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7 Best Video Sharing Apps for Android/iPhone

best video sharing apps

In today’s world of social media, video sharing has become very common. People need to share videos for personal reasons or work purposes, but it requires the fastest Internet connection. Most chatting apps like Messenger and Whatsapp has set some limit to the video length and had made video sharing difficult.

Though several video-sharing platforms have gained much popularity in recent years, these video sharing apps allow you to create, upload and share long and short videos without any disturbance. Here is the list of the 8 best video-sharing apps in 2021.

List of Best Video Sharing Apps

Users may sometimes get confused about the best video-sharing app to use out of the hundreds available. That is why we have compiled the eight best video uploading apps in 2021 for Android or iPhone users who want to share their videos online.

1. YouTube

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Well, who is not familiar with the most popular video-sharing app, YouTube. In today’s world of social media, YouTube has a special place and is one of the best free video-sharing apps for a reason. YouTube allows you to upload any video of yours for free.

You can share videos with your friends. It is your choice whether you want to keep your videos private or public. Go to the settings and change the privacy. To share an unlisted video, you need to share the video’s URL. For private video, you need to email the video from the video’s page in your YouTube Studio. At long last, by visiting the YouTube Studio dashboard, you can see measurements like subscribers, video remarks, and several likes and dislikes, etc. Moreover, you can start earning from YouTube by making your channel with at least 1000 subscribers. You can also sell your merchandise through the product rack.

YouTube | Android | iOS

2. Vimeo

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While YouTube is by a long shot the most well-known video sharing stage, Vimeo is likely the best choice for Google’s contribution. Unlike YouTube, Vimeo is an absolute ad-free platform that provides videos in 4K Ultra HD. The absence of distractive advertisements lets viewers concentrate on the video. This ultra HD video-sharing app is available in both free and paid mode. The downside of the app is that most of the valuable features are available in the paid version.

You can create high-quality videos using Vimeo creator. Moreover, it permits makers to upload HD recordings and has the most significant upload cutoff of 500 MB/week for the Basic Free version. After the end of the ‘Tip Jar’ option, Vimeo uploaders currently center around earning through their content by a ‘Video-on-demand’ mode. On the whole, this app is an ideal option for professional content creators. The installed video player is smooth, quick, and does exclude recommendations or ads.

Vimeo | Android | iOS

3. Facebook

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Who is unfamiliar with the existence of Facebook, hell who doesn’t even have an account on it. In today’s world, Facebook is undoubtedly the most widely installed social media app. Moreover, this video-sharing platform has come up with several praise-worthy features, including watching videos with your friends.

This application allows you to upload a maximum of 10 GB of video for a maximum of 240 minutes. In the Facebook Watch option, you can find a list of videos uploaded by the top creators. Makers gain admittance to a committed stage called Facebook Creator Studio to assist them with uploading and moderate unique video content other than overseeing memberships. If you are a passionate content creator, then you can earn by monetizing your Facebook videos.

Facebook | Android | iOS

4. Twitch

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Twitch is one of the best video-sharing apps for enthusiastic gamers. Gamers can do video streaming up to 6000 kbps bitrate by using platform. Twitch has gained much popularity in the past few years, with immense traffic of over 9.36 million active streamers.

Twitch Turbo is a paid account that lets the users watch all videos and shows without any advertisement. However, turning into a Partner at Twitch isn’t simple. It merits the exertion for gamers as the organization is a designated specialty. For new Twitch content makers to turn into a Partner would require to stream for 25 hours, stream 12 unique days, and reach 75 average viewers all in the last 30 days. To sum up, professional gamers should try this video streaming app at least once.

Twitch | Android | iOS

5. Dailymotion

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Like YouTube, Dailymotion is also one of the best video-sharing apps on the internet today. The website lets you upload, share, and download videos for free. Daily motion has over 300 million monthly users for a good reason. Unlike YouTube, Dailymotion has a limit to the video length. You can upload a maximum of 1-hour video with up to 2GB file size.

Suppose you wish to upload your videos but do not want to share them with others. In that case, you can change the privacy settings to ‘Private.’ Additionally, the content creators on Dailymotion can start earning through video ads and paid content. Dailymotion is the most frequently watched video-sharing website in YouTube-restricted areas.

Dailymotion | Android | iOS

6. IGTV from Instagram

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Similar to Facebook, Instagram is also one of the most popular social media networks. Moreover, it is a video-sharing app as well. At the time of its launch, the app offered Instagram Stories that let the user share a 15-second in-app video that disappears after 24 hours. However, now the app allows the users to share long-form vertical video through IGTV. Instagram TV lets content creators upload up to an hour-long video in 16:9 or 9:16 aspect ratio. The base format is 720 pixels at 30fps. The file size should be up to 650MB for videos that are 10 minutes or less and 3.6GB for videos that are as long as 60 minutes.

Instagram is helpful for everyday video features since the content on the channel is burned-through at a quicker speed contrasted with other free video-sharing applications.

Update: IGTV from Instagram officially discontinued.

7. Tik-Tok

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If you do good lip-syncing, you can get instant fame by uploading videos on Tiktok. With over 2.6 billion downloads worldwide (as reported in December 2020), Tiktok’s worldwide popularity is record-breaking.

Lip-syncing has become a most followed trend, and credit goes to TikTok. Produced by ByteDance, Tiktok is a short video sharing app where you can find videos related to fashion, transitional videos, crafts, games, comedy, sports, and whatnot. The app allows you to make an eye-catching 15-second video of any niche with exciting filters and effects.

TikTok | Android | iOS


If you want to shoot, and share your videos online to the public or selected people, there are a lot of video sharing apps available for download. Now that we’ve shared the best applications for both Android and iOS with you, you can choose which video sharing app is best for you.