Can Someone Hack My Phone By Texting Me?

can someone hack my phone by texting me

If you’re an avid internet user, you may have already come across different kinds of scams and hacking tactics that are used to steal information from people. It’s not only done on PCs and laptops, but even on your everyday mobile phones. Because our phones carry most of our sensitive personal information, including our contacts and photos, hackers are more likely to extract information from these devices.

Hackers attempt to gain access from mobile phones in different ways, the most common being through scam messages. However, don’t be too fearful. In this article, we’ll talk about what these scam messages and apps can appear as, and what signs you can take notice of to prevent your phone from getting hacked.

Can Someone really Hack my Mobile Phone?

Yes, it’s possible for someone to hack your phone without having to physically gain access to it. You can have as many passwords and PINs set up to protect your phone, but it may not be enough to safeguard your privacy. Hackers are becoming savvier with how they choose to scam people into sharing their information or making their devices vulnerable to hacks.

A common way that hackers gain access to mobile phones is through spy apps. These apps allow third-party members to monitor your activity on your phone. Oftentimes, you won’t know if these apps are installed, and what information is being displayed to those who have access to the application.

spy phone text messagesBesides spy apps, hackers can use public WiFi networks, or even features such as iCloud or your Google account details to access your information. This is why it’s important to update your passwords on a regular basis, as well as monitor what details you share on your public accounts.

Can Someone Hack your Phone by Texting You?

A suspicious text message can only harm you, your phone, and your information if you open the contents in it. Usually, hackers obtain your information through a malware link that is included in the text message sent to you.

If you open the link, you will usually be redirected to downloading a certain application or software. If these applications are downloaded onto your phone, your device is much more vulnerable to getting hacked. Chances are, once the application is already a part of your device, these hackers already have your information.

The number one rule after obtaining these messages and links is to never open them. Another safety precaution is to never purchase jailbroken phones from untrusted sellers.

How Does a Text Message Hack work in Real?

Hackers are most successful in accessing your private information through these suspicious text messages. After opening the links attached to these messages and accessing the software or applications that come with it, this leads to them getting a hold of your personal details.

The content of these messages is usually related to your personal commitments. An example of this would be a text acting as your bank and saying that your credit card is expired. Another tactic is saying that you have won a large cash prize, or a new phone or gadget. These kinds of texts encourage you to check the link attached to the message because it seems important.

This is what makes these scams so successful, and a big problem to the public.

Can Spy Application be Installed by Sending a Text Message?

Receiving the text messages themselves is harmless. Your phone won’t be able to open attached links to text messages automatically, safeguarding you from accidentally opening and downloading malware.

If you open the suspicious link, you will still have to accomplish several steps to properly finish the download. This is why it’s important to discern whether or not a text message and the contents of certain links are legit.

How Do I Know If My Cell Phone Is Hacked or Not?

The difficult thing about these hacking and scam tactics is that there is no easy way to figure out whether or not you’ve already been hacked. Your mobile devices can’t immediately detect if there is a third-party accessing your information and accounts. However, there are different alerts and signs you can pay attention to if you’re concerned about the risk of being hacked.

can someone hack your phone through text

Unusual Behavior: If you’re experiencing weird and unexpected problems with your phone, such as it shutting down randomly or opening the Camera app out of nowhere, it’s possible that your device is being monitored by a third party.

Unusual Applications and Files: Check your phone for any new applications or files added to your device. If there are new apps or files that you didn’t install, chances are someone else who has access to your phone is doing it. Be sure to remove these applications and review your privacy settings.

Battery Drain: Take special notice of the health of your phone’s battery. If it’s being used and monitored by a third party, it will affect your battery health by draining its power more easily. This is due to different applications that continue running in the background, even if you’re not using them.

Keep in Mind…
Making use of the internet and technology is all fun and great, but remember that it makes you susceptible to great dangers as well. It’s important to be cautious of these kinds of scams, and consider installing antiviruses or other security apps to keep you protected.