7 Best Super Nintendo Emulators for Android

super nintendo emulators for android

Despite today’s broad offer in entertainment and media, sometimes Nostalgia kicks in, and we find ourselves longing for those afternoons spent playing with our favorite videogame consoles. To most of us, the very first of these Magic Boxes we played with was the old Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). So it holds a special place in our hearts. One of the best ways to relive the experience of playing our favorite video games of aging has always been using emulators. SNES Emulators allow us to enjoy our childhood pastime from our smartphone screen, independently if we are in our doctor’s waiting room or on a bus ride. In this article, we bring you some of the best Super Nintendo emulators for Android (and where to get them), so you can carry your SNES library always on your pocket.

1. ClassicBoy

android snes emulator

ClassicBoy might very well be one of the last surviving of the great emulators of old, seeing as how it has been around ever since the appearance of Android smartphones. One of its main features is the ability to connect multiple players by using external Bluetooth gamepads. It’s highly stable, with good support for SNES games, and can emulate many other classic consoles. Its only major downside might be the lack of updates from the developer.

2. RetroArch

snes emulator for android

Because of its Open Source nature and the vast community of coders and gaming enthusiasts that work in its development, RetroArch has become one of the top video gaming emulators. Aside from allowing multiple players at once, RetroArch has excellent cross-platform support. This will let you start a game on your Android device, save, and then continue at home from your PC. Add to this the possibility to either record or stream your gameplay via services like YouTube or Twitch. There is no doubt why RetroArch is among the best emulators.

3. Snes9x EX+

android snes emulator

Completely Ads-free, easy to use, and compatible with practically any SNES game you might want to play. It is no wonder why Snes9x EX+ is another veteran emulator. Besides the app being Ads-free and without any in-app purchases, this excellent emulator remains entirely free to download. It also supports most types of emulation files. This, joined with its old-school looks and its Open Source nature (which adds to its development and overall stability), helps make Snes9x EX+ a great option with a classic flavor.

Perhaps the only downside worth mentioning is that it takes some time to get used to the on-screen controllers, but this can be solved by connecting a gamepad.

4. John NESS

snes emulator android

Another storied emulator, John NESS, is renowned for bringing one of the most accurate and smooth gaming experiences when talking about NES and SNES emulation systems. This becomes possible thanks to the graphic engine used by its developer (which is essentially the same used in the official consoles), which makes it feel like the real deal. Another point in its favor is the aesthetically clean look of the app, which makes its use really simple.

You can download John NESS both in its free, Lite version (with in-app publicity), or you can pay for the Full app. It will grant you access to a -Game Genie- mode with custom digital keys, cloud saves, slow down/fast forward features, and of course, no more ads.

5. SuperRetro16

super nes android

Due to its vast array of features, many longtime fans of the SNES consider SuperRetro16 among the best emulators available. SuperRetro16 has a simple and user-friendly interface. This means you will not have any troubles, even if it is your first time installing and playing on a SNES emulator. One feature that sets SuperRetro16 apart from other emulators is that it makes it possible for you to play on your Android TV by connecting your devices via Chromecast. It also offers many video and screen enhancement options that (albeit can get a little too complicated) allows experienced users to customize the gaming experience as they like.

However, SuperRetro16 is not available for free. But, if you are looking for a stable, fully customizable, and effective system with advanced features, you are in for a great deal.

6. SNESDroid

snes emu android

Simple and functional, SNESDroid might be the perfect option for the casual gamer. Just add the compressed ROM file, and it will instantly show in the emulator games list. Although it allows gamepad pairing (up to 5 players), one of SNESDroid’s main features is its multitouch support. This makes it possible for the user to run, shoot, and jump at once without any issue (a recurrent complaint from other emulator users). It also comes with AutoSave, Fast Forward, and Cheat Files support features. This makes SNESDroid one of the more complete emulators available while still being very easy to use.

On the other hand, the graphic and sound capabilities of SNESDroid might not be on par with some of the previously listed emulators in our list, which put it a little down.

7. MultiSneS16

super nes emulator android

Although similar to the previously listed Snes9x, there is one big difference between them. This is that the MultiSneS16 has superior capabilities for multi-player gaming. The emulator allows you to play and even chat with your friends or partners during gameplay by connecting with them through Wi-Fi or LAN. As for special features, MultiSneS16 comes with Turbo Mode, the ability to save your progress, and the already mentioned Text Chat.

MultiSneS16 is a stable emulator, yet it still suffers from reduced gameplay quality during Multi-Player sessions and minor desyncing issues that can be annoying.

Final Message

Remember that downloading one of these emulators does not mean that you are all set to start playing your favorite games. View the emulator as if it were the console. You still need the -disc-, which in our case is represented by a type of file known as ROM. But do not be afraid, because these are really easy to find for free on the internet. So get set and start searching for all your favorite SNES titles, Game on!