11 Best Weather Apps for Windows 11 in 2022

The appropriate weather app may have a tremendous impact on your day, whether it’s for the big game, a beach day, or just a leisurely afternoon in the park. However, simply having the current weather is insufficient. To make the best arrangements for the upcoming week or weekend based on the weather, we need to know the weather forecast.

best weather apps for windows 11

So here’s our list of the best weather apps for Windows 11 that you can rely on in 2022. Check them out and make sure to get ready for whatever the day will turn out to be.


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List of Best Weather Apps for Windows 11 in 2022

⑴ Weather Radar Ultimate

Using radar data from multiple weather sources, Weather Radar Ultimate gives real-time weather conditions for the entire world. Most weather experts can read the animated weather data that is being displayed. The data also includes information on weather patterns, storms, tornadoes, wind, and rain. This is along with historical, forecast, and present data.

Despite not being free, Weather Radar Ultimate is still a very modest investment for aspiring meteorologists or experienced professionals. It can operate in small to medium media or other relevant professions.

⑵ Weather Radar Using Windy

When it relates to presenting and forecasting global weather, Windy is a growing platform. Browser-based Windy is a stunning worldwide display of wind movements and associated systems. Along with various layers of data, Windy may display information on wind, snow, rain, temperature, cloud cover, waves, and even air quality. Both the general public and weather experts can use the information.

Using a browser exposes the user to the temptation of visiting other websites, which leads to distraction. As a result, File Viewer Pro Inc.’s Weather Radar Using Windy is the best substitute because it launches Windy as a full-screen application. Since it includes all of the controls and data are seen in Windy, the app is not constrained. So it is one of the Best Weather Apps for Windows 11.

⑶ Weather Satellite

Another reputable weather app available from the Microsoft Store is Weather Satellite. But you can download this one without charge. Being a web application, it functions similarly to Weather Radar Using Windy. It can be used to track hurricane and typhoon activity as well as how solar activity may affect Earth’s weather. The weather satellite is also quite sophisticated. Global turbulence and wind conditions are also reported by Weather Satellite. This is through charts and sporadic images from different satellite data. However, unless the app is activated, the majority of the information is only available in the Americas. Though the app offers a free trial, the adverts can be a little annoying.

⑷ World Weather

Now here’s a weather app that can be used by most people, even non-professionals. This is a less complicated weather software for Windows 11 and is called World Weather. Customers can either sample this software for free or buy it for more than $1. Even if it’s a little dated, it’s still very helpful for anyone who wants to know the weather and forecasts for any location on the planet. The World Weather website offers weather reports and forecasts in 22 different languages. It also shows 15-day forecasts and maritime weather forecasts specifically for the coast. The app also features, location-based or coordinate-based forecasts and 10 distinct types of weather maps

⑸ SimpleWeather

Another straightforward weather software is SimpleWeather.SimpleWeather looks quite similar to but is far simpler to use than Microsoft’s cumbersome built-in weather tool. Since SimpleWeather was created for Windows 10 and later versions, it supports Live Tiles just like the Windows Weather app does. However, as was already noted, this program is free and easier to use, which makes it among the Best Weather Apps for Windows 11 for average consumers.

SimpleWeather, like the previous item WorldWeather, allows users to enter different places of interest. This includes home address, places of employment, and dwellings of friends and relatives. SimpleWeather’s features include support for live tiles, sources from well-known weather companies, weather radar data, severe weather alerts, weekly predictions, etc.

⑹ Hurricane Tracker

Hurricane Tracker is another top-notch weather monitoring app for the Microsoft Store. As A specialized app, it is more centered on the Americas but can also be used to follow typhoons and cyclones in Asia and Europe. This software, which was created to support Windows Phone 8 users, however, is also a little outdated.

Your Windows 11 PC can become a hurricane surveillance station for just over $2. Most especially for those with a stake in learning about severe weather in their region. Through charts and graphical satellite photos, this program can monitor storms in all of the oceans of the world. There is also information on previous storm histories. The software allows users to talk with one another about the weather.

⑺ Forecast

Forecast is another app that is considered in the list of the best weather apps. Although it was created for Windows Phones and earlier versions of Windows as well, Windows 11 will make it right at home. Its highlights consist of easy-to-read weather charts, multi-day forecasts, changeable themes for improved viewing, and live tile support. For just over $1, you can download the forecast app.

⑻ MSN Weather

MSN Weather is a stunning and helpful weather app. The software is elegantly designed and fairly simple to use. It displays the temperature, humidity, wind speed, and UV index as well as a 10-day weather forecast and hourly forecast for the day.

It is advised for business users with fancy graphics and quicker internet connections to use MSN Weather because it is useful. Its retrieval and synthesis of meteorological information is the cause of the slowness. The other fundamental weather data is revealed quite rapidly. Depending on your Windows version, MSN Weather may already be installed for no charge.

⑼ Strawberry Weather

Strawberry Weatheris quite colorful and has a straightforward display style. Strawberry Weather utilizes fewer system resources even when it is running. This is in comparison with some of the other apps on this list. But it can still get minute-by-minute updates from OpenWeather and Dark Sky. For users’ places of interest, basic information comprises a generic weather description, temperature, wind, humidity, and pressure.

The five to seven-day predictions, lock screen integration, live tile support, and severe weather alerts are some of Strawberry Weather’s features. In-app purchases for extra themes and features are supported by Strawberry Weather, which is available for free download.

⑽ 8-bit Weather

8-bit Weather by Pixel8 can be regarded as the weather app for gamers. But all it does is show different places as a generic, pixelated, 8-bit fantasy environment. For seasoned computer experts who grew up with early DOS games, this is fantastic. The 8-bit scenery changes to reflect the weather at the moment. Most of the time, controls and menus also have an 8-bit appearance. 8-bit Weather may display hourly or seven-day weather forecasts as well as a general description of the weather, temperature, and wind speed. 8-bit Weather is offered without cost. Although it’s not the best, it is a fun way to check the weather.

⑾ Perfect Weather Universal

Perfect Weather Universal is one of the Best Weather Apps for Windows 11 users looking for a pleasant way to check the weather. Users of this software can look up the weather up to nine days in advance. It shows the temperature, a broad description of the weather, dawn, moonrise, wind speed, and air pressure, all in 8-bit-style fantasy settings. Live tile support, more scenarios than 8-bit Weather, and many languages are among the features. Although this software is free, it allows users to buy fantastical landscapes in-app.



Weather is a major factor we need to consider in our daily lives. Now that there is technology, forecasting the weather is as easy as looking through the calendar with these best weather apps for Windows 11 in 2022.