Windows 10 Apps for Students

best windows 10 apps for students

To be the best student nowadays, besides being smart, you also need to arm yourself with the best studying tools. That’s where the best applications to help you study, improve your learning skills, and above all, adapt to each of the subjects in which you need them. Don’t worry; we got your back! We bring you the list of the best Windows 10 apps for students. With any of these applications, you will use technology to your advantage and make your student life way more manageable!

Best Windows 10 Apps for Students

Here are some essential Windows 10 apps for school or college students. Choose the right educational app and meet your learning goals.

1. Naturplay Calculator

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Have you ever heard the phrase ‘behind an intelligent student, an excellent scientific calculator?’ Probably not because we just made it up. But what is certain is that every student needs an exceptional scientific calculator to help them in Calculus, Advanced Mathematics, Physics, and other subjects.

With it, you will be able to do extensive numerical calculations and understand the step-by-step procedure. Another great feature is that it has a great diversity of inputs. Thus, you can adjust your calculator to what you need: Matrices, Complex Numbers, Statistical Data, and more.

One of the features that students love is the quick generation of answers as you type in the numerical formula. In addition, you can take a screenshot to save images of the procedures so that you can study them carefully.

The app also works by voice command! So that you can start your calculations with the command “Cortana, calculator” or “Cortana, I wanna calculate,” and the app will automatically open for you.

Download: Naturplay Calculator

2. Amazon Kindle

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Are you looking for a book? With this app, you can access one of the largest libraries of books, and without needing a Kindle device for that.

Improve your reading skills and have access to the world’s knowledge through any of the books you can find in the app. In addition, you can adjust your readers to read comfortably from your device, change the font size, read in night mode, track your reading progress, and much more.

No more reading? No problem, you can also access an extensive catalog of audiobooks, available just for you! In addition, if you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can access more remarkable features of the app.

Download: Amazon Kindle

3. myHomework

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Are you disorganized with your homework? Do you often forget deadlines and are not sure when your next exam is? Don’t worry! You are not the only one who has this kind of thing happen to him. It is usually the result of the tremendous stress that many young people and adults have when studying. So we bring you a tool that will surely help you with that.

MyHomework is an app that will help you to organize your scholar schedule. You will be able to enter all the information about your classes, school events, exams, project submissions, and much more. This way, any scholar’s responsibility will never slip through your fingers again. Being digital, you can synchronize and download the app on different devices so you can stay on top of your homework.

Download: myHomework

4. Acellus Student

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Acellus Student is one of the most widely used applications in the United States. It has helped millions of families improve their children’s school performance. Thanks to its well-designed system, the student will be able to put into practice the lesson they have just learned.

Each student will be able to learn at their own pace and will be able to practice through interactive exercises after each class based on a student data collection system. The parent, tutor, or teacher will monitor the progress, score, and amount of time spent on each lesson.

At the same time, the app is constantly improving its lessons and adapts the teaching according to the student’s capabilities. Acellus Student is available for several platforms, and you can also access it through the internet, without any problem.

Download: Acellus Student

5. Google Drive & Dropbox

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Google Drive is one of the most practical applications for all types of students. In it, you can create, edit, and share all kinds of documents and information with your teachers and classmates.

Compatible with any different office software packages. Here you can create complete folders, manage them and choose who to share them with. You can also edit online any file such as spreadsheets, documents, presentations, and more. And thanks to the auto-save feature, you won’t have to worry about your homework getting lost easily.

Dropbox is an app that allows you to store a large number of documents, images, digital books, and more! You can access it from wherever you are, and you can share your folders with classmates and teachers.

You can efficiently and effectively organize your documents and files. You can also synchronize them from your device and thus keep all your folders up to date.

Dropbox is a handy tool for sharing large files between students and teachers. In addition, its automatic synchronization feature will make your life as a student easier. Without leaving behind, that dropbox works as a backup for every type of document, file, or image you have on your device.

Download: Google Drive | Dropbox

6. Penbook

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Penbook is a revolutionary application that has improved the study experience of thousands of young people worldwide. So take freehand notes, write or draw whatever you want, plan your day’s activities, and use your Windows 10 laptop as an actual notebook.

You will be able to organize each of your projects inside Penbook, plus you can choose from thousands of different types of sheets. For example, you can choose between grid sheets, single line sheets, or even compose your music on their music sheets!

The app allows you to export any of your creations, notes, drawings, or projects to PDF format. So it will be effortless to share your notes or whatever you have created with your classmates and teachers.

Download: Penbook


Nowadays, studying takes the same amount of time as regular work, so making efficient use of your resources will help you become the topper of your class. With any of the best Windows 10 software for students, you will no longer have excuses to leave your homework aside. Plus you will be able to keep up with all your school activities. So don’t hesitate to download the applications that will make your life easier. Remember that knowledge is there waiting for you!