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6 Best Windows 10 Apps for Students in 2023

best windows 10 apps for students

Students need comprehensive skills and abilities to be able to overcome their studies. It’s a good thing that there are applications available nowadays that can assist pupils with their academic needs. We have prepared a list of the best Apps for Students for Windows 10 in 2023. With these apps, students can now face any academic challenges with ease and confidence.

Best Windows 10 Apps for Students

Here are some essential Windows 10 apps for school or college students. Choose the right educational app and meet your learning goals.

1. Naturplay Calculator

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Some people believe that a quality scientific calculator is a secret to a smart student; if this is true, then you ought to get a Naturplay Calculator. Naturplay Calculator is a tool that every student needs especially when it comes to mathematically inclined subjects. You will be able to perform complex numerical computations using it and comprehend the step-by-step process. Its huge diversity of inputs is another fantastic aspect. As a result, you can modify your calculator to suit your needs, including those related to matrices, complex numbers, statistical data, and more.

The app provides answers to any numerical formula quickly without lags and errors. It provides solutions that can be screenshots so that students can review them afterward. It can be controlled through voice commands. You just have to say Cortana, I wanna calculate and then the process begins.

Download: Naturplay Calculator

2. Amazon Kindle

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Kindle is an app that contains one of the largest libraries of reading materials that is perfect to fuel up students. It can help learners enhance their reading abilities. You will have access to any kind of information from its wide variety of reading books.

The best aspect of Kindle is that it can be customized to suit the needs of the readers. You can modify font size, and brightness and track reading progress. Also, if you opt not to read, there is a huge assortment of audiobooks you can listen to and learn to.

Amazon Kindle is not free but if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can access all features of this Kindle app for students.

Download: Amazon Kindle

3. myHomework

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Homework is among the basic requirements of students. And oftentimes, these can cause a lot of stress. myHomework is an app for students that can help them organize and monitor class and exam schedules. With this app, you no longer forget deadlines and can easily track your academic calendar and learning activities. If you are a scholar, this will help you retain your scholarship as you won’t have to miss any requirements.

Download: myHomework

4. Acellus Student

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One of the most popular applications for students in the US is Acellus Student. Millions of families have used it to raise their kids’ academic achievement. The pupil will be able to apply the lesson they just learned thanks to its well-designed system.

The app contains a data collection system that will produce interactive exercises after each class. With this, each student will be able to learn at their own pace. The progress, grade, and duration of each lesson can be observed by the parent, tutor, or teacher. Acellus Student is an interactive learning system that is an amazing app for students.

Download: Acellus Student

5. Google Drive & Dropbox

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Google Drive is one application that every student should have. It functions as a file storage and synchronization service that allows users to secure their files safely and access them anytime, anywhere. The best thing about Google Drive is that it can sync all files on your devices such as tablets, computers, and mobile phones. It works by integrating with all of your other Google services like Gmail, Docs, Android, Google +, Youtube, Chrome, and Google Analytics.


With Google Drive, it is easy to create and manage folders. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and the like can be accessed and edited anytime with an automatic saving function so there’s no need to worry about unsaved and lost documents.

Dropbox is a file-hosting service app. With the help of the app Dropbox, you may save tons of documents, pictures, ebooks, and other things. You can share your folders with your classmates and teachers and access them from anywhere.

Dropbox comes in handy when it comes to sharing huge files among students and teachers. Additionally, the automated synchronization function of this program will simplify your life as a student. That dropbox serves as a backup for any form of file, document, and image you have on your device without leaving a trace. Both Google Drive and Dropbox are apps suitable for students in 2023.

Download: Google Drive | Dropbox

6. Penbook

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Penbook is a freehand writing application for iOS and Android that is suitable for students. Inside Penbook, you’ll be able to organize all of your tasks and select from a huge variety of sheets. For instance, you can select from single line sheets, grid sheets, or even use their music sheets to create your music.

You can export any of your projects, notes, drawings, or creations to PDF format using the app. Sharing your notes or other work with your classmates and teachers will be simple going forward. It is, in general, one of the best apps for students in 2023.

Download: Penbook


It is not easy being a student. With all the reports, assignments, projects, and schedules getting ahead of the student’s life, stress and anxiety may come abruptly. Using these apps effectively can help alleviate all these. These 6 best Windows 10 apps for students in 2023 can help students balance studies and life with ease and happiness.