standard edition, which has fewer features, and PNotes.NET, which allows the .NET Framework 4 Client to be installed on the device.

Note files, as well as the text inside them, can be encrypted using a different layer of encryption. The PNotes Control Panel allows you to customize the icons for different notes. There’s also a text-to-speech feature and the ability to synchronize via FTP.

PNotes provides the most formatting choices, including the ability to superscript text and insert smileys, images, and special symbols into a note. FTP allows you to keep all of your notes in sync.

⑥ StickyPad

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StickyPad is a free program that allows you to make floating notes on your desktop or on top of other windows. You can also adjust the opacity of your notes using this app. Its “Translucent notes” feature lets you keep your notes on your screen while you work on something else on your device. The app also lets you save and print your notes when you need a hard copy.

One of StickyPad’s unique features is setting a hotkey that lets you launch the app’s not-taking mode. Here, you won’t need to use you mouse to launch a new pad and take notes and just press one or two characters to do so.

⑦ GloboNote

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GloboNote is a completely free and easy-to-use desktop note-taking app. It’s jam-packed with useful features and can run on any operating system (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS).

Sticky notes, to-do lists, personal journals, reminders, and other notes can all be made in one app, and the number of sticky notes you can make is unlimited. Also, colors can be allocated to notes, groups can be created, and the search tool can be used to find notes.

⑧ NoteZilla

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It’s possible to scan the text inside notes for a keyword or phrase with Notezilla. The Notes Browser will open when you press CTRL+SHIFT+Q, and you’ll be able to tag notes, add them to different memo boards, start them, and label them as completed.

Notezilla.Net is a proprietary web service that can sync all of your notes across all of your machines until you build and validate an account. It’s free edition allows you to create a regular account, but the paid version requires a one-year premium subscription that allows you to sync your notes with smartphones and tablets.

⑨ To-Do DeskList

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To-Do DeskList is a straightforward to-do list program for the desktop that is both quick and reliable. There are a few options for dealing with fleeting ideas: write them down, save them in a text file, and forget them after a few seconds. The app was created to assist with storing certain tasks and thoughts into a well-organized and well-designed to-do list in a manner that is as quick and fast as possible.

It has a nice looking and easy-to-use interface. It assigns priority levels to to-dos. All to-dos can have a reminder to a specific date and time, and it has hotkeys for adding a new to-do and displaying all to-do notes in front of other windows.

⑩ ZenR Notes

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ZenR Notes, although not really a sticky notes app, encrypts and securely stores all of your notes and lets you protect them using a password. If by any chance you forget your password, don’t worry because you can reset your password using your email.

The app has a compact mode, that lets you create or access your notes anywhere and anytime you want. You can create notes with pictures, texts, create lists, and more. It also supports formatting.