Cool Apple Watch Faces

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Apple Watches are undoubtedly one of the most attractive watches flooded with the most incredible features. However, everyone desires to make their watch as unique and beautiful as possible. Cool and cute Apple Watch faces are the most straightforward way to customize your watch according to your taste. The choices for Apple Watch designs are overwhelming. The measure of customization is practically boundless, with first and outside-party complications ready to be added to most Apple Watch faces, just as the capacity to change plan components. Here I will be discussing cool Apple Watch faces to help you customize your look effortlessly.

11 Cool Apple Watch Faces in 2021

1. GMT

GMT is a decent Apple Watch face inspired by vintage analog watches. Using two different dials, this face depicts the difference between local and Greenwich Mean Time. The inner dial displays the current time, while the outer dial is a 24-hour dial that can track a second-time zone. The two-toned color scheme reflects the selected city’s day and night and sunrise and sunset. You can change the colors and add complexity to the four outer corners as you see fit.

GMT Apple Watch Face

2. Photos

Have your valuable memories stored on your wrist with the Photos watch face. You can decide to see a photograph collection adjusted to your watch, ongoing photographs, or ten custom pictures. Photos are the wrist face with the most fantastic customization options. You may choose from a picture album linked with your watch, recent memories, or ten personalized photographs to display.

Each time you lift your wrist or press the device, a new photo will show. You can even add a live photo from your iPhone or iPad, and it will animate each time you see the watch screen. You will find space for two complications at the base. Photos are undoubtedly a cute face for your precious Apple Watch.

Photos Apple Watch Face

3. Timelapse

Timelapse is another calm Apple Watch face on our list. The Timelapse watch face showcases photos of stunning locales from across the world for all those travel enthusiasts out there. At your location, the landscape or cityscape changes over time. For your most important data, there are two complication places. It’s a great way to see vistas of places you’ve always wanted to visit, even if you haven’t been there yet.

Timelapse Apple Watch Face

4. Stripes

With simply a quick look, you most likely wouldn’t appreciate Stripe’s face. In any case, shockingly, it is quite possibly the most customizable watch face accessible. To begin, you may select the number of stripes, which can range from two to nine. You may then choose a color for each line. You may also choose the angle of the bars as a finishing surprise.

Although, there are no complications with a full-screen version for Series 4 and beyond. However, all models have a smaller, circular variant with four outside difficulties.

Stripes Apple Watch Face

5. Kaleidoscope

As some of you may expect from the name, Kaleidoscope is inspired by the kid’s toy. There are 16 more photos to choose from in addition to your unique image. This cute face employs a unique algorithm to emphasize certain aspects that change during the day. Only Series 4 and later have a full-screen version, and there are three different styles to choose from. There are also three complication holes on the round faces. However, On the full-screen digital edition, there are no complications.

Kaleidoscope Apple Watch Face

6. Chronograph Pro

By default, the Chronograph Pro displays a tachymeter, which is used to measure speed. You may, however, switch to various dials, such as 60, 30, 6, and 3-second timers, simply clicking the dial and pressing the launch button. These watch faces also have complications. You can customize the color and timescale of the Apple face using Chronograph Pro.

Chronograph Pro Apple Watch Face

7. Solar

Although the Solar face is undoubtedly simple, it is indeed an attractive option. The look will indicate the position of the sun relative to the horizon based on your precise location and time. The Interactive Crown may be rotated to display the accurate time of the morning, sundown, dawn, dusk, solar noon, and solar nightfall.

Throughout the day, the face will change color to match the color of the sky. In addition, two complicated places are available. Look at the list of the most significant Apple Watch complications if you find the difficulties handy.

Solar Apple Watch Face

8. California

For decades, high-end timepieces have featured the California Dial, consisting of half Roman and half Arabic numerals. With the aptly titled California face, you can bring that elegance to your Apple Watch. It allows you to change the dial’s numbers to the standard California style or other styles, such as whole Roman. There are a variety of colors to choose from as well. Two difficulty spots are available in the full-screen face option on Series 4 and later. The smaller circular face has four problematic points.

California Apple Watch Face

9. Count Up

This watch face is for you whenever you need to utilize a stopwatch frequently. To start a timer, tap the screen, which will be displayed on the watch face. At the margins, there are five areas for problems. You may also alter the ring’s color to your liking. As a result, you’ll have rapid access to a wide range of data.

Count Up Apple Watch Face

10. Portraits

Portraits are now the latest released face in watchOS 8, but it’s incredibly cool and attractive. You may use any portrait mode photo as the background for your Apple Watch with this new watch face. You may also choose between two complexities, one in the center and one at the bottom of the screen. The nice part about this face now is the way it displays your photographs. On the Apple Watch, you get quite an extraordinary visual impact with prospective movements. You can also spin the digital crown to bring the picture forward, which is a neat feature. It is, without a doubt, my new favorite Apple Watch face.

Portraits Apple Watch Face

11. Meridian

Meridian resembles a somewhat more relaxed version of California. It gives your wrist a polished aesthetic while being little fun. Meridian only has a full-screen mode. However, it does include four customizable complications in the center of the screen.

Meridian Apple Watch Face

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