13 Best Time Lapse Software for Windows & Mac

best time lapse video editing software

Among the most fascinating content for photography is time-lapse where you fit a multi-hour recording into just a few minutes. A technique known as “time-lapse photography” involves taking pictures or films at a slower frame rate and then playing them back at a normal or faster pace. A time-lapse film captures the gradual transformation of objects or scenes over a brief period, creating an amazing sped-up image that is typically not visible to the human eye. It is frequently employed while shooting scenarios like day-to-night transitions, natural transformations, landscapes, urban settings and so many more.

There are cameras with built-in time-lapse functionalities. However, most do not have them. Therefore, you need to get still-shot photos and edit them. And you need a good deal of time-lapse software to do the job for you.

In this post, we will provide the best time-lapse software for Windows and Mac.


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List of Best Time Lapse Software for Windows and Mac

1. Panolapse

timelapse software

Panolapse is a free software with many excellent features. The most outstanding one is its capability to add rotational planning to time-lapse videos. Typically, to move the camera around, you would have to use a motorized track, which can occasionally be very constricting. Panolapse serves as your motorized head and corrects 3D perspective to give the rotational pan a natural-looking appearance.

Another of Panolapse fantastic feature is its raw blend where users are allowed to combine numerous frames without difficulty. To stop flickering when switching frames, you can also edit and modify the brightness level for each frame.

Panolapse is a great software that not only allows users to create time-lapse videos but also panoramas.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

time lapse software

Adobe Pro is another amazing time-lapse software that comes with a premium price and a comprehensive pack of features. Its broad toolkit enables you to edit the video however you choose as long as you have the source footage, in whatever format it is. You might never need another time-lapse tool once you have this software.

A wide range of editing options, including those for color correction, speed control, and imitating camera movement, are offered by this top-notch program.

3. Adobe After Effects

time lapse video software

Adobe After Effects excels in creating beautiful visual artwork. There are numerous effects you may use with it.

You can use it to add after-effects to your video after it has been substantially edited. Even though it is not the industry standard editing program like Adobe Premiere Pro, you can use it to enhance the by-products of the said software.

Plugin compatibility, several simulation effects, a 3D transformation tool, and more are some of its features.

4. SkyStudio

Another free time-lapse program for Windows is called SkyStudio. It is compatible with any image-capturing tool, including your webcam. The camera may start recording as soon as it notices movement thanks to its motion detection capability. Additionally, it slows down the time-lapse so you can recognize the object that is moving.

You can create stop-motion videos using its new SkyStudio video compiler by shooting several pictures and then combining them into a video with the compiler. It captures video of any size and frame rate and enables high-quality nighttime recording. Additionally, this program supports two devices running at once.

5. Chronolapse

webcam timelapse software

Chronolapse is among the best software to create time-lapse videos for Windows and Mac. With Chronolapse, you can automatically take still images with your webcam and then edit them together to make a time-lapse video. The collected videos can also have an audio file added to them, as well as be cropped, scaled, and filtered whatever you choose.

It’s crucial to remember that you have additional options besides just using your webcam to shoot photos; you can also import photos from other places. Videos can be annotated. Last but not least, Chronolapse supports two monitors.

6. LRTimelapse

time lapse video editor

LRTimelapse is an excellent program for both Windows and Mac that comes in free and paid versions. A practical solution for frame-by-frame manipulation, gradation, keyframe creation, and rendering is provided by this free timelapse software. By allowing the user to edit each photo in Lightroom using the full dynamic range and camera quality, LRTimelapse shortens the time needed to edit the video.

This app is widely used because filmmakers and photographers will benefit most from this robust time-lapse-producing software’s ability to export videos in up to 8k resolution.

7. VirtualdDup

time lapse video editing software

VirtualDup is an amazing video editing software that provides time-lapse capabilities because it is open-source. Despite having fewer editing features, it is the ideal option for computer users who want to create time-lapse videos due to its batch-processing skills.

However, because it is the most challenging option on the list, I do not suggest this software for novices. Before creating time-lapse videos, I urge you to experiment with VirtualDub and become comfortable with it.

8. GoPro Quik

time lapse creator

GoPro is another fantastic feature-rich software. The app  GoPro is a great way to begin editing live video from a GoPro camera or any other GoPro substitute even while on the fly. It can automatically produce music-synchronized videos.

This timelapse software offers more advanced capabilities, such as the ability to add photos or intervals, as well as attractive graphs and charts that show how quickly an action camera can capture images.

9. Final Cut Pro

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Unquestionably, one of the best time-lapse Mac programs is Final Cut Pro X. It is incredibly straightforward, simplistic, and simple to use without imposing any restrictions. The software comes with a ton of features at a reasonable fee, including tools for grouping, adding and modifying audio, editing with numerous cameras, and special effects on an unlimited number of tracks.

10. iMovie

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A more user-friendly time-lapse tool is iMovie. It is appropriate for producing time-lapse videos at home. You can drag and drop videos onto the timeline with this function. It offers a simple user interface and is free.

Even though iMovie isn’t one of the most sophisticated time-lapse apps, it may be used to make time-lapse home videos.

11. MakeAvi

Another modest software is MakeAvi. Making little use of system resources, MakeAvi is a lightweight time-lapse program. One goal in mind when developing this software was to make it as simple as possible for you to make a time-lapse video. It can save files in a variety of formats, but only AVI files are supported for time-lapse videos.

Professional photographers and filmmakers should not use this software. However, it’s wonderful for making home movies with.

12. Filmora

free time lapse software windows 10

A freemium tool for Windows and Mac users is Filmora. With this software, making time-lapse videos is simple. The outcomes you receive when making time-lapse videos mostly depend on the video quality. Before editing, take high-quality photos or videos for a better outcome.

13. Photolapse

windows free time lapse software

Another small tool that creates time-lapse videos from JPEG images is called Photolapse. All Windows versions are compatible with this free tool. Here, it’s incredibly simple to make a time-lapse. In reality, all that is required is to choose the folder containing the photographs, and you’re done.



There you have it, our 13 of the best time-lapse software for Windows and Mac that can help you create stunning time-lapse videos that you could share not only with your family and friends but with the world.


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