9 Best Video Special Effects Apps for iPhone

Making effects on video clips used to be a professional’s playground, but thanks to modern technology, today it’s become much easier for ordinary people to add effects to their videos. Thanks to social media, the need to make videos more expressive has given rise to so many apps that can do the same. And because there are so many apps available, let’s discuss a few of those best video special effects apps for iPhone.

1. Apple Clips

Let’s begin with Apple itself, with an app many people might not even know about, Clips. Clips was introduced in 2017 and has had plenty of improvements over the years. Clips allow users a quick way to create effects-laden short video clips of themselves. Clips is quite fun, especially if used on newer iPhones that support memojis. Effects available on Clips include special backgrounds built into the app with several freely downloadable ones, color and effects filters, live Titles that give the clip a closed caption effect, fun stickers, as well as text bubbles.

Apple Clips is fun and easy to use though some effects won’t work with life filters and custom backgrounds. It also doesn’t have timelines to allow editing of the video clip. Any changes will have to be re-recorded or imported into another piece of software. Nevertheless, Clips makes it to this list of best video special effects apps for iPhone because it’s simple to use, does what it’s intended, and does it well. And best of all, it’s completely free.

2. iMovie

Now, if you want to be able to truly edit your videos for free, again, go Apple. Unlike Clips, iMovie allows users to freely edit their video clips using the ubiquitous timeline method. And because Apple is consistently minimalistic with their products, iMovie is pretty simple and intuitive to use. iMovie allows for video filters, animated titles, unique effects themes, and custom backgrounds. It can also let users cut or trim their videos, speed up or slow down the clip, add and adjust focus points.
Other features include the green screen, picture on picture, soundtracks and sound effects, and supports 4K at 60fps. All for the price of free.

3. Splice

Splice by Bending Spoons Apps has for years been listed as one of the best video special effects apps for iPhone, thanks to its ease of use. The resulting videos made from Splice (if done right) can hardly be distinguished from videos edited on a desktop. Splice can allow users to trim video clips, adjust playback speed, make video overlays, change brightness and exposure of videos and images, apply masking for incredible effects, replace backgrounds, apply filters, add transitions, and add titles and text overlays. After editing, the video can easily be shared through various social media outlets or saved and imported to other video editing apps like Final Cut Pro. Splice also supports videos of up to 4K at 60fps.

Splice is a free app that tends to serve up ads during the video creation process. The premium version frees the user from those ads and frees up some visual effects and background soundtracks.

4. Videoleap

Videoleap by another powerful video editing app, Lightricks Ltd, allows iPhone users to add many special effects to their video clips. Like Splice, it’s a professional video editor, but of course, it’s nothing but the best for that perfect Instagram post. Videoleap features include the ability to mix videos and images, layer or timeline-based editing, clip transitions, special video effects, emoji support, sticker support, text titles and overlays, adjustable filters, green screen/chroma, clip trimming/split/duplication/mirroring, and plenty more.

Like Splice, Videoleap’s interface is straightforward, and they’re almost quite similar. However, Videoleap is not entirely free so expect some ads where you’ll have to wait a few seconds to clear. That may take away from the momentum of creating content. But, Videoleap can produce videos without watermarks. So for career users, go ahead and subscribe for a better experience. Also, unlike Splice, Videoleap allows the addition of background music for your project.

5. Kinemaster

Compared to Splice and Videoleap, Kinemaster has a slightly different yet intuitive interface. Kinemaster is a free app that will nag users from time to time. Kinemaster features include over 300 pre-made projects that can be adapted and edited, tools to cut and splice videos along with dozens of stock footage, the ability to add stickers, titles and text overlays, hundreds of transitions and effects, the ability to reverse, speed up and slow down video clips, color filters, color adjustment, and much more. Videos can be saved up to 4K but at 30fps and shared directly to various social media outlets.

However, Kinemaster will leave a small watermark on the corner of your video. Not too obvious and debilitating, unlike other video editors out there. Subscribing to the app removes the watermark and unlocks additional features and content.

6. Videoshop

Videoshop is a free video editing app from Jajijujejo Inc. Not completely free as it does demand a subscription to unlock some filters and other features. Otherwise, the app can be used without much interruption by ads. Like the other entries in this list of best video special effects apps for iPhone, Videoshop has plenty of available filters, backgrounds, and effects that should spice up any video, such as slow-motion, speed motion, reverse motion, transitions, animated titles and text overlays, picture on picture, stickers, sound effects and voice over, clip trimming and splicing, as well as video merge. Videoshop’s strength is to change contrast, brightness, hue, and saturation while the video plays in real-time to get the best results on the eyes.

But, like Kinemaster, Videoshop will include a watermark on produced videos which can be removed by offering a like in the developer’s Facebook and Instagram or by purchasing the Pro version. Getting the Pro version will also free up many filters and effects.

7. InShot

InShot is a photo and video editor by InstaShot Inc. But we’ll focus on the video editor aspect of the app. It’s free to use and contains unintrusive but distracting banner ads during the creation process. Another issue before we proceed, the app will include a corner watermark on the project, which can be removed by tapping on the watermark and watching an ad. However, it is quite charitable compared to other video editors.

Moving forward, InShot has a fairly simple interface similar to Splice and VideoLeap. Videos are enhanced using various cinematic filters and effects. Though, some effects are locked as well as some stickers. Inshot also supports video trimming/cropping/splicing, video zoom and rotation, animated titles and text overlays, emojis, adding music and voiceovers, various transitions, green screen and chroma. To make the most of Inshot, users will have to pay a subscription to get rid of ads and watermarks and use more effects and filters. Inshot is also capable of exporting up to 4k and 60fps.

8. Glitch Studio

Glitch Studio by NET Sigma is a simple video editor that adds filter effects to recorded images and videos. These filters are pre-defined or can be tweaked individually. The free version is limited to just four pre-defined filters, but the customized effects provide some flexibility. The Pro version adds a ton more special effects, and of course, much more set tweaks.

Glitch Studio also includes several color filters, with more after going Pro. There are also sharpen, blur, brightness, and contrast effects. Speed, temperature, hue, vibrance, and saturation are available with the Pro version. Glitch Studio is very easy to use and allows users to apply the mentioned effects in no time. However, unlike the others listed prior, stickers, text, titles, and emojis are not available for Glitch Studio. It’s just a simple app for adding filter video effects which would be more spectacular after unlocking the rest.

9. Action Movie FX

Now let’s move from traditional effects to augmented reality and add some effects in real-time or as we record, like in Apple Clips. Action Movie FX from Bad Robot Interactive allows users to add Hollywood-style special effects to video clips they record. This is a fun app to use among friends, especially after unlocking all the effects available, which unfortunately means purchasing them.

It’s very simple and easy to use. Users just need to select the effect and point the camera to where the effects should appear for a few seconds. The participation of someone would be nice to make the effect cooler. The effects available can include a missile strike, a robot attack, a meteor impact, an avalanche, and even a giant spider. Those are just the free effects available. As mentioned, the app would be much cooler with all the effects unlocked. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow for pre-recorded video. The app requires the video to be recorded through the app itself.

There are plenty more video editing apps available in the Apple Store, but these are the best video special effects apps for iPhone. We tested all of them, which are guaranteed to work and fulfill your requirements. Enjoy!