Can Someone Hack My Phone By Texting Me?

can someone hack my phone by texting me

Nowadays one question has become so common among people that “can someone hack my phone by texting me?”. The answer is simple, yes. As your mobile carry all important and private stuff, hackers always try to get into your phone. You do not even know whether you are hacked or not. There are different ways through which hackers attack your cell phone and get what they are looking for. However, you think everything is fine with your phone until you get the message from hackers asking for ransom.
And, if you have another question whether can someone hack my phone by calling me? Then it is just a rumor. No one can hack your phone just by calling you. In this article, you will learn in detail about hacking and the different questions people ask. So, read this article till the end to find out everything.

Can Someone really Hack my Mobile Phone?

This question is asked on Google most of the time, and the answer is the same, yes. Your cellphone is not safe enough to protect your privacy. There are dozens of ways to hack your mobile phone and steal your information. As time is passing hackers also becoming more intelligent and creating new ways to breach into your mobile phone.

There are applications available called spy apps. By installing these apps on your mobile phone, other people can easily monitor you. You will not have any idea whether the app is installed on your phone or not.

spy phone text messages

Most parents and company management install these apps on mobile phones and provide them to their children and employees. So that they can easily monitor them. There are also other ways through which your mobile phone can be hacked which include a WIFI network, iCloud or Google account, and many more. So, you must keep your phone secure and try every possible way to secure your data from hackers.

Can Someone Hack your Phone by Texting You?

Technically the answer is, yes, your phone can be hacked if someone sent you a text message. However, just receiving a text message will not harm your phone. Even if you open that text message, it does not affect your mobile phone.

Then how text message harm your phone? Usually, whenever hackers send you a message, they attach a malware link to that message. If you opened that link and download that application, only then you are in trouble. So, never open links from unknown people and avoid downloading third-party applications. Those applications are not trusted. The devices which are rooted have a higher risk to get hacked by text messages. We suggest you that never use rooted mobile phones or Jailbroken mobile phones.

How Does a Text Message Hack work in Real?

Nowadays hackers have become smarter and use different techniques to hack your mobile phone. Their only objective is to hack your mobile phone, as soon as you click on the link provided by them.

The most common tactic is that they text you like your bank informing you that your credit card is expired, or you have won a prize. At the bottom, they attach the malware link or downloadable file and encourage you to click on that link. As soon you open the link, a malware program will be installed on your phone. Through that, they can easily get into your data or spy on you. These types of hacks are very common, and a large number of people affect by these kinds of hacks.

Can Spy Application be Installed by Sending a Text Message?

This can be done but not the way you think of it. If someone has sent you a link to the spy application, and you open it, that will not lead to installing the application directly. There are more things that a person must perform to install the spy app into their mobile phone. When the spy app installation will start, you will see that you are installing an application. To install the spy app, you must complete several steps. So, just by opening the link will not install the application.

How Do I Know If My Cell Phone Is Hacked or Not?

No one can confirm that whether your mobile phone is hacked or not. However, there are different alarming things you should be aware of.

can someone hack your phone through text

Unusual Behavior: If your mobile phone starts behaving suspiciously like shutting down by itself or opening the camera from time to time, then there are chances that your mobile phone is being monitored by someone else.

Unusual Applications and Files: Have your phone got any files or applications which you did not install? If yes, then there are chances your phone is at risk. Remove every application and file which you think is installed or saved without your concern.

Battery Drain: If your phone is being monitored and running any spy application, it will drain your battery much faster than usual. Because even when you are not using your mobile phone, those applications are still running.

Keep in Mind…

As you now know that your phone can be hacked, so keep in mind, never use rooted or jailbroken mobile phones. Avoid opening links coming from an unknown source. Always keep different antivirus applications on your phone.