Thermal Imaging Apps for Android

best thermal camera appSeeing in the dark is an ability that can only be achieved with the help of equipment like thermal cameras. However, thanks to technology and some creative minds, there is now a way to navigate the darkest of areas with your phone. There are a number of apps that can be downloaded so that your phone can mimic the likes of a thermal camera.

Don’t worry: you don’t have to scour through unreliable thermal imaging apps. That’s what this list is for! In this guide, we’ll talk about the best thermal imaging apps for Android. These apps can be used to take authentic thermal images, but we’ll also include apps that are meant to add a thermal camera filter to your photos for a wacky effect.

List of Best Thermal Imaging Camera Apps for Android

1. Flir One

thermal imaging app, heat sensing app

Flir One is one of the best thermal imaging apps you can download for professional purposes. By using the Flir One thermal imaging app and the Flir One thermal camera, you can mimic the likes of a professional thermal imaging camera. Using this application can help you identify solutions to real-life problems like electrical installation issues, or even leaks from your house pipes. Using a thermal imaging app like Flir One can help speed the process up without the added hassle. Additionally, this app also allows you to enhance the images you take, so that you can make certain aspects of it more visible.

2. Thermal Viewer

thermal camera app, heat vision app

Thermal Viewer is another app that allows you to have a thermal viewer through your phone or tablet device. This app also allows you to zoom into the images you take, as well as adjust its brightness or contrast levels to make your images clearer. This app also allows you to store all of the videos or photos that you take through the app.

Other aspects of the app are also customizable, such as the charging time of your camera’s battery, and the light indicating camera operation. Besides this, you can also set your thermal camera’s set up into either shut down or sleep mode through this app.

3. Thermal Scanner Camera VR

thermal vision app, thermal scanner app

Thermal Scanner Camera VR allows you to use your built-in camera on your phone or tablet to change the appearance of your photos and videos. The app allows you to make your captures look like they came straight out of a real thermal camera. You can customize how your photos look using the app’s different color modes, which consist of different color combinations. This allows you to choose what kind of look you want for your photos.

This app is purely for cosmetics and for changing the look of your photos and videos. Though it simulates the format and feel of a real thermal camera, it cannot actually detect temperatures through your phone’s screen.

4. Seek Thermal

real thermal camera app, infrared camera app

Seek Thermal is an Android app that aims to capture the actual temperatures of your surroundings like a thermal camera. You can take photos or videos through this app, and see the differences in temperature. This app calls its thermal imaging feature ‘Predator vision mode,’ because it can essentially detect your surroundings.

You can also choose how you want the app’s thermal vision to be displayed. You can choose different color palettes and display modes to control how you want your photos and videos to look like.

5. Thermal Camera VR

This thermal camera app serves as a thermal vision simulation for virtual reality (VR). It uses a mapping that relies on object illumination to simulate heat detection. This thermal imaging app allows you to use and simulate specific thermal vision modes, thanks to the incorporation of Google Cardboard.

The fifth app on our list is called Thermal Camera VR, and it aims to simulate what thermal vision looks like through your camera. This app is meant to be used with a VR (virtual reality) device, which lets users immerse themself in the experience of using a thermal imaging camera. It also allows you to simulate different kinds of thermal vision modes.

There are other features such as adjusting the zoom of the camera lens, various thermal camera effects, autofocus, and saving options for quick and easy archiving. This app is free, but if you want to get rid of the pop-up ads, you can purchase the paid version of it.

6. Thermal Camera FX

thermal imaging camera app

Thermal Camera FX is another great alternative to a thermal camera effect app for Android. This app applies the thermal vision effect to your photos and videos. You can apply this filter and effect by taking content in real-time through the app, or you can add it to your existing photos and videos that are found in your gallery.

This app will not be able to actually detect temperatures through your phone or tablet camera. Thermal Camera FX only simulates the effect of a thermal imaging camera onto whatever media you choose. You can also adjust the way these effects look, such as the quality and shape,  on real-time. After you’re satisfied with how the effect looks, you can save your images and videos.

7. Thermal Cam Effect Simulator

thermal filter app, thermal image app

The final app on our list is called Thermal Cam Simulator App. Like some of these other apps, this software is simply a thermal camera filter that you can use to manipulate how your surroundings look like. This app also allows you to customize the thermal camera effects to your heart’s content. You can choose to control how the color looks like and even the pixel illumination of your chosen images or videos. Another notable feature is that you can increase or decrease the thermal point on your screen. This allows you to customize the “heat” of the objects you want to capture.

And those are our picks for the best thermal imaging apps for Android. You can use these apps to make your photos and videos look unique compared to others!