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How to Clear Search History on Walmart App

How to Clear Search History on Walmart AppSometimes we need to put unusual products in our shopping carts. There are also situations when we want to surprise others or keep our private purchases a secret from them. When using the Walmart app to shop, it is possible to conceal the items we have bought. This is through deleting the search history. In this article, we will tell you exactly how to clear search history Walmart app.


How to Clear Search History on Walmart App

The Walmart App’s basic “Clear All” tool can be used to delete search history, but it has some restrictions. This “Clear All” functionality in the app can only clear the five most recent searches you have made in the app.

But don’t worry; if you delete the last five searches, the searches that came before them won’t appear when you go back to search for a product—unless you entirely quit and restart the app.

So basically, you may use the “Clear All” feature on the Walmart app to delete your recent searches if you wish to clear your search history, especially if you don’t want a third party to view some of the things that you have recently searched for.

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How to Clear Search History on New Walmart App

You don’t have to worry because there are other wayson how to clear the search history on Walmart app. And we will be discussing them down below.

Method 1: Clear Most Recent Searches and Views

You can use this option to just delete the last five searches you made on the Walmart app. This ensures that older searches do not come up when you click the search button, even though it does not completely delete all of your searches. Follow the steps below to do this.

  1. Open the Walmart mobile application.
  2. Make sure your Walmart account is active and that you are logged in.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, click the Shop tab.
  4. Do not enter any text in the search bar at the top of the screen after tapping it.
  5. After you hit the search bar, two sections—Recent Searches and Recent Views—will show up beneath the search field.
  6. To erase your search history on the Walmart app, select Clear All next to Recent Searches, followed by Clear All next to Recent Views.

Method 2: Search for More Items

The Walmart app’s search history only displays the user’s five most recent queries, as was described in the previous approach. And that if you delete the first recent set of searches after relaunching the program, the subsequent five searches may reappear.

You can look for more products to push down the results of your previous product searches so they won’t come up again in future searches.

To put it simply, look up more and more things as you search to remove sensitive past results from the list of recent searches.

Method 3: Clear All Data in Cache

In addition to the methods listed above, there is a more complete way to delete all of your search histories from the Walmart app and make sure they can never be retrieved again. You would have to erase all of the application’s data to accomplish this.

Your phone allots a memory space called cache memory to each installed application. All of the data about you and how you use the application is kept in this cache memory, including login information, settings and preferences, search history, subscriptions, and a ton more.

Therefore, all you need to do to ensure that your search history is erased from the Walmart app is to remove all cache memory data.

How to Clear Search History on Walmart App on iPhone by Clearing All Data in Cache

1. Open the “Settings” tab on your device

2. Choose “General”

3. Click on the “iPhone Storage” option

4. Choose “Walmart”

5. Choose “Offload App”

6. Confirm the action

7. Choose “Reinstall App”

Your most recent searches will be removed when you reload the Walmart app on your iPhone after completing this.

How to Clear Search History on Walmart App 2021 on Android by Clearing all data in Cache

  1. Swipe the Walmart app away from recent items to exit it.
  2. On your phone, long-press the Walmart app and choose “App Info.”
  3. Then, pick “Clear Data.”
  4. Pick “Clear All Data” from the menu that appears. The other choice is to just clear the cache, however, you must select the clear all data option because we want to ensure that your search history is erased.

But keep in mind that doing so will also clear your login, so you’ll have to input it again the next time you open the Walmart app.

Verify the action to clear all data when prompted. When you reopen the Walmart app, your search history will be entirely

Method 4: Uninstall the App

Our last approach on how to clear search history on Walmart app 2022 is to uninstall the Walmart application from your phone and reinstall it.

All data associated with the application, including your search history, is deleted when you uninstall the Walmart app. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Swipe the Walmart app away from recent items to exit it.
  2. Then, depending on the operating system of your phone, long-press the Walmart app there and choose to “Remove App” or “Uninstall App.”
  3. To remove or uninstall the program, tap to confirm.
  4. Then, locate and reinstall the Walmart app on your phone by going to the app store on your device.

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The Walmart app is a dependable shopping platform. However, there are many circumstances where you must delete your search history. I hope the methods we outlined above were helpful to you, whether you needed them for privacy protection, keeping surprises, fixing software bugs, or archiving purchases.