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How to Check App Version in Windows 10

check app version on windows 10

We generally install a lot of apps and tools in our Windows computer. Maybe it’s freeware, commercial software or Microsoft Store apps, all those programs release new updates regularly to improve performance and add new features. And, it’s highly recommended you keep your software running its latest version. In this way, you can avoid compatibility issues and have access to the most current features to use.

To check if your installed programs are up to date first you need to find out the current version number of the app. once you get it you can go to the developer’s site and install the latest version of the app.

Although most software updates itself automatically, sometimes you still want to check the exact version number of the app. Maybe it’s because you found any bugs and want to report it to the developer.

Most programs have an ‘About’ option somewhere in the menu that provides details such as version and build number of the application. But, You may need to look around a bit to locate the ‘About’ section. That’s why it’s often quicker to view the version number of all your apps in one place. If you’re using a Windows 10 computer, it’s easier for you as Windows 10 shows this information in the Settings app. This post will show you how to check app version in Windows 10.

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Method 1: Check app version using Settings app

Windows 10 Settings app has an ‘Apps & features’ option where you can manage and configure all the apps in one place. By navigating to ‘Apps & features’ section, you can check the version number of any app you wish. Here’s how:

Open the Settings app from the Start menu and navigate to ‘Apps’ ➫ ‘Apps & features’. A list of all installed apps, whether Windows 10 apps or third-party apps, will appear here.

open apps & features in Settings app

Select an app and click the ‘Advanced options’ link.

click Advanced options

Check the version number of the app under ‘Specifications’.

check app version under Specifications

In addition to that, you can also check app data size, app permissions, battery usage, and some other information here.

Method 2: Check version number of third-party apps

If you installed the app from third-party, try this method.

Navigate to the folder where the application is installed and locate the .exe file. (Right click on the app icon ➫ click ‘Open file location’).

 Right click on it. Then select ‘Properties’.

check exe file version in Properties

 In the Properties window that opens, go to the ‘Details’ tab. There you will find information about the app version, product name, file description and so on.

check file version in Details tab

Method 3: Check Microsoft Store apps version

To find version information of apps you download from Microsoft Store or come bundled with Windows 10, you can use a simple command line in Powershell. Following steps will guide you in doing so.

 Open Start menu and type ‘Powershell’. Right click on ‘Windows PowerShell’ and select ‘Run as administrator’ option.

Open PowerShell

 Enter the following command and hit Enter.
Get-AppXPackage *App Name*

Replace ‘App Name’ with the name of the app without space. For example, Get-AppXPackage *Edge*, Get-AppXPackage *3DViewer*, Get-AppXPackage *Calculator*, etc.

You’ll see the version number of the app as shown below.

get app version powershell