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8 Best Free Watermark Apps for Android

best watermark app for android

Content is the bread and butter of all online businesses. If you have good content, you will surely click among netizens. That is why people are keen to create quality content that will gain them followers and buyers. However, not everyone will take the long process of creating contents, some do incompetent shortcuts and steal someone’s elses materials. These people are only focused on getting the end of the bargain without exerting efforts in creating them.

The good thing is, you can protect yourself from all these theft through copyrighting your websites. When unfortunate attacks of stealing visits your site, they will be warned with a copyright notice. Make sure that you display your copyright notice in a spot visible to all. Moreover, if your content is made of original images and photography materials, it works best if you add watermarks on all of them.


We’ve listed below 8 of the best watermark apps for Android that could help you protect your photos and videos content theft.

List of Best Watermark Apps For Android


① Photo Watermark

photo watermark app for android

Photo Watermark tops our list because this is an amazing watermark app for Android. It allows users to add digital watermarks into your images. Although the watermark is limited to photos only, there are many available watermark designs and templates you can choose from. It can be in any transparency size you’d like it to be. There are also other features for your watermark to be unique and distinguished among others. You can rotate into several positions, add special effects and stickers.

This app also allows taking photos using your camera real-time directly in the app. This works good when you want to post a picture in your FB Myday or IG stories and want them to be watermarked. You can also save your customized watermarks for future use.

Watermark Video & Watermark Photo

watermark app for android

Another Watermark app that works well with Android devices is Watermark Video and Watermark Photo. It creates beautiful watermarks to any photos and videos. Aside from creating watermarks, it can also create fantastic logos for both videos and pictures.

This app has a simple and easy-to-use user interface. Upon opening the app, you are to choose between “Photos” and “Logos”. If you choose photos, you can add watermarks to any of your selected photos. On the other hand, if you choose Logos, you can add logos to your selected images. Logos are ideal for businesses with brand names. It also features a neat photo cropping tool. In addition, you can text the images and other effects for photo editing. . It has a variety of pretty fonts.

All in all, the Watermark Video and Watermark Photo is a great tool. Additional features are available in the premium version.

Video Watermark

video watermark app android

Video Watermark allows users to create fantastic customized logos and watermarks for any kinds of images and videos. It features a watermark creator tool that aids in creating personalized watermarks. There are a variety of effects and accessories that can be used to produce amazing watermarks. This app also has built-in watermark templates ready-to-use.

Video watermark app not only creates watermarks for photos but also for videos. It has a clean and convenient user interface that lets users save their files and share them easily and quickly

eZy Watermark Photos Lite

watermark photos app android

eZy Watermark Photos Lite is among the best free watermark apps for Android that allows you to create watermarks to put into your images to avoid content theft. This app, with its straightforward user interface is such a breeze to use. It features so many amazing tools needed to create watermarks. You can add up your name, logo, signature, trademark, copyright and others deemed necessary for your watermarks.

eZy Watermarks Photos Lite lets users personalize their watermarks through coming up with their own templates and styles. They can choose from among a hundred and more fonts, colors and styles. Users can process watermarking photos by batches.

Add Watermark Lite

free watermark app for android

Another top-rated app for watermarks is Add Watermark Lite. It features a special tool to edit multiple images at the same time. It comes with an amazing array of colors, fonts, stickers and templates for a more personalized watermark design. Users can also use timestamps, filenames, and tags for watermark creation. It can support any file formats including transparent png photos.

Watermark Image Copyright

watermark photo app android

This app is a great tool that can help you combat theft attacks. Watermark Image Copyright creates stamps, logos and watermarks ideal for both personal and business use. It works easily through a clear and responsive user interface. Users can easily import photos to the app, edit the image with personalized watermarks by using its big selection of colors, fonts, styles and stickers and then download the watermarked photo and share it to any social media platforms.

If making your own watermark designs seems tiring to you, you can opt to use their pre-designed templates and choose from among numerous styles.

Watermark Image Copyright is one of the best free watermark apps for Android.

ShotOn Camera

android watermark app

ShotOn camera is another amazing watermark app for Android that features so many ready-to-use watermarks. It also has a vast selection of fonts, colors, style, stickers and effects to be used for designing personalized watermarks.

ShotOn Camera has special functionality of providing watermark to any images by the format, Shot On device name and shot by name of photographer.


watermark app android

Our final app in this list is iWatermark. Just like the other watermark apps, it features a wide array of accessories to create watermarked photos. It has a clean and cool user interface that users prefer a lot. Whether you are working for a pre-designed watermark template or creating your own personalized design, iWatermark is the best free watermark apps for Android. Moreover, it is also compatible with iOs, Mac and Windows.



Because the Internet encompasses so  many attributes and people from all across the world, we can’t be sure if our original content has been stolen and copied somewhere. And if we do find out, it’s not an easy way to retrieve all our masterpieces. That is why it is good to prevent all these dilemma by installing best free watermark apps for Android.