8 Best Free Teleprompter Apps for Android

teleprompter apps for android

What are Teleprompters?

Teleprompters are typically thought of as hardware devices that let a speaker read a text while making eye contact with the audience or camera. The use of a teleprompter might help you remember every word and line of your speech. Additionally, it can be utilized for a variety of other tasks, including meeting presentations, social media streaming, and more. It allows you to keep your attention on your audience while taking comfort in reading.

How Does Teleprompter Works?

A beam-splitter mirror makes up the majority of the most popular form of teleprompter hardware. Some words would scroll on the mirror (and due to software). In this manner, text can be placed in front of a camera as the speaker reads the text while appearing to stare at the camera and the viewer.

The software component is a straightforward text editor that allows the reader to select a different scroll speed for the text. The hardware component is a mirror, which is typically angled 45 degrees in front of the camera. The text displayed on the device—which might be an iPad, a smartphone, or any table—would then appear on the mirror so the speaker could see it.

The camera lens won’t record any text, thus the viewer won’t be able to see it, even though the speaker can see and read the text while staring at the camera.



What are Teleprompter Apps and How Does it Work?

Teleprompter apps are applications that act as virtual Teleprompters. They come in very handy for those who are just starting and don’t have a lot of money, as well as for those who work from home or need to create an online presence.

The program would overlay the text on the image you are visualizing on your smartphone or tablet screen rather than using a screen like teleprompter devices. You can read your script or your notes while maintaining the appearance that you are gazing at your communicators on the screen by overlaying the text on top of the photographs of them using an Android teleprompter software. Apps for Teleprompters can be used on a tablet or smartphone.

List of Best Teleprompter Apps for Android

The finest teleprompter apps for Android can be downloaded if you don’t want to invest in an expensive teleprompter machine, as teleprompter devices can be a little pricey.

So here’s a list of the best teleprompter apps that you can download on your Android devices. Go check them out.

1. Elegant Teleprompter

People who want to speak clearly in front of cameras can benefit from the Elegant Teleprompter App. It is an app for autocue that broadcasters find to be quite useful. The app can be utilized for public speaking and presentations. It can be used by singers and musicians to read lyrics. This program can also be used for fast reading.

Elegant Teleprompter can also be used in a “Floating Window,” allowing you to run it alongside any other software on your device. You might use it in conjunction with a camera app to record videos, for instance. Additionally, while broadcasting a live video on Facebook, Instagram, etc., you may read the scrolling script. The floating window may be adjusted easily. It can even be resized or relocated.

The prompter software eliminates the need for manual typing by allowing you to extract text from a drive or storage for an enhanced user experience. It also promises simpler control through a Bluetooth remote. This app’s sole drawback is that its user interface isn’t particularly attractive. However, it does the job and can be used for free if you don’t bother to see the adverts as you customize your text.

Elegant Teleprompter app

2. Nano Teleprompter

The Nano Teleprompter is a great invention that is very practical for many people, including those who broadcast, record themselves on the camera, and do other uses. But the program is likewise just right for carrying out other duties. It is a widget that appears on top of all currently running programs which can include a camera that is functional and shows the selected text against a transparent background. This enables you to employ several processes at once and assists you in achieving particular objectives without frequently moving between them. The locations will offer the ideal form of interaction, I suppose.

The Nano Teleprompter is a virtual teleprompter created to offer professionals working from home an easy option. The software is incredibly practical because there is no membership fee.

Nano Teleprompter app

3. Oratory

Another app that offers a helpful widget is Oratory. In comparison to Nano Teleprompter, Oratory offers a more attractive user interface and superior functionality. The editor’s text modification options are far more sophisticated; you may choose the text’s color, background and background color, size, scroll speed, and other attributes.

With the widget, you can start the teleprompter at any point during a video call using your preferred video-calling program.

This app’s price is its biggest restriction. Although it may be downloaded and used without charge, there is also a premium version that costs $9.99 and unlocks some more sophisticated capabilities.

Oratory teleprompter widget


Use Sufler Pro to avoid the hassle of remembering your speech. You can concentrate on your performance using the helpful teleprompter app, which will help you convey the message more effectively. Astonish your audience by reading the text, preparing your script, and speaking confidently and fluently.

You won’t ever lose track of phrases with this teleprompter app, which uses speech recognition for mirror mode. You can also regulate the font size and text speed displayed on the screen. The ability to alter settings is one of Sufler Pro’s best features. Scrolling speed, text padding, font size, and text orientation can all be customized.

SUFLER.PRO teleprompter app for android

5. Teletoto

The teleprompter Android app with the best-looking user interface is Teletoto. It offers every function you require, including an integrated video recorder. Users can choose between a monthly or yearly membership if you want to upgrade to the Premium edition, which is available for free.

You may improve your public speaking skills by using the top teleprompter software. In addition, you can read the script and talk clearly without having to memorize every word. You must act without neglecting anything.

There are many uses for the teleprompter app. Regardless of whether you are a teacher, student, vlogger, YouTuber, or any other type of public speaker, Teletoto can help.

Teletoto teleprompter app android

6. BIGVU Teleprompter

Another free teleprompter for your Android tablet or phone, this one is also fairly basic. BIGVU can be used to record videos. This multipurpose tool is more than just a teleprompter; it also functions as a video recorder, making it a good choice for content producers, streamers, and others. Open the app, press record, and improvise while you read your script.

You may speak confidently in front of a camera with the help of BIGVU. You can change captions, add subtitles with a single press, and overlay titles with various themes. Additionally, it provides the option to square-crop videos for a variety of uses.

BIGVU Teleprompter

7. Teleprompter for Video

A teleprompter is a fantastic tool for speaking in front of the camera without making several mistakes. The autocue software makes presentations, live streaming, broadcasts, and more possible by allowing you to read the prepared script; singers and artists can also use it to their advantage.

You can read a scrolling text with this teleprompter so you can concentrate on the camera. It is possible to produce the text in this app or import it from another source. This program has a very user-friendly UI and is very simple to use.

With Teleprompter, you may handle countless scripts and import text from file storage, among many other things. Teleprompter gives you the option to update text right in the app if you come across any typos or need to change a few phrases.

Teleprompter for Video app

8. Simple Teleprompter

One of the best free virtual teleprompters for typing or importing text and quickly teleprompting is called Simple Teleprompter.

You can adapt the teleprompting activities in this program to your needs. In addition to several helpful functions like auto-starting, mirroring, and locking the orientation of your device, you may alter the scrolling speed, typeface, and colors.

Simple Teleprompter app



To communicate clearly in front of an audience, a teleprompter is frequently utilized. To make your Android smartphone a professional prompter and enhance your public speaking abilities, get the best teleprompter applications.

Finding the finest teleprompter app or software for your needs could also need some research and product testing. Start by using the excellent teleprompter applications mentioned above.


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