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Top 15 Easy-to-Manage Small Businesses in 2023

What type of a business is the easiest to manage?What type of a business is the easiest to manage? Aspiring business owners frequently think about this subject in the constantly changing world of entrepreneurship. As 2023 approaches, the solution stands out more than ever. These small business ideas offer a road map to success without the overwhelming complications frequently connected with larger businesses, whether you’re a first-time business owner or trying to diversify your portfolio. Join us as we identify the top prospects for anyone looking to launch a profitable yet manageable business in the upcoming year.  

What makes a good small business idea?

What type of a business is the easiest to manage? Not all small company ideas are equal. Some can come to life with little money or effort, while others can start up using resources you already have. You’ll want to spend as little money as you can on supplies, rent, training, and other needs if you’re thinking of starting a small business. Idealistically, a good small company idea will build on your area of expertise and require little to no training. Due to the high cost of training courses, doing so will not only reduce your time to launch but also your costs. Additionally, you’ll have more confidence in your ability to provide the services you promise. 

Starting your business should be affordable. Maybe all you need is a workstation for your garage or a domain for your website. A brilliant company idea only requires a few materials and minimal inventory control. You have two options if you wish to sell tangible products: drop shipping or small-batch manual production. A brilliant company idea only requires a few materials and minimal inventory control. You have two options if you wish to sell tangible products: drop shipping or small-batch manual production. The most effective small company concepts can happen from your computer and operate online. As a result, you’ll immediately pay less for transportation and have more flexibility in managing your personal and professional lives. 

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What type of a business is the easiest to manage?

There is no one business that is easier to manage than others because all kinds of endeavors pose their own unique challenges. 

Brian Chesky, a co-founder of Airbnb, once said, “You just have to find the solution for a problem in your own life. If we tried to think of a good idea, we wouldn’t have been able to think of a good idea.” Starting a small business might be in your future if, like Brian, you have considered a solution to a problem you have encountered in your life or are on the way to doing so. If you want to quit your nine-to-five job for good and work for yourself, it might be the right choice for you. 

1. Handyman

Do you frequently make repairs around the house? Are you frequently available to help pals with little projects? Make a website, evaluate the value of your time and talent using a competitive analysis, and ask the folks you’ve already assisted for recommendations. If you’ve already developed a strong set of talents to assist others in fixing up their homes, starting a handyman service is a good choice. Consider focusing in a skill you are well-equipped to perform. For instance, if you are familiar with the inner workings of a sink and its water supply, you might start by giving sink repair services before expanding your scope as you gain more knowledge.  

Both special education requirements and certificates are not necessary to work as a handyman. If you intend to work on projects that are more expensive than a specific threshold, however, you could require a license. This license might not be necessary in all states.

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2. Software training

With so many specialist software programs on the market, there are a ton of opportunities for knowledgeable individuals with particular platforms. Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money on technical guides for applications like QuickBooks and Final Cut Pro. You might promote yourself to software users who require assistance and training if you are an expert in these or other products, have patience, and like sharing your knowledge with others. Depending on the curriculum and interest, take into account one-on-one or group sessions.  

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3. Book Publishing/eBooks

It’s wonderful to start a book publishing or eBooks business since it combines a passion for reading with commercial acumen. To start on this road, decide on your publishing niche within the vast publishing industry. To identify a genre or subject matter that appeals to you and has the potential for growth, extensively research the market while evaluating current trends and reader preferences. 

Create a strong business plan with your specialty in mind that details your objectives, spending limit, and marketing plan. The procurement of content comes next. Focus on quality and uniqueness whether you decide to work with authors or create your own content. To make sure that your publications stand out in a crowded market, spend money on expert editing, proofreading, and design services. 

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4. Amazon Store

Starting up on Amazon is fairly simple. You can start out with just one product. Additionally, you can design a storefront with a distinctive appearance. Either you or Amazon can order packing and shipping arrangements. The cost structure varies by country and product and undergoes periodic adjustment. A “referral fee” of 15% of your selling price plus any other modest fees associated with the services you choose will be yours to shoulder. Setting up a business on Amazon and starting to sell goods might happen fairly rapidly. Building your Amazon store into a highly profitable and long-lasting company, however, is more difficult.  

