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7 Best Apps to Control your Android Phone from PC

best apps to control android from pc

Android is without a doubt the most popular mobile operating system at the moment. You can do so much with it. But while it is comforting to own an Android device, computers are also still at more advantage. With PCs, you can have a bigger screen and more controls. But how will it be if you’re currently using a PC and something in your Android device is bugging you? Can you do something with your Android phone through your PC?

The answer is Yes, Of course! Fortunately, you can monitor Android from your PC using a variety of apps and technologies that are readily available. However, some of their instructions are challenging to follow or comprehend due to the complex stages. Therefore, I’m going to show you several simple and easy techniques to remotely operate your Android phone from your computer in this post.


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List of Best Apps to Control your Android Phone from PC 


control android phone from pc

With the help of the potent software ApowerMirror, you may completely control every part of Android on your computer. By doing this, you may use your keyboard and mouse to control and mirror your Android smartphone or tablet. ApowerMirror also allows you to store your phone’s screen and snap screenshots.

Any Android device can use it, and neither root access nor jailbreaking is required. The ability to connect quickly via USB or WiFi is also crucial. It only takes a few minutes to set up. Simply download the program to both your PC and Android device, run it, and then follow the on-screen directions. Use a USB cable to connect your Android device and PC to the same WiFi network. Click Start Now after launching ApowerMirror on your Android device.


control android from pc

RemoDroid is a remote control app that allows users to control Android devices using other devices such as a PC, Mac, or another Android phone. For Android’s remote desktop features, RemoDroid needs root access. You can view and easily control the phone screen on your PC once your devices are paired. From your PC, you may access the device, view photographs, and videos, modify settings, and do much more. It supports both WiFi and mobile data, making remote access a breeze. The requirement to root your Android device to utilize RemoDroid is a downside.


control my android from pc

Another program that you might think about utilizing is Mobizen. You can use this to mirror the Android screen to your PC. Moreover, you can use another program in addition to operating a Mobizen. You can use this to mirror the Android screen to your PC. Also, you can transfer data between your computer and mobile phone in addition to managing an Android device. If you want to sync files between two devices, there is no requirement that you download and install any additional software. Additionally, instant chatting can be done using this technique.

Users can use their phone’s screen recording feature if they need to record live videos from the screen. This feature can also be used to make tutorials or overviews for mobile games, which can aid other players in completing the game’s objectives. However, this software is lacking the ability to resize the window that mirrors your Android screen. Therefore, using this program won’t allow you to stream many movies.


Vysor is a desktop or web app, compatible with all operating systems that put your iOS or Android on your desktop. With this app, type a hundred words per minute on your phone using your desktop keyboard.

app to control android from pc

The ability to operate your phone as if you were holding it in your hand is one of the best features of installing Vysor Android Control on PC APK. You can first access and utilize any application that is already installed on your smartphone. This includes online browsers, gaming, lifestyle apps, and financial apps. You can also take screenshots, watch videos, respond to messages, view your gallery, download files, and perform a lot more actions with it.

The main window of Vysor shows the home screen of your phone on your computer, allowing you to remotely control all features of your mobile device. You can use your mouse to do all swipe gestures while typing 100 words per minute on your keyboard. In addition to swiping, you may click and scroll through the phone’s interface using a mouse.


control your android phone from pc


A free browser extension called Pushbullet was created by Pushbullet. Users can handle incoming notifications by connecting their mobile devices to their PCs using this productivity tool. With it, they won’t need to use their phones or tablets to read and respond to messages.

Numerous messaging apps like WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook Messenger are supported with Pushbullet. With this degree of integration, the PC and gadgets can sync data and receive notifications in real-time. Additionally, it supports numerous browsers and is cross-platform compatible, making it compatible with almost any device.


control android phone from windows

The utility program Wondershare MirrorGo was created by Wondershare. This application lets users screen mirror their mobile devices to their desktop PCs, as the name would imply. With this, you may use your smartphone’s larger screen for navigation. Although the app is free to download, to access its features, you must subscribe.

MirrorGo offers additional useful capabilities, such as the ability to record your smartphone screen, in addition to letting you use your mobile apps on a bigger screen. Even file transfers are seamless. Be aware that a sluggish WiFi connection can disrupt the entire experience. There will be latency problems as well.

 VMLite VNC Server

remote control android from pc

Using the well-known VNC protocol, VMLite VNC Server enables remote viewing and control of your Android smartphone or tablet from a desktop computer or a different mobile device.

Both rooted and non-rooted Android smartphones can use this software. However, for non-rooted devices, you will need to use a USB cord to connect your smartphone to a Windows PC or Mac and then install the free desktop application VMLite Android App Controller to launch the server on your device after each reboot. You can disconnect your device once the server has begun.


You may control any Android phone on your PC using these tools. Some, like MirrorGo, are excellent for gamers, while others offer a little bit of everything to meet the demands of every user. Choose one today, then decide what you want to accomplish or what activity you need to finish.