11 Best Weather Apps for Windows 11

Thanks to technology, asking about the weather has become as awkward as asking people how they are when they’re always on social media. Weather is also a fickle beast, despite the technology being unpredictable in some ways, and those who travel and rely on weather for their work need apps that can best predict it. This time we discuss the Best Weather Apps for Windows 11. And because Windows 11 itself is a new, fickle beast on its own, this list of Best Weather Apps for Windows 11 will include apps that also work on Windows 10 down to Windows 8. These apps should nicely present the weather to either casual users or weather professionals and offer weather data worldwide.

best weather apps for windows 11

⑴ Weather Radar Ultimate

Weather Radar Ultimate is a Windows Store app from MegaAppsLabs that provides real-time weather conditions worldwide, taking radar information from various weather sources. The weather data presented is animated and can be read by most weather professionals. The data also shows current, historical, and forecast data on weather systems, storms, tornadoes, wind, and rain.

Weather Radar Ultimate is not free, but less than $10 is quite an affordable investment for budding meteorologists or knowledgeable professionals who work in small to medium media or other applicable professions. Weather Radar Ultimate however is not for ordinary people.

⑵ Weather Radar Using Windy

Windy is a rising platform when it comes to displaying and predicting global weather. Windy itself runs on browsers and beautifully displays wind flows and related systems on a global scale. Windy can present information on wind, snow, rain, temperature, cloud cover, waves, and even air quality, along with other layers of information. The information can be used by ordinary people as well as weather professionals.

However, being on a browser opens the user to temptation in opening other sites and thereby losing focus. So, Weather Radar Using Windy from File Viewer Pro Inc. is the best alternative as it opens up Windy in a full-screen app. The app is not limited as it features all the controls and information available within Windy. It is a shoo-in as one of the Best Weather Apps for Windows 11. The app is not for free either but is very affordable for about $8 to get distraction-free and relatively accurate real-time weather information.

⑶ Weather Satellite

Weather Satellite is another professional weather app from the Microsoft Store. This one however is free to download. It functions much like Weather Radar Using Windy as it’s a web app. This app compensates itself by showing mini-browser ads. The full version costs about $10 – not bad for a professional weather app. Weather Satellite is also rather specialized as it can be used to monitor hurricane and typhoon activity, including how solar activity can influence Earth’s weather. Weather Satellite also reports worldwide turbulence and wind conditions through charts and periodic photographs from various satellite info. However, most of the info is restricted to the Americas unless the app is unlocked. The ads are somewhat distracting, but good that the app allows for a free trial.

⑷ World Weather

Now onto weather apps that more casual folks can use. World Weather from publisher Salvino Marras is a simpler weather app for Windows 11. Users can try this app for free or simply purchase for just above 1 dollar. It’s rather old but still quite useful for people who want to know the weather conditions and forecasts for any point in the globe. World Weather features 22 different languages, 15-day weather forecasts, specialized coastal marine weather forecasts, 10 different types of weather maps, and location-based or coordinate-based weather forecasts and reports.

Be forewarned that as of our review, the app is prone to crashing yet is useful as it can display various meteorological charts of various user-specified areas. In addition, users can input their places of interest to gain simple to complex weather info.

⑸ SimpleWeather

SimpleWeather is another simple weather app by developer Dave Antoine. Compared to Microsoft’s clumsy built-in weather app, SimpleWeather looks very similar but easier to use. SimpleWeather was built for Windows 10 and above, which means that it also supports Live Tiles like the Windows Weather app. But as mentioned, this app is free and is simpler to use, making it one of the Best Weather Apps for Windows 11 for casual users.

Like the previous entry WorldWeather, SimpleWeather allows users to enter various places of interest, such as their home residence, areas of work, and residences of friends and relatives, which unfortunately takes weather out of the ice-breaking small talk. Features of SimpleWeather include live tile support, sources from major weather providers, weather radar info, severe weather alerts, weekly forecast, etc.

⑹ Hurricane Tracker

Hurricane Tracker is another excellent weather monitoring app for the Microsoft Store by developer Robert Firth. As named, Hurricane Tracker is a specialized app that is more focused on the Americas but can also be used to track typhoons and cyclones in Asia and Europe. This app is also somewhat dated and was designed to support Windows Phone 8 users.

For just about two dollars, your Windows 11 computer can become a hurricane tracking station, especially for people with vested interests for severe weather info in their areas. This app can track storms in all the world’s oceans through charts and animated satellite imagery. There’s also historical info on past storms. Users of the app can also chat with each other about the weather.

⑺ Forecast

Aside from knowing the current weather conditions, forecasting is imperative when making plans for various situations. Forecast from the Microsoft Store by developer Alexander Wilkens is a powerful weather app that can be used by Windows 11 users. It was also designed for earlier versions of Windows including Windows Phones but will be quite at home in Windows 11. Its features include live tile support, multi-day forecasts, configurable themes for better viewing, and easy-to-read meteorological charts. Forecast app is available to download for just over a dollar.

⑻ MSN Weather

Let’s not discount the app from the OS manufacturer itself, Microsoft. MSN Weather is a beautiful and very informative weather app. The app is easy enough to use and beautifully presented. It shows a 10-day weather forecast, an hourly forecast for the day, sun and moon rise info, temperature, humidity, wind, and UV index.

MSN Weather is quite informative but can be relatively slow on lower systems (especially the maps feature), but recommended for business types with better graphics and faster internet connections. The slowness can be attributed to its retrieval and construction of weather information. The other basic weather info appears rather quickly. MSN Weather is completely free and may already be installed depending on your Windows version.

⑼ Strawberry Weather

Strawberry Weather is a rather colorful weather app with a simple presentation scheme worthy of Windows 11. Unlike some of the apps in this list, Strawberry Weather uses less system resources even while active but can still receive minute-by-minute updates from OpenWeather and Dark Sky. Basic information includes general weather description, temperature, wind, humidity, and pressure for users’ places of interest. Features of Strawberry Weather include live tile support, simple color themes, lock screen integration, five to seven-day forecasts, and severe weather alerts. Strawberry Weather is free to download and supports in-app purchases for additional themes and features.

⑽ 8-bit Weather

8-bit Weather by Pixel8 can be considered the weather app for gamers, except it doesn’t report the weather for fantasy worlds. What it does though is display various locations as an 8-bit pixelated generic fantasy landscape. This is awesome for aging computer pros born into early DOS games. The 8-bit scenery displays according to current-time weather conditions. Controls and menus also appear as 8-bit in most cases. 8-bit Weather can show general weather description, temperature, wind speed, and display hourly or 7-day weather forecasts. 8-bit Weather is completely free. It’s not exactly the greatest, but it’s a fun way to check the weather.

⑾ Perfect Weather Universal

And lastly, one of the Best Weather Apps for Windows 11 users looking for a fun way to check the weather is Perfect Weather Universal by developer Perfect Thumb. This app allows users to check the weather for up to 9 days ahead. It displays the temperature, general weather description, sunrise, moonrise, wind speed, and air pressure, shown in fantasy landscapes similar to 8-bit weather. Features include live tile support, multiple scenes compared to 8-bit Weather, and multiple languages. This app is free but supports in-app purchases of fantasy landscapes.

There are plenty more weather apps available on the Microsoft Store, but these are what we consider as the Best Weather Apps for Windows 11. Getting apps from the store would be a safer and more secure option for the nascent Windows 11 platform.