Turn-Based Strategy Games for Android


best turned based strategy games android

Ever since the dawn of civilization, we have been playing strategy games (Checkers, Chess, Reversi, etc.). The primary purpose of which is to give the player the sensation of accomplishing real power. And in this game segment, Turn-Based games are amongst the oldest types of games. When we talk about Turn-Based games, we mean all those in which the players take turns commanding their respective characters, so they can perform various attacks. This way, the battle is resolved when one of the players is left without any defending characters. Turn-Based games are one of the most popular strategy game types for electronic devices. The introduction of Turn-Based games for Android devices has changed how these popular strategy games are planned and developed. Whereas Turn-Based games used to be way longer, with players focusing solely on a grand strategic plan, the best Turn-Based strategy games for Android nowadays have rich stories and faster gameplay.

Best Turn-Based Strategy Games for Android

In this article, we have brought you a selection of the Best Turn-Based games for Android from the vast catalog the Google Play Store has to offer. So brace yourself, because there are no more excuses for getting bored during lunch breaks. Battle on!

1. Hoplite

turned based strategy game android

The mechanics of the game are pretty simple, as your character has three main actions:

  1. A shield push with which you can knock back your enemies.
  2. A leap used for closing in on attackers (or to escape).
  3. A spearhead for medium-range attacks.

Strategy comes into play once you realize that:

  • After using the shield, comes a cool-down period.
  • Every leap drains a bit of your character´s energy.
  • You need to pick up the spear after each attack so you can use it again.

In Hoplite, there are only four types of enemies. However, these can be deceptively simple in the way they are designed. This is because the game presents you with many complex challenges and scenarios. Also, the sets of rules for every enemy complement each other. A perfect example is that the standard demon will always try to limit your movements, and enemy archers try to get a shot at your character. Also, the game´s upgrade system gives it an edge on the strategic department. Be aware that every level has an altar to be prayed at. Each of these can either restore your energy, grant you an extra life, or upgrade one of your moves.

The added layer of complexity in this system comes in that some of the upgrades require you to give up some of your character´s life in exchange. This presents you with a philosophical dilemma that might increase the level of in-game tension (which can become rather addictive).

Download: Hoplite – Turn-based strategy game

2. Battle of Polytopia

android turn based strategy game

There are many different ways to play The Battle of Polytopia and tons of variations you can choose to make each playthrough a totally different experience. This is indicative that its developers have paid a lot of attention to providing the game with high replay value.

In The Battle of Polytopia, you play as the leader of a tribe and must defeat your rival tribes in 30 turns or less. The endgame of The Battle of Polytopia is to score more points than your rival and ultimately control as much of the world as you can. It also features a no-time limit Domination mode. Once you choose your play mode, pick your tribe from the 15 available, and set the difficulty (ranging from Easy to Crazy). All of these options guarantee you will always have something new to watch out for in Battle of Polytopia.

Download: Battle of Polytopia – A Civilization Strategy Game

3. UniWar

turn based strategy game android

First released in 2009, UniWar is by far one of the Best Turn-Based games for Android ever made, and this re-issue is just as good (if not better). The fact that UniWar is not a story-driven game doesn´t deter from the game´s playability. It is essentially a battle for territory between humans and two other alien races. In this battle, you lead one of the factions, and victory goes to the player that manages to capture all enemy bases, thus annihilating the competition.

During missions, you will navigate through hexagonal maps and capture the enemy´s bases, all this while building up your own units. The more enemy bases you control will grant you more credits per turn, which can be used to buy additional units. So forget about grinding your way to success. In this game, you need to develop a real strategic plan to reach your goals.

Download: UniWar – Turn-based Strategy Game

4. Hearthstone

turn based mobile game

Although it does not involve much of a story or campaign mode, Hearthstone´s stunning gameplay more than pays off. Besides, card games rarely are story-driven. You start by choosing one hero from the World of Warcraft franchise which will be your avatar and has its unique set of cards, spells, and special abilities. After picking your hero, you will be given a tutorial to learn the basics. Only then you´ll be able to challenge players online or fight AI opponents in Practice Mode. Once you defeat all other Heroes in Practice Mode, you can choose to change your character. This allows you to try different styles and find the one that suits you best. Whether you play offensively, defensively, or prefer to swarm the opponent with minions, you bet there´s a hero for you in Hearthstone. Set the AI´s difficulty (from Basic to Expert), get the hang of the battle dynamics, and you are all set to go out and challenge real players in Online Battle.

Download: Hearthstone – Strategy Card Game

5. ROME: Total War

turn based android game

This highly praised strategic game is amongst the Best Turn-Based games for Android ever released. It´s 270 BC, and your objective is to become emperor. To this end, you need to gain control of all fifteen provinces by any means available. But leading sieges, practicing diplomacy, and even bribing your way up, are merely the beginning because after taking control of a city, then comes the task of properly managing it.

ROME: Total War features two game options, real-time tactical fighting or a Turn-Based strategic campaign. In both, you will command your army in defeating enemy forces by using carefully planned attack and defense strategies.

Download: ROME – Total War

There you have it, folks, our picks for the Best Turn-Based games for Android devices. Of course, there are many more on the Google Play Store, but now it´s your turn. Know some more Turn-Based games for Android that should be on our list? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section… Until next time.