8 Best Free Teleprompter Apps for Android

teleprompter apps for android

Teleprompters are usually known as hardware tools that allow a speaker to read a text while appearing to look at the viewer or the camera. However, today, there are many software tools, like very simple Android apps, that can work as a teleprompter. In this article, we’ll find out what a teleprompter is, how teleprompter apps work, and what are the 8 best free teleprompter apps for Android.

What is a teleprompter?

The most known type of teleprompter is a piece of hardware mainly made of a beam-splitter mirror. On the mirror (and thanks to software) some text would scroll. This way text can be superimposed in front of a video camera and the speaker can look at the camera, appearing to look at the viewer, while reading the text.

The software part is a simple text editor that can scroll the text at a different speed according to the reader’s needs. The hardware piece is a mirror that is usually placed at an angle of 45° in front of the camera. Then, a device that can be an iPad, a smartphone, or any table can be placed beneath the mirror and the text displayed in it would appear on the mirror for the speaker to read.


While the speaker can see and read the text while looking at the camera, the camera lens won’t register any text and the viewer won’t be able to see it.

Teleprompter Android Apps

Teleprompter systems like the one we’ve just described can be very expensive. The alternative could be to use one of the many apps available. Despite teleprompters being a niche (the only ones who need them are presenters, speakers, sometimes teachers or students, and a few else) there are many options available and some of them would be free.

What is a teleprompter app and how does it work?

Teleprompter apps can be considered virtual teleprompters. They are very useful for beginners who don’t have a big budget, or for anyone who works from home or needs to prepare a virtual presentation. But how do teleprompter apps work?

Teleprompter apps are meant to be used during video calls (video meetings, presentations, or conferences). Instead of using a screen, the app would superimpose the text to the image you are visualizing on your smartphone or tablet screen.

During a video call, your screen would usually show the other people connected to the same call. If you read from any source, those users would notice your gaze going somewhere else and they could spot you reading (it could look very unprofessional, or it could distract your audience if you are an entertainer).

With an Android teleprompter app, you can display the text over the images of your interlocutors so that it would always look as though you are looking at them on the screen, while you would be able to read your script or your notes. Teleprompter apps can be used on a smartphone or tablet.

List of 8 Best free teleprompter apps for Android

1. Elegant Teleprompter

Elegant Teleprompter is a free app, however, you can unlock some additional features for only $2.99. It is extremely simple to use: you can copy and paste the text on the app. Inside the app, you have some editing tools that allow you to change the text size, scroll speed, and other features to adjust the text to your needs.

The only limit of this app is that it hasn’t the prettiest interface. However, it makes the job done and, if you don’t bother visualizing ads while customizing your text, it can be used for free.

Elegant Teleprompter app

2. Nano Teleprompter

Nano Teleprompter, just like its name suggests, is a virtual teleprompter designed to provide a simple solution to professionals working from home. The app doesn’t have a subscription cost so it is very convenient. The most useful feature of this app is the floating widget. This is how you can use it:

• Copy and paste your script into the Nano Teleprompter app.
• Edit the text by choosing the size, color, and scroll speed.
• You can now move to your video-conferencing app and start your call.
• Using the floating widget, you can start the teleprompter at any moment during the meeting.

The widget is extremely helpful because it allows you to use your favorite video-meeting app or platform and superimpose your text with a tap and without anyone noticing.

Nano Teleprompter app

3. Oratory

Oratory is another app that provides a useful widget. When compared to Nano Teleprompter, Oratory provides a better-looking interface and user experience. The customization of the text within the editor is far more advanced: you can pick a color, background and background color, size, scroll speed, and some other features.

With the widget, you can use your favorite video-calling app and make the teleprompter start at any point during the call.

The main limit of this app is its cost. It can be downloaded and used for free but there is also a premium version that unlocks some more advanced features: this is quite expensive for being an Android app, it costs $9.99.

Oratory teleprompter widget


SUFLER.PRO has some features that the previous apps on this list don’t have. These are:

• Voice activation
• Remote control support
• Online text editor (so you can use it on different platforms)
• Video record feature (you can record a video with a teleprompter directly from the app).

The voice activation can be really helpful if you are, for example, a video-content creator: while you are recording you can simply activate the teleprompter without leaving your position (if you don’t have collaborators, this is ideal). However, it is not suitable during a video meeting unless you want anyone to know that you are using a teleprompter.

The main con of this app is that – despite coming for free – if you want to unlock the Premium version you need to pay a monthly subscription; however, it is very cheap: only $3.99 per month.

SUFLER.PRO teleprompter app for android

5. Teletoto

Teletoto is the teleprompter Android app with the best-looking interface. It has all the features you need, including a built-in video recorder. It is free, and if you want to update to the Premium version you can pick between the monthly or yearly subscription.

Teletoto teleprompter app android

6. BIGVU Teleprompter

This is another very simple teleprompter for your Android tablet or smartphone that comes for free. You can use BIGVU if you need to record a video, but if you need a teleprompter for a live event (interview, conference, or virtual meeting) then this is not suitable because it doesn’t allow text superimposing with third-party apps.

BIGVU Teleprompter

7. Teleprompter for Video

If you need to record a video that looks professional, then you can opt for Teleprompter for Video. It has a pretty interface and it’s very easy to use. It comes for free!

Teleprompter for Video app

8. Simple Teleprompter

If any of the options above convinced you, you can pick the simplest teleprompter on the market: Simple Teleprompter. It’s a simple text editor that starts text scrolling when you ask to. Not suitable for advanced users, it is however the simplest solution you can find.

Simple Teleprompter app