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How to Change App Icons on Android

change apps icons on android

App icons are the most important element on a smartphone’s user interface. Sometimes we use certain apps which have very boring and dull looking icons. If you don’t like those ugly icons, you can easily replace it with your own pictures. Changing app icons can also be helpful if you wish to hide private apps from prying eyes. This post will guide you on how to change app icons on your Android phone.

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Method 1: Change app icons with a Launcher

Some third-party launchers such as Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, have the ability to change apps icon and name. Just to show you, I am using Nova Launcher.

1️⃣ Download & install Nova Launcher from PlayStore.

Change Android’s Icon with Nova Launcher

2️⃣ Make Nova as your default launcher when prompted.

Make Nova default Launcher

3️⃣ Long press on the app icon you want to change and tap on “Edit”.

Changing a specific app icon with Nova

4️⃣ Tap the app icon when the “Edit App” option pops up. Then pick an image from your gallery, crop it, and tap ‘Ok’. The image will be assigned to the app.

nova launcher change individual icon

If you have installed any icon pack application, you can also choose an icon from it.

Method 2: Using an icon pack

Icon pack applications have a lot of icons you can use on your apps. There are many cool icon pack apps available on Google Play which will tweak the look of your app drawer with custom icons. Moonrise, CandyCons, Pixel pie, H2O, Glim are some free icon packs you can choose from.

Each icon pack only work with a given set of Launchers. Nova Launcher is capable of working with most icon packs.

Open ‘Nova Settings’ ➟ ‘Look & feel’ ➟ ‘Icon style’ ➟ ‘Icon theme’. Then tap on the icon pack that you wish to use.

use icon packs in nova launcher

Now, head back to your home screen and app drawer to see the changes.

Method 3: Using a shortcut creator app

As you know, a launcher changes the whole user interface of your Android phone. Some people may find themselves uncomfortable using a different launcher. In this situation, using a shortcut creator app like ‘Awesome Icons’ is a good idea in changing Android icons. Use this app to replace the original icon with a shortcut app icon.

1️⃣ Download & install Awesome Icons app from Google Play Store. Once the installation is complete, open the app.

icon changer app for android

2️⃣ Choose the app for which you want to change the icons. Tap on the app icon.

app icon and name change

3️⃣ On the next screen, tap on the app icon under ‘ICON’ and select an icon from any location. You can also change app name under ‘LABEL’. The ‘Protect icon’ option can be used to troubleshoot any problems, otherwise should be ignored.

change app shortcut icon

Now go back to your home screen and there’s a new app shortcut waiting for you. You can delete the original app icon by dragging it to the top, and use the new shortcut to open the app.

Method 4: Using APK Editor

1️⃣ Download & install APK Editor app and open it.

2️⃣ Click on ‘Select Apk from App’ and select the app on which you want to edit the icon/name.

change app icon using apk editor

3️⃣ Tap on the ‘Common Edit’ option.

common icon edit

4️⃣ At the top, tap on the app icon, choose a .png image file. You can also edit the app name. Then click on ‘Save’.

apk editor change app icon

5️⃣ Uninstall the original app.

6️⃣ Now install the edited app from APK Editor.

Install edited app icon

Done! You’re successful in changing the app icon and name (•◡•)