Websites to Buy Second Hand Phones in India

India has paved its way to becoming a country that embraces technological advancements. However, the maximum of its population is still living beyond the average means. But this does not hinder their need to access modern-day services like mobile phones.

With the prices of brand-new mobile phones considered to be expensive for the general population, they found a way to purchase a lesser alternative. People of India now prefer second hand phones over new ones.

It is not difficult to look for websites to buy second hand phones in India. We discuss in this article where to buy them.

List of Websites to Buy Second Hand Phones in India

1. OLX India

OLX India is the best marketplace for everything second hand. It is the most popular online marketplace in Asia. It has the broadest range of almost everything including second hand mobile phones.

It is popular among online sellers and buyers alike because it is easy to use. Users can interconnect with each other through several avenues provided by the website. It provides direct chat and direct calls so that both buyers and sellers can communicate with each other properly.

OLX India is a trusted online marketplace website to buy second hand phones.

2. Cashify

Cashify is an online market platform that allows users to sell gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and computers. These gadgets are then available for purchase on the same website.

Most of the items sold in this marketplace need repair, so they are refurbished and sold. Phones that are sold in Cashify are repaid and cleaned so that they will be free from issues when they are sold. They are handled properly to avoid damage.


This online market website can be accessed on desktop and mobile. It has a very friendly interface that is easy to use.

3. QuikrBazaar

Another top-rated website to buy second hand phones in India is the QuikrBazaar. It is an online marketplace that caters to everything including gadgets, furniture, appliances, clothes, toys, books, and so much more.

It has a simple and clean configuration that users find easy to use. The product listing is detailed and accurate. In addition, product photos are clear and real. Users can also directly communicate with each other for faster and legit transactions.


4. Facebook MarketPlace

What better place to buy second hand phones in India than the trusted Facebook Marketplace? This is the most familiar name for most people. It is amazing to know that the biggest social media platform has a marketplace for buyers to no longer look far and beyond.

Looking for items is not easy on this platform because it does not have an interface designed for selling. But you get to check products in their truest condition.

Facebook marketplace offers a buyer-seller experience that is within the norm. It does not feature the elegance and formality of the big online market websites, but the simplicity of traditional trading.

5. Indiamart

Indiamart is also the go-to website to buy second hand phones in India. This online marketplace has everything you need from necessities to packaging materials and so on.

It has been in the online industry so its configuration is not very updated. But there’s a huge selection of second hand phones available on the website. Buyers would not find it difficult to look for one.

6. Mobiles4Sale

If you are focused on buying second hand mobile phones only, then Mobiles4Sale is the best place to be. It mainly sells mobile phones, both new and second hand alike. It has been in the business since 2008 and has since established its name as the best second hand mobile market in India.

Although its interface is not as smooth as the big websites, its credibility makes up for it. Also, it requires users to register before they can look for mobile phones to buy.



Another online marketplace website is It is a marketplace that sells pre-owned and refurbished mobile phones. It has a wide selection of inventory of second hand phones. Although it sells pre-owned items, its website has a clean, sophisticated, and organized look better than other websites. The products are presented properly with great product information and are easily searchable.

8. Sahivalue

Sahivalue is a popular marketplace website in India. It sells second-hand gadgets. Among these gadgets are mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, and accessories. It has a wide selection of available items posted nicely on its website with complete information about the product.


Sahivalue is known to declare accurate details and condition of products on their website gaining the trust of the majority.

9. Mobiru

Another website to buy second hand phones in India that is similar to is Mobiru. It mainly caters to second hand mobile phones and displays with accurate information on the website

Mobiru also works as a portal by integrating all second hand mobile phones on sale from other websites like Cashify, Indiamart, and Sahivalue.

It has a friendly configuration that is easy to use.

10. Yaantra

The final website on our list is in Yaantra. It is an online website that vends on secondhand and restored gadgets. It also offers gadget repair services. This website offers so many good deals. That is why most buyers choose this website aside from its friendly and handy interface.

Yaantra does not provide detailed information on the product listed but it offers a 1-year warranty and 7-day replacement for items with issues.


Getting Second hand mobile phone is a norm in India. And it does not take too much effort to ride with this trend. Because it is not hard to look for second hand phones with so many websites to choose from. Just make sure that transactions are done with utmost care and vigilance, away from fraud and scams.