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5. Homemade soap making

Selling handcrafted goods is a fantastic and original business concept. Customers adore goods that producers make with consideration for the body, the environment, and other living things. Why not learn how to make soap if you enjoy soap and have a sense of adventure? If you succeed, you may be able to sell your soap in local shops, artisan fairs, and farmers’ markets. Alternatively, you can decide to start an internet store selling handcrafted things. If your product becomes popular, make sure you can keep up. 

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6. Dog Walking Business

This is a typical, extremely easy business that you can start with one dog and expand as many as you like. What attributes do dog-walking businesses have? You primarily have loyal, repeat consumers. Additionally, the service has a personal touch; if clients like you, they’ll keep you forever and also tell their friends about you. Finding customers is the key to succeeding as a dog walker. Fortunately, there are numerous strategies to attract clients for this company. Starting with low-cost guerrilla marketing techniques like handing out leaflets at dog parks and posting posters or business cards on community bulletin boards like those found in coffee shops and libraries are good places to start.   

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7. Online Dating Consultant

For their time, dating consultants typically charge a fee. They assist people in building effective online dating profiles, find potential matches outside of the usual internet channels, and provide a level of personalization that a site like Tinder cannot. Consider yourself to be a natural at this game. You may want to get into this line of work. Online dating advisors require high degrees of empathy, as well as good interpersonal and communication abilities. You’ll need a website that features information about you and offers free dating materials that your clients might find useful if you want to start an online dating consultant business. You can contact them for a free consultation once they download a resource. 

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8. Social media management

Employing a full-time employee to manage a company’s small business social media initiatives is not always financially feasible. If you enjoy using social media, you may offer such companies your freelancing social media management services. For a fixed or package cost, you may manage the photography, editing, and post-scheduling. Using tools like Hootsuite and Sendible makes managing social media quite simple.  

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9. Craft Business

One of the most well-liked enterprises for aspiring entrepreneurs is this one. And it’s understandable why; it’s simple to start and a lot of fun. Additionally, you can sell your crafts wherever! Today, selling your goods online, particularly on marketplace platforms like Etsy, is probably the most obvious option. Additionally, you might create your own internet website. Another excellent venue for selling your wares is at art and craft shows. Don’t forget to sell your crafts at already-established stores. Retailers are constantly searching for fresh and unique crafts to offer. You can speak with nearby merchants face-to-face at their place of business.  

10. Start a Blog

You can start out modest and build it up gradually. The most popular bloggers specialize in a single subject. Food, fashion, travel, music, sports, hobbies, and many other topics make up popular blog posts. Let your personality shine and be genuine with your audience! If you want to create a really big audience, you will need to put some marketing effort into it. To ensure that your blog entries appear at the top of Google search results, for instance, you should grasp the fundamentals of SEO (search engine optimization). Affiliate marketing is another choice to take into account. This is adding links on your blog to companies that will compensate you with a commission for helping them sell their goods or services. You can get in touch with affiliate marketers directly or through services. 

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11. Freelance Developer

Quality web development is in high demand right now, from creating websites for other small businesses to offering technical support for specific projects. You’ll naturally have a technical skill set if you work as a web developer. Condense your knowledge and experience so that consumers who lack your experience can grasp what you will be assisting them with. Test your messaging on friends and relatives who are unfamiliar with your line of employment to assist with this. Your messaging is probably effective with those outside of your business if they can sum up what you do. By exploring several freelance websites, you can begin locating your first contracts.  

As opposed to a few other possibilities on this list, a freelance developer does require training in order to create a profitable business and accept tasks, but if you’re just starting out, don’t worry. There are numerous boot camps available to introduce you to full-stack or front-end web development. 

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12. Freelance services

It’s simple to envisage creating a business around offering freelance services in this part-time economy. There are so many businesses are looking for contract or freelance workers. There’s probably a freelance chance waiting for you no matter what your skills are. This can be in writing, editing, graphic design, or coding. Look through the listings on websites like Upwork and, then begin working on a job right away. Another fantastic option to launch a photography business or other creative activity is through freelancing.   

