Fix Discord Unable to Copy Image Preview

Fix Discord Unable to Copy Image Preview

Discord is a free application to call, video, and chat through the Internet. It is used all over the world, mostly by young adults and kids. However, Discord is more than a simple chatting application. With Discord, you can share the same conversation with tons of people and this is why it is used by students to study together even if they are located in different corners of the world, by players to play video games together, and by content creators to share their content and create a community. Discord is also used, of course, to share content, like pictures, for example. And yet, sometimes, an error occurs when you want to copy or save an image you’ve received on your computer. The “Unable to copy image preview” error is quite common but, lucky for us, it can be easily fixed.

How to Fix Discord Unable To Copy Or Save Image Preview Error

It seems that the unable to copy image preview error is due to a little bug that can be eliminated by simply restarting the application. Because the error seems to occur only if you connect to Discord from a computer, we’re offering the guide for Discord desktop users.

If the unable to copy image preview occurs, you can simply press the ALT + F4 keys on your keyboard. This is the shortcut to shut Discord down. Now, you can simply launch the application again and it’ll work fine.

If the error occurs on another device that isn’t a computer, you need to follow the same principle: you need to shut down the application and launch it again. Make sure you completely shut down the app on the mobile device or you’ll keep having the same issue.

What if it doesn’t work?

If re-launching the application doesn’t solve the issue, there are other things you can do.

First, try to right-click on the image you want to save and then select Open link. This will open the image in a new browser tab. From here, right-click on the image again and select save/copy. Now the above-mentioned issue should be fixed.

Discord image preview not working

This second method could slow down things, especially if you need to save many images. Every once in a while, try to shut down the application and launch it again. Because the issue happens randomly, sooner or later you should be able to eliminate it once and for all.


As you could see, the solutions to the “unable to copy Image previews” are both quite easy. Unfortunately, since the bug has been never definitely fixed, it can keep on happening randomly. When it happens, you can only perform one of the methods we’ve discussed: there is no way of fixing it forever until the Discord platform developers don’t take care of it on their side.