13 Best Time Lapse Software for Windows & Mac

best time lapse video editing software

Need to create a video that suggests that a certain amount of time has passed in the shooting location? You need time-lapse software to do the job for you. After a series of trials with several time-lapse software, we present our favorites that will absolutely suit your every need.

1. Panolapse

timelapse software

Panolapse is very much feature-rich for it to be free software, hence why it’s our first pick.

First, this software can add rotational panning to your time-lapse video. Normally, you would have to do this using a motorized track to move the camera around, which can be sometimes very limiting. Panolapse acts as your motorized head and uses 3D perspective correction to make the rotational pan look natural.

Secondly, the raw blend is another significant feature. It allows you to combine multiple frames with ease. You can also edit and adjust the brightness level for each frame to eliminate flickering observed when switching frames.

Additionally, you can create panoramas with Panolapse.

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

time lapse software

Adobe premiere pro is a premium program but offers a 7-day trial if you choose to sign up. It is packed with a lot of features anyone can think of, including time-lapse.

As long as you have the raw footage of the video, whichever format it is, its extensive toolset allows you to edit the video however you want. With this software, you may never need another time-lapse tool.

For a better experience, it is best you combine Adobe premiere pro with Adobe After Effects.

3. Adobe After Effects

time lapse video software

Adobe After Effects does a good job at producing stunning visual works of art. It has a lot of effects you can work with. You can choose to make it rain or start a fire in your video.

Though it is not the industrial standard editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, you can use it to apply after-effects after your video has been roughly edited. At this point, you can apply the time-lapse effect.

Its features include; plugins compatibility, multiple simulation effects, 3D transformation Gizmo, etc.

4. SkyStudio

SkyStudio is a free time-lapse software for Windows. It works with your webcam or any other image-capturing device. Its motion detection feature allows the camera to record whenever it detects a movement. And also it slows down the time-lapse so that you can identify what the moving object is.

With the use of its new SkyStudio video compiler, you can make stop-motion videos by taking a series of shots and then compressing them into a video with the compiler. It allows for quality night shooting and takes video of any size and frame-rate. And this software supports two devices simultaneously.

5. Chronolapse

webcam timelapse software

Chronolapse allows you to take still pictures from your webcam automatically and then combine them to create a time-lapse video. You can crop, scale and apply whatever filter you want and also add an audio file to the compiled videos.

It is important to note that you are not limited to pictures taken with your webcam, you can import pictures from other sources too. You can annotate videos. Lastly, Chronolapse also has dual monitor support.

6. LRTimelapse

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This is a time-lapse software for both Windows and Mac. It has both free trial and subscription plans.

LRTimelapse allows you to process each image you want to use in Adobe Lightroom and then import those edits to the project you created on LRTimelapse by reducing the amount of time spent editing. You can fade in and fade out time-lapses and edit how it best suits you.

This powerful time-lapse production software is the best fit for filmmakers and photographers as it allows you to export videos in up to 8k resolution.

7. VirtualdDup

time lapse video editing software

VirtualDub is an open-source video editor. Though it has fewer editing tools, its batch-processing capabilities make it the best fit for computer users who would like to make time-lapse videos.

However, I don’t recommend this software for beginners as it is the most complicated option on the list. I advise you to play around with VirtualDub to get familiar with it before you make time-lapse videos.

8. GoPro Quik

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For content creators or filmmakers who record with a different version of GoPro cameras, this is the video editor that best suits you. Its features allow you to organize extensive files to create a time-lapse video. You can also add a panning effect to your video that simulates camera movement.

9. Final Cut Pro

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It is premium time-lapse software for Mac users only. It offers advanced editing tools on a very friendly user interface. You can add special effects to individual frames, edit audio, edit with multiple cameras, and also balance colors intelligently.

10. iMovie

free timelapse software mac

iMovie is a more beginner-friendly time-lapse tool. It’s suitable for creating home time-lapse videos. Its drag-and-drop feature allows you to move videos around on the timeline. It is completely free and has a straightforward user interface.

11. MakeAvi

MakeAvi is lightweight time-lapse software, meaning it doesn’t consume too much computer resources. The developers of this software created it with one thing in mind, to help you create a time-lapse video as easily as possible. It supports different file formats but only saves time-lapse videos in AVI formats.

This software is not for professional filmmakers or photographers. But it’s great to create home videos with.

12. Filmora

free time lapse software windows 10

Filmora is a freemium tool for both Windows and Mac users. You can create time-lapse videos with this software effortlessly. In creating time-lapse videos, the results you get largely depend on the video quality. To get a better result, make sure you take quality pictures or videos before you edit.

13. Photolapse

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Photolapse is another lightweight tool that compiles jpeg into AVI formats time-lapse video. It’s a free tool that is compatible with all Windows versions. Creating a time-lapse here is very easy. In fact, it is a matter of selecting the folder that contains the images and is done.