13. Pet sitting

The need for house and pet care, while people are abroad, rises along with travel. Long-term vacations are also becoming increasingly popular due to the rise in remote work, so while you might be able to leave your house alone for a weekend, a month-long trip might require a little more caution. If you feel comfortable taking care of and staying in a stranger’s home, possibly with their pets, housesitting and pet sitting are fantastic business ventures to start.  

14. Life/ Career Coach

Consider working as a life or career coach if you have expertise in successfully handling professional, personal, and societal changes. Many of us are seeking career assistance, but it can be difficult to locate a mentor who has the time to help. Although life/career coaches aren’t cheap, they can provide their clients with the intensive, practical instruction and guidance they require to make significant progress in both their personal and professional lives. After all, we could all use a little inspirational guidance now and then.  

15. Freelance Writer

There is someone out there who will pay you for your writing abilities. Write as much website copy, magazine articles, and blog entries as you like, but make sure you have a portfolio of your work that you can show prospective clients. Even a small number of sample pieces will help you showcase your work and draw in new clients. Selecting a specialty is crucial if you want to work as a freelance writer. For instance, you might decide to concentrate on leisure publications or solely write for journals in the healthcare sector. Whatever the case, specializing will assist you as a beginner freelance writer in discovering your specialized market and building confidence.  

What type of a business is the easiest to manage and can go big quickly?

Many businesses have the potential to expand quickly and easily. However, this ultimately depends on the particular business idea and how well its owners carry it out. Reaching a wide consumer base is becoming easier and more affordable. This is thanks to e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Amazon gaining popularity. Starting an internet company may be very simple and inexpensive. Dropshipping lets you sell things without having to manage shipping and fulfillment or store inventory, similar to e-commerce. You can launch a consultancy business to provide your services to other companies or people if you are an expert in a particular sector.  

It is much easier to create and market digital products nowadays. Digital products often refer to software, online courses, and ebooks. It’s crucial to keep in mind that even if some business concepts are relatively simple to launch, success still necessitates a substantial level of effort and commitment. The successful implementation of a brilliant idea is also crucial to the success of a firm. Additionally, it’s crucial to launch a firm with a clear vision, goals, and marketing plan.  

What type of business is the easiest to manage and gain a monopoly on?

The ease of obtaining a monopoly on a firm will rely on a number of factors. You have to consider the industry, the competition, and the market conditions. There is no single, conclusive answer to this question. However, some industry professionals think that industries with high entry barriers may be more likely to develop into monopolies.  These are ones that demand a sizable investment in machinery or intellectual property. Businesses that offer a distinctive product or service or a distinctive customer experience may also be more prone to become monopolies. The best strategy for obtaining a monopoly in a market is to continually deliver high-quality goods or services and to forge a powerful brand.  

With 10k capital, what type of a business is the easiest to manage and start?

One of the best business initiatives to think about with $10,000 in funding is a service-based firm. Many aspiring entrepreneurs can choose this strategy because it often has cheaper startup costs than retail or manufacturing enterprises. You may look into different service specialties like graphic design, freelance writing, consulting, or even opening a small local service company that offers things like lawn care, pet sitting, or house cleaning. The secret is to combine your hobbies, talents, and market needs to offer them quality services. This strategy enables you to grow gradually, reinvesting revenues as you expand and perhaps increasing your offerings or adding more staff if your company succeeds.  

Conclusion: What type of a business is the easiest to manage?

Your new business might be up and running in a matter of hours if your idea is solid and you follow these doable instructions. What type of a business is the easiest to manage? Start small, start with a few trusted friends, and make sure you abide by all applicable laws and ordinances. The decision of which small company concept to pursue is up to the individual. Although money is vital, you’ll need more than money to stay motivated. To find the ideal solution that fits your schedule satisfies your life’s passion, and makes financial sense, bounce ideas off your friends and family. Throughout this process, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Also, don’t forget to enjoy yourself a little while working hard.