Thermal Imaging Apps for Android

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Who has never wanted to see in the dark? With a thermal camera, it is possible. However, we must not forget that these products are costly and delicate to use. Don’t worry! We bring you a solution. You can download an app that will make your phone take the best thermal images. As we love to make your life easier, we bring you the best thermal imaging apps for Android. Some of them will help you take authentic thermal images with the help of other devices that are much more affordable than a thermal camera. But suppose you want to add that thermal camera effect to your photos. In that case, you can also download the apps that will give that touch to your favorite images and videos.

List of Best Thermal Imaging Camera Apps for Android

1. Flir One

thermal imaging app, heat sensing app

Flir One thermal imaging app and a Flir One thermal camera can turn your tablet or phone into a professional thermal imaging camera. This app allows you to have multiple uses, both recreational and work. For example, if you are going to do an electrical installation, you can detect the fault that you can’t see with the naked eye or find that leak that you haven’t been able to fix yet. With Flir One, you can get the job done faster and more efficiently. In addition, this app has several image enhancement modes that will allow you to detect problems that normal vision cannot find.

2. Thermal Viewer

thermal camera app, heat vision app

Developers have designed this thermal camera app to work with a thermal viewer connected through your phone or tablet. And it offers multiple options to work with the thermal viewer. For example, you can zoom in on the image captured in real-time and adjust the brightness and contrast levels for better resolution and sharpness.

You can also record or take pictures, store them inside your device, or share them via the web. Besides, you can control or display the camera charging time and the light indicating camera operation. In addition, you can set the automatic shutdown or sleep mode of the thermal camera through this app.

3. Thermal Scanner Camera VR

thermal vision app, thermal scanner app

By using the video function of your built-in camera, either on your phone or tablet, this application allows you to manage the color palette to give a thermal vision look. It has a display mode gallery with seven modes using different color combinations to give a realistic thermal viewing sensation. It is an app that allows you to simulate the functions of a thermal camera completely. So it cannot detect temperature changes or actual temperature unless you incorporate a camera for such purposes.

4. Seek Thermal

real thermal camera app, infrared camera app

Do you want to experience an authentic thermal vision reality, whether inside or outside your home, walking, or even on a vacation trip with your family? We present you Seek Thermal Imaging Camera, which is one of the best thermal camera apps for Android. You can observe the thermal energy emanating from particular objects or people, from your phone or tablet. If you download the app, you will notice the following features:

☞ Predator vision mode: Connect the camera and immerse yourself in the vision of detecting any object or person that emits a certain degree of heat around you.
☞ You can share and store thermal vision photos or videos with ease.
☞ This app has a wide range of color palettes and multiple display modes to manage how the thermal vision is displayed.
☞ It allows you to record accurate temperatures of whatever you register through the camera’s eye.

5. Thermal Camera VR

This thermal camera app serves as a thermal vision simulation for virtual reality (VR). It uses a mapping that relies on object illumination to simulate heat detection. This thermal imaging app allows you to use and simulate specific thermal vision modes, thanks to the incorporation of Google Cardboard.

The app includes ads that you can remove if you purchase the paid version. You will find the following features:
☞ You can use flash while using the app.
☞ You have a large set of thermal camera effects for video recording.
☞ You can set the zoom using volume or power buttons.
☞ You can use the front camera.
☞ Enabled autofocus within the app.
☞ And you can save images with a single touch, using a preset button.

6. Thermal Camera FX

thermal imaging camera app

It is one of the best thermal camera effect apps currently available on the internet. This thermal camera app allows you to set thermal vision effects to your photos and videos, which you already have in your gallery. Besides, you can take pictures or videos in real-time with the feature already applied.

As you know, phones do not have infrared cameras, so this app only simulates the effect in image and video files. It will be giving you fascinating results that you can modify as you wish. You can adjust the quality and shape of these effects as you take a picture or record a video. Save your images with just one custom button. And you can use the camera flash or the front camera in the app.

7. Thermal Cam Effect Simulator

thermal filter app, thermal image app

Like any other apps, Thermal Cam Effect Simulator app is just a thermal camera filter that allows you to simulate the sight of heat on objects or people. The app uses an advanced algorithm to control the color degradation mapping and pixel illumination in an image or video. It will give you the feeling that you have a natural thermal camera installed on your phone or tablet. This app has a button that allows you to save images instantly on your device. These are the most outstanding features:
☞ Access to 3 different color mapping styles in degradation.
☞ You can increase or decrease the thermal point that appears on the screen, giving the sensation that there is more or less heat in an object or person.


Now you know some of the Best Thermal Imaging Apps for Android. It’s time for you to see the temperature of anything you want and take the best images and videos of them. Whether it’s day or night, your thermal imaging app will help you get that fantastic effect in the palm of your hand.