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Slow Down or Speed Up Video in Lightworks

One of the most popular video editing apps is called Lightworks. It is well appreciated because it is simple to use and it is available for free. But aside from those two, there are still various reasons why it is so popular. Lightworks is a viable substitute for pricey video editing software with advanced functionality, especially for beginners and amateurs. It includes various advanced capabilities that enable you to produce videos with a professional appearance while still allowing you to perform basic editing.

Lightworks offers all the capabilities required to create an amazing video for work and play for anyone wishing to do more with their video. It offers a ton of high-end capabilities at a low cost, whether you’re editing for fun or profit. These features include super-efficient file handling, drag and drop timeline, sophisticated trimming tools, built-in effects, color correction, audio tools, integration of third-party stock media, proxy editing, background rendering, and our special intelligent auto-save.

The video editing program Lightworks has several potent features. Its capacity to effectively speed up a video is one of its most noticeable qualities. Even while it could appear challenging to use, you can rapidly learn to make use of this feature and produce some extremely original, high-quality content with the right rules.

If you wish to know how to slow down or speed up the video in the Lightworks application, read on as we discuss them below.


How to Slow Down or Speed Up an Entire Video

Step 1: Import the video

Of course, importing the movie into Lightworks is the first step in using Lightworks to slow down or speed up a video. It’s quite simple to complete this section; all you have to do is click Add Clip and choose the video. The clipboard will display the clip.

Step 2: Move the video on the timeline

The timeline is located at the bottom of the Lightworks window. Simply drag and drop your video onto the timeline if you want to slow it down.

Step 3: Adjust the speed

lightworks speed up video

Select Speed from the context menu by right-clicking the video clip on the timeline. Now, you have the option of manually entering the desired speed or using one of the pre-set percentages. For instance, if you choose 50%, the video speed is halved and the length of the video is doubled.

lightworks slow down video

You must follow the same procedures but choose a higher percentage, such as 120%, to speed up the video.

How to Slow Down or Speed Up Sections of a Video

What if you only want to slow down a portion of a lengthy video? The first step in this situation is to extract the section of the video you wish to slow down (or speed up) from the remainder of the video. Use the cut tool to complete the task. You can now choose the desired speed for the video segment by performing a right-click and selecting it.

You won’t notice any cuts when you watch the complete video; instead, you’ll notice the speed altering at one point and then returning to normal after a time.

The video-audio sync is the major consideration when experimenting with video speed; if you alter the speed of either the video or the audio without altering the other, the audio and video will no longer be in sync. So be sure to set the speed of the audio and video at the same rate to prevent losing sync.



Now that you know how to slow down or speed up videos in Lightworks, there is no other reason not to install Lightworks. There is no free trial for Lightworks; instead, it is a completely free plan that you are free to use for as long as you choose. Sign up, download Lightworks, and begin editing right away. The only requirement is that you log in at least once per 90 days. The free plan offers everything the majority of users will need and allows you to export an infinite number of 720p movies, making it ideal for little projects and learning the basics of editing.

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