What is Custom Container Folder in Mailspring?

Create Container Folder in Mailspring

We are all very used to accepting the email clients that our devices’ manufacturers provide us. However, especially if we use emails for our work, there are many third-party email clients that could boost our productivity. Good thing, you can create a custom container folder in Mailspring.

Mailspring can be used on any desktop device (Windows, Mac, or Linux) and it can support all IMAP providers: it means that you can sync your Gmail, iCloud, or Outlook emails and manage your inboxes from there. But why should you do it?

Mailspring can offer many advantages and one of them is the possibility of creating custom container folders. Folders can help you keep your emails in order, avoid losing them, and help you find them when you need them. While it does all these things it also allows you to empty your inbox and read all your emails, for your joy and one of your clients.

Mailspring: one inbox for all your email accounts

One of the main advantages of Mailspring is that it allows you to sync all your email accounts, even if they are from different providers: if you have an iCloud and a Gmail account, instead of using Mail for the first, and Gmail for the second, you can use Mailspring for both.

However, having merged inboxes could create even more confusion than before. This is where Mailsrping’s features allow, instead, to organize your emails even better through custom folder containers.

What are custom container folders in Mailspring ?

First of all, with Mailspring, you can display a single Inbox for all your accounts, or each account’s inbox separately. In the left bar, you’ll find all your accounts listed, and by clicking on each of them you’ll display on the right, the related inbox.

Furthermore, for every single inbox, you can create folders and folder containers. In other terms, you can create folders and sub-folders, so that you can organize your emails just like you do for your files on your computers. For example, you can create a “Payment” folder, where you can store all the emails related to things and services you’ve paid for. Inside the Payment folder, you can create sub-folders like “Amazon invoices”, “Travel invoices” and so on…

This is just an example of how organized and efficient your email management can become with Mailsrping and this simple but advanced feature.

Custom Container Folder in Mailspring

How to add custom container folders on Mailspring?

To add a new folder, bring your mouse over to your email account on the left sidebar. A small + will appear next to the name of the account so you can click it. A new folder will automatically appear and you can name it as you wish.

The folder you’ve just created like this can be considered a folder container if you add new folders inside this first folder. How do you do it? Just follow the same steps we’ve shown above. And when you name the new folder, use the container folder as a prefix. For example, if you want to add a new Travel folder to your Payment container, name the new folder Payment/Travel.