8 Best Fake Bank Transfer Generator Apps

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Knowing how to generate a fake bank transfer receipt or invoice can be useful. There are tons of occasions why you may need it: making a joke, using it for a video or photo, or something else. You may need one day to create a fake bank transfer. So, in this article, we’re showing you how to create bank transfer invoices that look 100% real. In fact, they are real, except for the fact that they don’t correspond to any real money transfer. You can use this app to create a bank transfer to your account, but also to create a fake exchange between two random people which is sometimes useful when you need to make videos or other content.

How to Make a Fake Bank Transfer

There are several tools that you can use to generate a fake bank transfer, however, they all function in a similar way. The result may be slightly different (and we’re about to describe these differences from app to app), but the steps you need to take are similar and they are the following:

 You’ll be provided with a form that you need to fill with your data (or anyone’s data depending on your intentions). The form looks just like the one of any real invoices generator app: provide your data and the invoice will be automatically generated.
 Enter the name of the receiver of the bank transfer.
 Enter the name of the company or person who sent money to a second person or company through a bank transfer.
 Fill out other details like address or VAT number (for companies).
 Insert the amount of money that has been transferred.

Some more advanced fake bank transfer app also allows you to include further details like:
 You can enter a tax rate or a discount amount.
 You can enter a company logo (it could be fake or real).

When you’ve provided all the necessary data, you tap the generator button and the fake bank transfer will be automatically generated. It is usually in a PDF format and it looks just like e real one. Now, you can either print it or send it to anyone you want according to your purposes and intentions.

Fake Bank Transfer: what should it include?

When you generate a fake bank transfer you want it to look real. So, what should a fake bank transfer receipt have to look 100% real?


The header states the purpose of a document. In this case, it should say “bank transfer”. Furthermore, the header could include logos: it could be a bank logo, or in the case of an invoice, it could be the company logo.

Bank Name and Details

A receipt for a bank transfer always includes the name of the bank through which the transfer has been processed. If it is an invoice, it needs to include the company name and details. Details are address, contacts, and other information.

Name and Details of the Client

The bank transfer should include the name of the person or company that receives the money.

Invoice number

If you are generating an invoice, make sure it has a number: invoices are numbered starting from 1 at the beginning of every year.


Any bank transfer or invoice would include the date of the money transfer.

Payment Description

A bank transfer includes the payment description: why the money has been paid.

Balance Due

Simply said, the amount of money that has been transferred.

Terms, Condition, and Payment Instruction

This is the part that is most frequently overlooked when generating fake receipts. If you look at a real bank transfer receipt you’ll see that there is always a part where there is a very small text that nobody ever reads. If you want your fake bank transfer to look 100% real, you need to include this part too. The best fake bank transfer apps are the ones that generate this part automatically.

8 Best Fake Bank Transfer Apps

Let’s now find out what are the best and easiest tools you can use to create your fake bank transfer receipts or invoices.

1. Billdu – Invoice Maker & Estimate App

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Billdu is an app available for both Android and iOS devices. This is a simple app that combines all the essential features you need to create fake bank transfers, receipts, invoices, and quotations.

The main limit of this app is that it only includes 5 templates: just check them and make sure there is at least one that serves your case. Templates are however customizable: you can add a logo, change the main colors, and add a signature.

Keep in mind that this is an app to generate real invoices too: the only difference between a fake and real bank transfer would be the truthfulness of the information you put in them!

Once you’ve generated your fake bank transfer, you can print the document or send it directly from the app.

Billdu can be downloaded for free and there are some free features that are enough to generate a fake bank transfer or invoice. There are also some additional and more advanced features that you can unlock if you subscribe to the Premium version.

2. Receiptish

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Receiptish is only available for Android devices. It’s very basic and it doesn’t have a pretty interface, but it allows you to create invoices and receipts very quickly. The main advantage of this app is that templates are categorized in different sectors (General, Food, Internet, Laundry…) and there are a lot of them.

Despite the interface looking quite frugal, the invoices generated look modern and, above all, they look just like real ones. Again, this app can be used to create real receipts too!

3. Quick Receipt

If you need to create a fake bank transfer and you need to do it quickly, Quick Receipt is the app for you. It is focused on simplicity and ease of use so that you can create a fake document in 2 minutes!

4. PDF Receipt Generator

PDF Receipt Generator has any feature you need to create real or fake bank transfers or invoices. The app is available for Android devices and it’s completely free!

5. Invoice Maker & Billing App

Invoice Maker & Billing App isn’t the quickest way to create fake invoices, but it allows a higher level of customization. You can pick templates, change their colors, add elements, and so on. If you want a fake document that looks unique, this is the app of choice.

6. Receipts: create, print & mail

Receipts: create, print & mail is an app for iOS. It allows you to create and customize bank transfer receipts and invoices that look real (it can be used to create real documents too!), and you can share them directly from the app, without exporting them first.

7. Receipt Generator

Receipt Generator has the easiest interface to navigate. However, it is only suitable for Android devices.

8. Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple is a web app: you can access it from your desktop or through your browser from your smartphone or tablet. It is extremely simple to use: fill the form with data, pick the main color and generate your fake bank transfer.