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best window managers for Windows

If you are a Windows user, you have probably gotten hooked on some of its styles and effects available in its graphical interface. The problem may come at the time of gestating the classic windows that the system provides us. Is this usually attractive or effective enough? So if you have been wondering how to organize Windows windows better, you can take a breath now! We give you the best window manager software for Windows PC. So you can choose, fast and easy.

Best Window Manager Software for PC

These Windows window managers are the best option if you want something that fits your style and needs.

1. MaxTo Window Manager

MaxTo Window Manager

MaxTo will help you divide your screen and organize windows quickly, with a clean and easy-to-see interface. It is highly recommended if you are a beginner user or not very familiar with software. With MaxTo, you can organize your windows like a professional.

By installing this software, you can maximize screens that will directly go to one side of the screen. Furthermore, you can deactivate the configuration whenever you want. And you don’t need to worry about the installation process because if there is a word to describe it, this is user-friendly. For greater comfort, you can control the windows with the keyboard. This software is more useful if you have a large monitor, so you can fully enjoy this excellent windows manager on your PC.

2. Stack Window Manager

Stack Window Manager

You can get this software in a free version if you have Windows 7 or previous ones. With it, you can easily dock windows and take full advantage of using multiple monitors. However, it is also recommended if you have a single large monitor. It helps rearrange multiple windows, and its custom layouts are advantageous.

You can move the windows with quick access and with the middle mouse button. You can also add taskbars if you have a dual monitor. If you wish, you can make the windows appear on the screen automatically. Stack is, above all, software that allows you to optimize functionality, adjusting it to your personal preferences. The best thing is that you can work intuitively without learning complicated codes or combinations to organize your windows. Therefore, we can say that it is one of the best window managers for Windows.

3. Actual Window Manager

Actual Window Manager

Actual Window Manager has a lot of options to offer you. It is compatible with Windows 10/9/8/7/ vista and XP. It is specially designed for multiple monitor users. The objective of this program is to help you increase your productivity when using your PC with multiple monitors. For this, it offers you a multifunctional taskbar that you can view on each screen, making it easier and faster to access.

With this program, you can easily manage your screensaver, background image, profile desktops, and more. You can also combine keys to create a shortcut and use only the keyboard to move and rearrange your windows. Additionally, you can select your preferences not only in windows but also in other programs and folders. This software has been awarded several awards for its excellence in various aspects, highlighting its ease of installation, high security, and optimal functionality.

4. WindowGrid

windowgrid window manager

WindowGrid is quite functional software. It is compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10. It has several features that are managed even with the secondary mouse button! With it, you can customize windows dimensions, opacity, color, etc. You can resize, align, and move windows. You can create your windows according to your own designs and tastes! Its dynamic grid has a retro style that lovers of classics will love.

Its use does not compromise the memory of the system, and also its interface is very comfortable and intuitive. And you will be pleasantly surprised by the speed at which its processes operate. Moreover, it is updated automatically, so you will not waste time looking to enjoy the optimizations.

5. SplitView

SplitView is what you need when you are looking for a program to divide your screen, make the windows look orderly, and use them efficiently. This software is perfect for when you are looking for simplicity and speed when dividing screens. But still, there are plenty of options you can explore! For example, you can dock a selected window to place it on the side of the screen, just with one button. Also, you have helpful features, like you can use keyboard shortcuts for quick access. And, you can adjust the settings so that the window you want automatically appears on your screen in the size you want.

The design is very modern, and of course, you can use it on dual monitors. In fact, this software was designed precisely for users who need to boost their productivity.

6. Chamaleon Windows Manager

Chamaleon Windows Manager

Chamaleon Windows Manager is free and still has many advantages. With Chamaleon, you can change the whole look of your windows. This program is ideal if you are looking for a window manager that focuses on improving both the utility and the appearance of your operating system. You can choose from how you want the windows to open to the color. Do you want them to be transparent? No problem, the possibilities are the order of the day.

Your options are very varied, whether you are looking for a very prominent and radical style or if you are looking for a minimalist. You can hide or show the taskbars, programs, windows, whatever you want! This program meets everything you expect from a windows manager and more. It can even help you speed up the Windows startup process by selecting the programs you want to start with yourself. This software allows you to optimize appearance, order, and establish priorities for the best performance of the system functions — everything you need from the best window manager software for Windows PC.