Video Making Apps for iPhone

best free video making apps for iphone

Editing videos or photos is not an easy task! Especially if you don’t have the right app that contains all the functions, filters, emojis, tags, stickers, and more. Believe us when we tell you that if you want your posts and stories to stand out, then this list is for you. Here you will find the Best Video Making App for iPhone. With it, you can make a difference among your followers and become an influencer. So take a look and choose the app that best suits you.

Best Video Maker Apps for iPhone

Using a video-making app for iPhone is a great way to conveniently create and post content. But with so many editing applications out there it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time and money. To make the process simple, here is an overview of the 6 best iPhone video maker apps of 2021.

1. Funimate Video Editor & Maker

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Funimate Video Editor & Maker is an excellent video-making app with professional-quality functions that provide unique and original finishes. Moreover, thanks to its connection with the social networks of the moment, Funimate allows you to share the content you decide to create or edit in an instant. Share on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media all your creations and start to elaborate your digital library.

Use the most popular features such as transitions, video, and text filters; add stickers, backgrounds, or custom animations. May you give free rein to your creativity and imagination!

Funimate has an extensive media library where you will find thousands of effects, stickers, and backgrounds for all your videos. It has input and output effects with a large number of animations.

The app allows you to create music videos or add your favorite music to personalize your videos and give them a unique and special touch.

You can fully edit your videos to use the trimming option if you decide only to handle a part of a more extensive video. You can even merge video clips to give a unique and special effect to your creations. Use the slow-motion or reverse option to edit or create new clips containing these effects.

Download: Funimate Video Editor & Maker | Free

2. Cute CUT Pro

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Cute Cut Pro is a video editor with all the features of a standard editor. In addition, professional editing functions allow you to create movies or videos with a unique style and excellent quality. Among its main features are:

● User-friendly interface that is easy to handle for novice users and professional users.
● You can add up to 6 different kinds of media (music, images, sound, text, voice, and a new option known as auto drawing).
● Thanks to its versatility, you can handle different resolutions and use various aspect ratios.
● In addition, Cute Cut Pro has more than 30 other drawing tools to modify and edit directly on your movie. Also, it has a library of effects and transitions that you can customize as you like!

Download: Cute CUT Pro | Paid $5.99

3. VivaVideo – Video Editor&Maker

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VivaVideo is a powerful video maker app with millions of downloads in the App Store, positioning itself as one of today’s best video editors. The app has standard and professional quality editing tools. You can adjust the playback speed of your video and manage everything related to its aesthetics (contrast, brightness, color, etc.). Among its advanced editing options, we can count on cropping, moving, zoom in, zoom out, parts of the video to add special effects, and you can even include your custom watermark.

Its effects library has many magical filters and effects that you can add with the touch of a finger. And nowadays, users use them in most popular social networking applications like Instagram and TikTok.

VivaVideo allows you to add sound effects, as well as tracks of your favorite music to spice up your creations. You can also use voiceovers to create documentary-style videos or describe some action you perform within the video.

Download: VivaVideo – Video Editor&Maker | Free

4. InShot – Video Editor

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InShot is another excellent video editor app that lets you include music and effects with professional finishes. Besides, it doesn’t have the application’s intrusive watermark.

You can merge the video editing part, adjust playback speed, and edit or trim the video at the point you want. In addition, it allows you to include music files and tons of sound effects and voiceovers that can help you create a demonstration or informational video. Also, the app contains lots of video effects and the option to embed text or images over images on top of the original video.

InShot has the option of exporting in high quality (4k – 60 fps) and embedding from the application to social networks (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and more).

Download: InShot – Video Editor | Free

5. Filmmaker Pro – Video Editor

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Filmmaker Pro is a video editor with professional features that can deliver fantastic finishes to your videos or movies with just a few simple touches. It allows you to create unlimited photo and video projects, adding support for 4k resolution. It also can include video files as well as audio clips and text overlay.

The app has color-coded identification of the timelines of each file you include in your project, providing clear distinction and better timeline management. It allows you to choose the aspect ratio in which your video can be exported, manage and determine the playback speed, and modify the background color of your project. It has an automatic saving option to prevent losing the progress of your projects due to an error.

Download: Filmmaker Pro – Video Editor | Free

6. iMovie

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iMovie is a video-creating app with a very easy-to-use interface with many templates. It allows you to create videos or movies in the style of the big Hollywood studios. With it, you can modify anything! The inclusion of filters predetermined by the application, through themes with music and adapt the transitions to each user’s taste, adjusts every little detail: titles, backgrounds, fonts, speed, green screen, and more.

iMovie has a library with audio files containing famous soundtracks, sound effects, and voiceovers. As well as access to your music library so you can add your favorite song to any video you want.

You can easily share your projects among your devices or friends through AirDrop, iCloud, or export them to social networks like Instagram, YouTube, and other social media. iMovie allows you to save in high-quality resolutions (4k at 60 fps) to avoid losing quality in the final finish.

Download: iMovie | Free


Now that you have the Best Video Making App for iPhone, you will improve your videos and images. You will become one of the best influencers. Thanks to the amazing videos you will create, you will increase your followers and create unique and fun content. You will also stand out in all your social networks. So don’t wait any longer and boost all your publications with any of these apps.