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Best Free VPN Browsers for Android

best vpn browser for android free

VPN services are often relevant for browsing the web anonymously and keeping your Internet browsing activity private. VPNs keep your internet traffic encrypted, so Internet Service Providers can’t intercept any of your personal data. If keeping your personal data safe is your top concern, it’s usually a good idea to use consistent free VPN browsers. But a lot of people rather use VPN services. Mostly only for unblocking geo-restricted websites, and other specific purposes, for a limited time. To them, consistent and/or dedicated VPN services may not be worth the investment. Instead, using a web browser with a built-in VPN might make more sense for these users.

VPN-enabled web browsers usually restrict or limit VPN use within the browser app. It is considerably low-priced compared to what a committed VPN service offers. And it usually allows some free time-limited web browsing sessions, which may just be enough for a lot of users.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the best free VPN-supported mobile web browsers on Android.

4 Best Browsers with Built in VPN for Android

1. Aloha Browser

Aloha is an ad-funded browser with a built-in VPN. Despite this, it offers a lot of features. This free VPN browser contains various privacy features. Including a screenshot blocker, built-in VPN (actually an HTTPS proxy), passcode lock, and an ad-blocker.

vpn browser for android

By simply going to the shield icon on the upper left side of the URL bar, you will be able to turn on the VPN. Free users are auto-connected to a nearby server (in the UK, users are usually connected to a server in the Netherlands). And its download speeds are one of the best we have seen in free VPN browser apps. Its speed is at around 20 Mb/s downloads on a 350 Mb/s connection.

The free version will connect to an optimally-located server automatically. On top of that, you can also subscribe to Aloha premium $2.99 per month or $24 per year, which unlocks additional features like VPN server connection in 30 countries, Wifi file sharing, system-wide VPN use, custom themes, support for ZIP files, improves speed performance and much more.

Download Aloha Browser + Private VPN

2. Opera Browser

The Opera Browser ranks among the top most popular browsers worldwide, thanks to its free VPN. Opera Browser ranks number 5 on the most popular browsers in the world, and it has proven a big hit with its users enjoying the free VPN feature. The free VPN browser feature was originally only available for desktop versions of the browser, but it is now available in the Android app, and its unsubtle renaming makes it very clear!

browser with vpn for android

Just like other browsers’ VPN, the Opera browser VPN is a secure HTTPS proxy, which gets the job done quickly, and has no limitations. Locations available in the Opera Browser’s app are United States, Europe, and Asia.

Opera Browser has a cool feature that allows you to enable the VPN when using incognito tabs, and you can choose whether or not to bypass the VPN when using the search engine to deliver more important relevant search results.

Aside from the free VPN feature, Opera Browser is also known for having a modern and slick browser. It also features built-in translator, ad-blocker, and “save web page offline” option. It also has an Opera patent data compression technology that reduces data usage and enhances page loading time, although it can’t be used when VPN is running.

Opera Browser has a built-in Crypto Wallet, which merges the Ethereum 3 API, giving you access to send and receive Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Tron payments directly in your browser.

Despite having a built-in ad-blocker, Opera Browser is ad-funded, however, you can disable it from using your browsing history to deliver personally targeted ads to your mobile device.

Download Opera browser with free VPN

3. Orbot: Tor for Android

Orbot is not your typical free VPN browser. It actually is a proxy app which lets other apps securely gain internet access. When you browse the internet, Orbot uses an open-source Tor network. It encrypts the internet traffic and bounces it through a series of other computers under the same Tor network worldwide to hide your identity.

When browsing, it uses an open-source Tor network to encrypt your internet traffic and then hides your identity by bouncing it through a series of other computers using the Tor network from around the world.

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The major difference between a Tor and VPN is that a Tor is decentralized and truly anonymous, and the traffic within the network is fully encrypted. This means that it’s the most recommended option if you want to anonymously browse the internet. A VPN service on the other hand, encrypts your internet traffic from external agents while extracting data itself.

Most computers running on the Tor network do not have any dedicated server-grade hardware. This makes the Tor network a bit slower than VPN services. It’s because VPNs normally have their own servers that handle all the user traffic.

The Tor network, being an open-source project, is free to use. And so are most of the browsers configured to use it.

Although Orbot provides a proxy disposition and/or configuration to connect to the Tor network, this do not include web browsing capabilities. To do so, you have to allow the Orbot proxy which should let you use any other web browser to surf the internet.

Download Orbot: Tor for Android

Currently, the official Tor Browser for Android is in an alpha release. It requires an Orbot proxy to connect with the Tor network. The developer has planned to release a stable version of the application that can connect to Tor independently.

Get Tor Browser (Alpha)

4. Tenta Private VPN Browser

Tenta Private VPN Browser is one of the most popular VPN-based browsers compatible with Android devices. It comes with a handful of security features. Along with a VPN service that allows you to browse the web privately and anonymously.

browser for android with vpn

Also, it uses OpenVPN protocol to encrypt user’s traffic and does not log any of their usage data. It has a built-in ad blocker that shuts out annoying ads from websites interrupting your browsing experience.

This free VPN browser keeps the user’s browsing activity and data (DNS, IP address, bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, etc.) safe, secure, and private with AES-256 encryption.

Tenta is a free VPN browser that gives you access to unlimited use of VPN for a limited set of locations. This lets you choose between multiple servers around the world. It also has a feature that gives you access to different server locations to different browser tabs.

Tenta is set to release exclusive offers that will include limitless encrypted server locations, custom DNS servers, and more features. There’s also a beta version of the app that’s completely free.

Download Tenta Private VPN Browser