Terminal Emulators for Mac

best terminal emulators for Mac

The terminal is a piece of software that runs and completes your instruction through the command line. The use of terminal commands is always safe. However, you should use caution while utilizing terminals since you must input the precise command as intended. You may complete and automate the procedure on your computer using a terminal program. macOS has an excellent terminal program that is fast and capable of handling almost any command-line job you throw at it. But some users don’t like the default emulator, so they can opt for a new one. Below you will find the 9 best mac terminal emulators.

List of Best Terminal Emulators for Mac

1. iTerm 2

macOS Terminal emulator

iTerm 2 is an incredible terminal emulator that is compatible with Mac devices. iTerm2 is a fork of the legendary but now-defunct iTerm. They are distinct applications but share the same code base. iTerm2 is somewhat more recent.

iTerm2 offers numerous profiles, command autocomplete, and a variety of customizing options. While it will feel similar to the terminal program included with Mac OS X, many extra capabilities make it a superior choice. Instant Replay, which enables you to reverse your terminal session and see what you have just done, is perhaps the most flashy of these capabilities.

iTerm2 has a powerful search engine that enables you to locate and retrieve the required file quickly. It can split a single window into numerous or multiple panes, which allows you to work more efficiently. Each window runs in its own separate session. It is entirely free to download and use.

2. MacTerm

MacTerm is second on the list of best terminals for Mac. It is a robust terminal that supports all of the industry-standard functionality and graphical standards. It is considered to be an ideal replacement for the original macOS terminal. MacTerm is entirely free software with an easy-to-use interface. It enables you to see several panes, manage sessions, do clever searches, and personalize anything. It is capable of handling a large number of URLs and file types.

3. Hyper

Hyper is an electron-based terminal with an elegant user interface. It is one of the quickest and most standard terminal applications available, and it is packed with unique features that help you work better. It is compatible with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS programming languages. Additionally, it lets you build and install your own plugins, which you may reload using the keyboard shortcut (Command + R). And there are many themes available for your plugins.

4. ZOC

ZOC is a unique terminal program that combines robust functionality with great setup tools. It has a contemporary UI and many customization options to suit your preferences. ZOC is equipped with the SSH protocol, which encrypts data sent across insecure networks. This is a typical terminal that allows a variety of keyboard combinations and also enables scrolling back. In addition, it has a sophisticated scripting language and automated command-line recognition based on past functions. It is a reasonably priced terminal software package for $79.99. Additionally, it provides a 30-day free trial period for new customers.

5. Cathode

Cathode is a high-quality terminal emulator with a vintage-inspired UI and many customization options. This emulator has sound effects and also works in full-screen mode. You may alter the curvature of the screen, scan lines, and results, among other things. If you want to utilize Cathode on Mac, you must pay for and buy a membership for $10.

6. Terminator

Terminator is a free and open-source software that facilitates the organization of numerous terminals inside a grid. With this software, you can build some challenging layouts and concurrently access several terminals. It is similar to the GNOME terminal in that it allows a large number of keyboard shortcuts. In addition, it has a find feature that will enable you to search for text inside your terminal.

7. Upterm

Upterm is a free and open-source terminal emulator for macOS. In general, it serves as both a terminal emulator and an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Upterm was once known as Black Screen. It has an intelligent search for fast access, and it saves all your searches in the history tab. You are permitted to execute your function using the keyboard keys assigned to your function. In addition, Upterm has an auto-completion feature that automatically completes commands and prevents you from repeating them.

8. Kitty

Kitty is a lightning-fast and feature-rich GPU-accelerated terminal emulator for macOS. It takes advantage of OpenGL to provide fast access to various layouts by tiling them side by side. It supports sophisticated terminal capabilities, including multiple graphics, Unicode, true-color, mouse controls, and focus tracking. You may manage the system through scripts, shell prompts, or even SSH. This application is equipped with a Kitten framework that enables you to expand Kitty’s functionality and supports startup sessions that allow you to choose the layout or directory to run at startup.

9. Alacritty

Alacritty is one of the fastest terminal emulators available for macOS, with an intuitive UI. It is a basic terminal program that does not include an endless amount of features. This software is simple to install on your Mac and requires no further configuration to access this terminal.