Best YouTube Channels for Software Engineers

Best YouTube Channels for Software EngineersEvery aspiring software engineer has to start somewhere. It is said that the most practical way to advance oneself into their desired career is to study it at a university or educational institution. However, the internet is responsible for making knowledge much more accessible. Making it easier for people to learn new skills without necessarily going to a traditional school. One of these ways it through YoutTube: arguably the largest and most popular video streaming and content creation platform online. 

YouTube is made up of different channels and creators, otherwise known as YouTubers. Those who focus their time and effort on teaching other people about important educational content are categorized under their own niche. And these include software engineers, programmers, and computer science educators. In this article, we’ll talk about the best YouTube channels for software engineers. And where you can learn about different aspects of programming and software development. 

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Best YouTube Channels for Software Engineers

1. is arguably one of the most popular educational YouTube channels for software engineers and programming enthusiasts, and for good reason. There are all kinds of tutorial series such as learning how to do JavaScript programming, Python programming, HTML, and more. There are also other versions of the YouTube channel where their videos are translated into other languages such as Espanol, Bengali, and Japanese. 

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Beyond being a great YouTube channel, is a platform where aspiring software engineers can also achieve certifications for learning new skills that they can use in their daily life applications. Its credibility has been acknowledged by both professionals and companies like Time Magazine, Wired, BusinessInsider, and more. is a definite must have in any software engineer’s subscriber list. 

2. Fireship

If you have a short attention span, or if you simply want to learn about important software engineering lessons in a condensed way, Fireship is the youtube channel for you. Unlike other tutorials and educational videos on programming where video lengths are often 10 to 30 minutes long each, Fireship’s videos are much shorter, and therefore more entertaining. Fireship is well known for its “___ in 100 seconds,” where different computer science and software-related concepts are explained quickly.

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3. WebDevSimplified

From the name, WebDevSimplified makes web development easy to do. This YouTube channel focuses on doing simple and easy to follow tutorials on different processes that can be applied for different web programs and projects. In more recent years, WebDevSimplified’s content has shifted to providing advice. As well as personal opinions when it comes to different web development concepts. All of these videos still fall under the educational umbrella. Which makes it a helpful and valuable channel for software engineers. 

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4. Ben Eater

Ben Eater is a YouTuber for those who want to understand how everyday components involves in computer science and software development. His content mostly focuses on electronics. However, Eater focuses on all kinds of technical subjects that any science and engineering fan would find fun and interesting.

His videos include how to build certain kinds of computers. And also explainer videos on different concepts like the serial peripheral interface (SPI) or reliable data transmission. If you want to expand your knowledge outside of the lessons you need to learn for software engineering, Ben Eater’s videos are one of the best to watch. 

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Who is the best programmer in YouTube?

There is not a singular “best programmer” on YouTube. Because not all YouTubers and YouTube channels will be effective for everyone. Some people may prefer other YouTube channels over others. However, there are definitely some notable creators that are popular and greatly respected among the software engineering and programming community. These include members of our list such as Ben Eater, as well as other YouTubers like Derek Banas. 

Which platform is best for software engineering?

Again, the best platform will always depend on what you will need it for. When it comes to learning more about software engineering and obtaining the skills one needs to become a successful software engineer, accessible educational platforms like YouTube are great choices. If you’re looking for development tools to create and run programs, there are websites such as NetBeans, Wrike, Trello, and more. 

Is Mark Zuckerberg a programmer or software engineer?

Mark Zuckerberg is both a software engineer and a programmer. He practiced coding at an early age. And his efforts paid off in the form of developing Facebook: one of the biggest social media platforms to date. 

Which YouTube channel is best for learning computer science?

YouTube channels such as ComputerPhile, Live Overflow, and The Cherno. 

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