8 Best Realistic Voice Cloning Software

best voice cloning software

Voice cloning software can be used to create deepfake audio recordings. These can be used for funny videos, but also to modify, change, or improve your voice when you record a video, an audio message, a class, or anything. Some voice cloning software can also produce voices that sound like known people, for example, Hollywood stars, the President of the United States, or others. They could also work on source material that you provide them and clone your voice, your friend’s voice, or any voice. In this article, we’re discussing how realistic voice cloning software works and also what are the 8 best voice cloning software available today.

What is voice cloning software?

Voice cloning software works through algorithms and AI. Without going into too many complex details, algorithms or AI are codes that are capable of processing tons of data and producing a result. In this case, the result is a voice that is similar to what we require (a famous person, or any other voice source that we provide).

So, voice cloning software can work in two ways:
1. They can have a “catalog” of voices that the software can reproduce.
2. You can provide an audio source for the software. Its algorithm would analyze that, and given a text, the software will finally read the text with a voice that is similar to the one you provided in the source.

Would cloned voice sound exactly like the original?

Cloned voice usually doesn’t sound like 100% real voices. However, the voice is usually highly recognizable. If you want a voice that sounds 100% real, you’ll need to use an audio editor. Audio editors could be included in the voice cloning software; in this case, you’re going to use the software differently:

1. you record the audio track, maybe reading a text.
2. you can then modify the voice with the audio editor manually, or use the build-in pre-set.
Some pre-sets can make your voice look like another voice. In this case, therefore, we can still talk of voice cloning.

8 Best Voice Cloning Software

Deepfake audio and video are becoming more and more popular, and as a consequence, voice cloning software is becoming more advanced and more numerous. You can find many of them available to download online, and sometimes it can be hard to decide which one to choose. In this section, we’re going through the 8 best voice cloning software so that you can choose the one that is most suitable to your needs and budget.

1. Resemble

Resemble is a very powerful tool powered by AI. It is a text-to-speech application with deepfake features. You can use the voice-mimicking feature to let the app mimic your own voice or anyone else’s. As a source, you can provide a short audio file or voice recording. Of course, the voice in the audio track can be yours or anyone else’s.

The great advantage of this app is that it is very light. It doesn’t require a great amount of data to work and it can clone the voice in about 5 minutes.

You can use Resemble for free, but only for the very short audio track (shorter than 2 minutes). If you need longer tracks, you need to upload them to the Premium version. This is the biggest limit of this voice cloning software: the premium version is expensive, it costs $30 per month!

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2. Descript

Descript is ideal if you want a fake voice that sounds as real as possible. Descript is a bit different from Resemble: it isn’t as effective in mimicking an existing voice, but it is more effective in producing a voice sound that sounds real.

It is also very effective if you have a recorded voice and you want to modify it. It has a powerful audio editor that offers a lot of tools: a speech synthesizer, screen recorder, multitrack editing, and more. If you need to improve your voice for any reason, this is the software for you.

When compare to Resempble this is also cheaper:
• First of all, you can use it for free for up to 3 hours of text-to-speech transition.
• The free version also includes 20 screen recording.
• If you want to keep using the application, you need to update to the paid version which costs $12 per month.

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3. CereVoice Me

Starting with CereVoice Me can be extremely expensive. However, this is one of the most powerful voice cloning tools you can find. If you need it for business, then you should consider the investment.

Let’s speak about the features first: there is a text-to-speech tool, a voice synthesizer tool, and also a voice pack with tons of different languages included.

Speaking about the price, it is $685.99. It is a lifetime license, so when considering the investment, consider for how long you need a tool. If you need to spend $30 per month but using it for years, CereVoice Me can make you save money in the long term!

4. ReSpeecher

ReSpeecher is among the most expensive voice cloning software and yet it is one of the most popular: the reason is that it’s one of the most versatile and powerful you can find on the market. This tool can create voices that sound real and that are 100% like the originals. This is, of course, only suitable for professionals in the entertainment industry, even because it costs $200 per month!

5. RealTimeVoiceCloning

From the most expensive we move on to the cheapest voice cloning software. RealTimeVoiceCloning is completely free! Of course, it is not as advanced as the previous options but you can still use it for fun videos or audio tracks. However, it is only suitable for short audio recordings.

6. iSpeech

iSPeech is very popular among amateurs because it’s quite advanced and it’s free. There is a voice cloning tool and a text-to-speech tool so this software is very versatile.

7. Modulate.ai

This is a voice generator that can change your voice into a different one in real-time. This is probably the only application with this feature so if this is what you need, you need to download Modulate.ai.

8. ReadSpeaker

ReadSpeaker is a voice cloning software aimed at marketers. This tool allows content creators to create commercials very easily and in various languages. It allows you to use a random voice, but also celebrities-inspired voices that can make a fun effect for your commercial or video ad. The synthesized voice, however, would sound artificial so you can only use it for funny videos or commercials or video memes or things like these.