9 Best Story Writing Apps for Android

best apps for writing stories

Story writing is not an easy job as it involves tons of thinking and creativity. We know we can’t help you with the thinking and creativity part. But we can surely help you find some amazing apps which will make the story writing part much easier for you. If you are interested, keep reading because we will share the top 9 best story writing apps for Android. Let’s get started.

Top 9 best story writing apps for Android

Usually, it’s believed that you can use any writing app for writing stories. It’s true to some extent, but having a dedicated story writing app can make things much easier for you. In dedicated story writing apps, you can advance features that help you create scenes, construct storylines, and more, which allow you to write and organize your stories. That’s why we have handpicked the best writing apps, which are trusted by professional and amateur story writers around the world. Let’s have a look at our top 9 best story writing apps for Android.

➀ JotterPad

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JotterPad is one of the best story writing apps for Android. It’s a dedicated app for story writers, and it comes with tons of useful features which help them write well-organized stories. For starters, it follows the “What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)” format which makes it easier for writers to focus and allow them to see the final form of their story. Another great thing about JotterPad is that it comes with the version control feature, which means that if you make changes to your story and switch back to the old version to undo them. It’s a very useful and one of the favorite features of many story writers. In JotterPad, you also get the writing assistant, which comes with a dictionary, thesaurus, search & replacements, and other promising features which will help you in the writing process. Overall, if you want a comprehensive story writing app, JotterPad is a great option for you.


➁ Pluot

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Pluot is one of the best Android apps for story writers. It’s a dedicated story planner app that you can use to create an outline of your story, and it comes with many useful features which make the process of writing stories pretty simple.

In the app, you can easily create and organize scenes, construct multiple storylines, connect scenes to characters, and add locations. Similarly, you can add color codes to your characters, scenes, locations, and storylines which will make it easier for you to organize them. Another great feature of Pluot is that it allows you to export your entire outline, locations, scenes, characters, and other attributes in text files, and you can easily send them to your colleagues.

In the app, you also get support for various languages, including English, Arabic, Bengali, and Swedish, which is a major plus. Overall, if you want an Android app for creating outlines for your stories, Pluot is a solid option for you.


➂ MyStory.today

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MyStory.today is another very promising writing app that you can use to write compelling stories directly from your smartphone. When it comes to key features of MyStory.today, the app offers features such as story management with complete chapters and scenes. Similarly, it allows you to add characters and places to your story, and you can easily manage these attributes. The app also allows you to add dynamic characters and link places to various characters, which makes the story writing process very simple.

In the app, you also get the basic grammar check and spell check which can help you make your stories error-free. Last but not least, the app also comes with cross-platform support, so you can manage and write your stories from your smartphone or computer. Overall, if you want a simple yet useful story writing app for Android, MyStory.today is a great option for you.


➃ NovelCat

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NovelCat is not a dedicated writing app; instead, it comes with the option to both read and writes stories. The reason why we included NovelCat in this list is that it can prove a very useful resource for story writers. The novice ones as well because they can use the app to access tons of novels and get ideas for their stories.

On this app, you can easily interact with the authors, which gives the opportunity for new writers to connect with experienced writers and learn from them. Similarly, you can also write your own stories and share them with the readers of NovelCat, which is another plus. Overall, if you want a story-writing app with tons of novels for inspiration, NovelCat is a solid option for you.


➄ Stary Writing

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Stary Writing is arguably one of the best Android apps for new story writers. In the app, you get a well-designed editor with tons of editing features that you can use to write effective stories. The best thing about Stary Writing is that it comes with many free writing courses and seminars. You can participate in polishing your writing skills. Similarly, it allows you to practice your writing skills with exercises that will help you take your story writing skills to the next level. So, if you are looking for a story writing app that helps you write and polish your writing skills, Stary Writing is a solid option for you.

Stary Writing

➅ Novelist

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Novelist is another very popular story writing app that you can use to write your stories and novels. Like other story writing apps on the list, Novelist is also equipped with many dedicated features which will help you write effective stories. For starters, it allows you to create the complete plot of your story where you can easily list all of the characters and scenes. Similarly, you can also organize, reorder, split, and merge all the elements of your story, which is another plus.

Another great thing about Novelist is that it comes with built-in templates for new books. This means that if you are writing a new book, you won’t have to do everything from scratch, and you can use the template to start writing your story. Also, you can easily backup your story to Google Drive, which will provide an additional layer of protection to your written content. Overall, if you want a story writing app with various useful features and templates, Novelist is a great option for you.


➆ Writer Tools

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Writer Tools is arguably one of the most useful Android story writing apps. This app comes with all the required writing tools, which you can use to write great stories. For starters, it comes with the focus mode, which is enabled for 25 minutes. When it’s enabled, you won’t be disturbed, so you can focus on writing your story. On top of that, it also allows you to set deadlines for various parts of your story so that you can finish your story on time.

In the app, you get the comprehensive story writing features. These allow you to create characters, add chapters, manage scenes, add locations, and organize the timeline without any problem. Overall, if you are someone who wants to complete your stories on time, Writer Tools is a solid story writing app for you.

Writer Tools

➇ Fabula

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Fabula is another very popular story planner app that you can use to plan your stories. Being a story writer, one of the biggest challenges for you is to plan your whole story. Surely, Fabula can help you with it. In the app, you can plan your whole story, create characters, and add scenes and locations. You can also color-code the characters and other attributes, which will help you organize and simplify your story.

The only problem with this app is that it doesn’t come with the option to back up your content. Some users reported that their content was wiped out after an update. I recommend that you manually back up your work so that you don’t lose it.


➈ WriteDown

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WriteDown is a lightweight writing app that can help you write well-organized stories. The app lets you create files and folders. Here, you can use to write various sections and chapters of your story. It comes with the basic editor, which comes with features such as redo, undo, search-text, and read/write mode.

You also get the option to share files in the text file, HTML, and RTF format, which you can use to share your stories with your colleagues and get their input. Overall, if you want a lightweight story writing app with decent features, WriteDown is a solid option for you.



Story writing is surely a complex process. But with our recommended apps, the organization part will be much simpler for you. We hope that you found our picks useful. If you like them, please do share them with your writer friends. Happy Writing!