10 Best Utility Apps for iPhone You Must Have

best utility apps for iphone

If we talk about the most famous operating system in the mobile world, there are two of them called Android and iOS. If you are using any one of them then you know that their app stores have thousands of applications. However, if you have recently started using iPhone then you need to check its utilization capacity. There are different iPhone utility apps available on the Apple Store. If you are struggling in choosing the best iPhone utility apps, then do not worry about it. We have listed down the best utility apps for iPhone so that you can utilize your iPhone at its maximum capacity.

List of Best Utility Apps for iPhone

⓵ Klok

It becomes difficult for people having businesses in different countries to manage their meetings. However, there is an app called Klok – Time Zone Converter, this app lets you add multiple time zones. You can easily add different time zones in that app and place it on your main screen. This will help you to keep an eye on different time zones so that you can easily manage your meetings and conferences. This app allows you to see future times also.

utility app for iphone

Download Klok – Time Zone Converte‪r‬

⓶ Twilio Auth‪y

Sometimes it becomes difficult to remember the strong passwords which you save in different applications. As it is necessary to use a strong password, however, if you are unable to remember your passwords then you can use the Authy application.

Authy is an app that helps people to remember their alphanumeric passwords so that you can easily login into your account. It works as a two-factor authorization by generating a unique token for different services. The best thing about this app is that it has an offline mode. So that you can use this app when you do not have an internet connection.

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Download Twilio Auth‪y‬

⓷ 1Password

There is another app which is called 1Password. This application helps you to generate strong passwords for your different accounts. Not only that but also it saves your passwords so that you can easily log in to your applications. If you switch your phone, it also gives you the feasibility to sync your passwords on different cloud services. Now you do not have to remember your passwords, as this application will save your passwords in a secure place.

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Download 1Password – Password Manage‪r‬

⓸ My Data Manager VPN Security

The finest app to safeguard your online privacy and manage your mobile data use at the same time is My Data Manager VPN Security. If you use mobile data and do not know how much data you have used or how much a single app is consuming your mobile data, then My Data Manager is the perfect application for you. It monitor all the applications installed on your phone and track how much each app is consuming your mobile data. One of the best features is that it allows you to restrict the apps that consume your mobile data. It also secures your internet traffic with VPN technology and encrypts your unprotected data.

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Download My Data Manager VPN Securit‪y

⓹ Discord

One of the most widely used programs in the gaming industry is called Discord. If you play games and want to socialize with your gaming community then Discord is the best app for you.

Discord helps you to chat with your friends, also it gives you the platform to stream your game with your friends. Also, it has different bots through which you can entertain your members. It has dozens of interesting features like if you are the owner of the server you can create different channels, or add bots, also you can play music with the help of bots like Groovy.

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Download Discord – Talk, Chat, Hang Ou‪t

⓺ Presence

If you have two iPhones, which means if one is in use and the other is idle then the present application is for you. It is an app that provides you free security system for your house. This means it can work as a surveillance system to keep your house safe.

You can install this application on your both iPhone devices. After installing the application, you need to put your idle iPhone in a safe place from where you can monitor your house while you are away. It will give an alert when something happens at your home when you are not present at home.

utilities app for iphone

Download Presence Video Security Camer‪a

⓻ Grammarly‬

Some people do not have good enough grammar knowledge, and they struggle to write correct grammar while writing a formal message. However, there is an app called Grammarly which is available for iPhone and Android users.

Grammarly is unique keyboard application which provides more features when compared to other keyboard application. It has functions like spell-checker, grammar-checker, and auto-correction. These functions help you to easily write a formal message to your boss or clients.

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Download Grammarly – Keyboard & Edito‪r

⓼ CamScanner

As pandemic going and most of the educational institutes are switched to online learning. Students are submitting their assignments, quizzes, and exam papers in soft copies. For this purpose, to scan their papers and other important documents, CamScanner is helpful for them. It is based on OCR, which provides you the functionality to scan your documents without going anywhere. You can also sync your documents with other devices. CamScanner is also available for both Operating Systems.

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Download CamScanner-PDF Scanner Ap‪p

⓽ Pocket

If you love to read magazines, articles, blogs, or other stuff on the internet there is an iOS application available for you, called Pocket. Pocket is an application that provides you storage to store your favorite magazines, articles, or other important stuff to save on it.

If you are unable to read something clearly, Pocket can also read it for you. It is so helpful for the people learning the new language. It helps them to pronounce difficult words.

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Download Pocket: Save. Read. Grow

⓾ Darkroom

If you need a new photo editor and looking for a nice and easy-to-use photo editor application, then Darkroom is the right choice for you. Darkroom is the photo and video editor application. It can be used by anyone newbies to professionals.

The fact is that this application has won the Apple Design Award in 2020. There are a lot of features like color and light corrections, preset filters, and custom frame settings, etc. If you like to edit your mobile phone images then we suggest you try Darkroom.

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Download Darkroom: Photo & Video Edito‪r