Watermark Apps for Android

best watermark app for android

Unauthorized content theft is a disadvantage to being a writer, YouTuber, filmmaker, or graphic designer. People sometimes steal photographs and alter them without crediting the original maker. This is totally unjust because someone else gets credit for the time and effort you put into producing valuable material. If you’re a photographer or content designer, the first thing you can do is protect your work with copyright. If you intend to build a portfolio or a database of items, copyright protection should be at the top of your priority list. Copyright is a legal term that refers to the exclusive right to preserve one’s original works of art. Watermark apps must be installed on your Android smartphone to resolve this problem. In this article, we’ve listed 8 best watermark apps to protect your photos and videos.

Best Watermark Apps For Android

Let’s explore some of the best Android watermark apps available for free on Google Play Store.

① Photo Watermark

photo watermark app for android

Photo Watermark is an excellent free watermark app for Android users. This app has a quick, clean, and simple interface. This app is limited to pictures, but it offers a variety of watermark options. You can use it to add watermark text, logos, and even stickers to your photographs. You can also alter the watermark’s position, transparency, rotation, and special effects to make your own custom watermark. You can also use the camera to take new images whenever you want with this app.


● The device has a built-in camera that allows you to take pictures in real-time.
● Hundreds of texts and png stickers are available for watermarking.
● The watermarks are simple to alter.
● Watermarks that have been used recently will be stored as models for future use.

Salt Watermark

watermark app for android

Salt is an Android watermark app that will help you watermark your images. This application has a straightforward user interface. You’ll see two choices at the bottom of the page as soon as you open it: Photos and Logos. Using the “Photos” tool, you can quickly select a picture to which you want to apply the watermark. The “Logo” option allows you to easily add logos to your pictures, which is particularly useful for businesses seeking brand visibility. If you want to resize files, the Salt app also has a simple photo cropper feature. This watermark app for Android is free, but you’ll have to pay for some of the more advanced features.


● Add a watermark to the picture.
● Add a logo to the picture.
● Text can be added to the image. There are hundreds of interesting fonts to choose from.
● It provides features for simple photo editing.

③ Video Watermark

video watermark app android

Another great free watermark app for Android is Video Watermark, which allows you to build your own logo and watermark to protect your work. You can use the included watermark creator to build a stylish watermark or use the built-in watermark templates. It also allows you to customize the position, color, and transparency of the watermarks.


● Make a video with a watermark and a logo.
● Provides a list of logo templates that are available.
● Easily saves and shares the processed image.

④ eZy Watermark Photos Free

watermark photos app android

eZy Watermark Photos Free provides the protection you need to safeguard what is rightfully yours. This is the best way for quickly capturing, watermarking, and sharing photos. The numerous watermarking choices combined with a user-friendly interface make it a pleasure to use. To build a watermark on images, you can use your name, signature, logo, copyright, and even trademark.


● Come up with your own templates.
● Allows processing in batches.
● Personalize your watermark for photos.
● Controls can be edited inside the app.
● More than 150 colors and fonts to choose from.
● Many import and export options available.
● Apply watermark in your favorite manner.

⑤ Add Watermark Free

free watermark app for android

Add Watermark Free is not entirely free, but it is inexpensive, costing less than $1. This is possibly the most functional app for adding watermarks. The first feature that sets it apart from the rest of the watermarking apps on our list is the ability to edit several photos at once.

Furthermore, you can make your own watermark from the ground up, and there’s a good selection of fonts and effects to choose from. There’s also a selection of stickers included. Another intriguing feature of this app is that the watermark can be created using the date of the footage, GPS position, and other data.


● It helps you to process several images at once.
● There are stickers and built-in fonts.
● You can add properties like timestamps, tags, and filenames to the watermark.
● Transparent png picture files are supported.

⑥ Watermark for Photos

watermark photo app android

Hand-made signs, logos, and stamps will help you promote your business, brand, and website. Adding watermarks to your artistic content will deter people from using it illegally. It’s as easy as creating or uploading your own artwork. Then, apply it to your picture and embellish it with a variety of design elements. Finally, you can download it and post it on your website.


● Text can be added and styled using calligraphic fonts, text color, and filters.
● It has pre-designed watermarks.
● It has many stamps.
● Time and date in various formats.

⑦ ShotOn Camera

android watermark app

Another watermark app for Android that you can download right now is ShotOn Camera. ShotOn Camera’s best feature is that it offers a large selection of watermark logos and tags to users. You can also select your own custom picture if you don’t want to use the ShotOn Camera’s watermark logos and tags.


● ShotOn and Shot By Signature Text are both editable.
● Tags can be repositioned.
● Set of Colors to Enhance the Stamp’s Appearance.

⑧ iWatermark Free

watermark app android

This watermarking app for Android comes with over 150 fonts, colors, and graphics to choose from, as well as the ability to pick the best watermark size and position it anywhere you want. You may apply the watermarks to multiple photos in a single tap.