7 Best Fake Number Apps for Android and iOS

Best fake number apps

Are you looking for a second number or fake number app? In today’s communications, it’s easy to feel like we’ve lost all privacy in our daily activities. Commonly, we have to give our phone number to several websites, only to register. But we don’t want that. Smartphones are delicate enough already to have them filled with spam, notifications, and whatever trash the internet has to deliver. We believe in privacy too, that’s why we want to help you find the best fake number apps for Android and iOS.

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Why Use a Fake Number App for your Smartphone?

As we said, giving our real phone number to any website is not an ideal situation. Scams, hacking, spam are just some of the risks you may face if you give away your true number. However, with a fake number app, you can enjoy any online service without risking your privacy. It’s the easiest way to maintain your private phone number confidential, without the need for any other device. And also, you can keep on communicating with your friends, family, and clients separately.

Some of the advantages are within the scope of dating apps; for keeping your privacy until you feel in trust. Or, if you plan on selling some of your old stuff online, you don’t want everybody to know your real number, but you do want them to reach you. A fake number is a way to go!

Perhaps you own a tablet, and your smartphone gets smashes. Turning your tablet into a phone is possible with this app. And it doesn’t matter where you are; because some of these apps even allow you to get international area codes.

And finally, but not least important, you can forward spam calls. Choose one of the numbers and use it just for that; you’ll never have to hear annoying marketing again.

So, now that you know why you should get a fake number app, let’s take a look at them:

Best Fake Phone Number Apps for Android and iOS

1. Flyp

What is most appealing about this fake number app is that it doesn’t just allow you to have a second number on your phone. It also offers many other extra and convenient features. Like the possibility of managing all the messages and calls from the same interface, no matter how many numbers you’ve got. You may have up to five different numbers on your existing device. And the best part is that you can chat and call with all of them instantaneously! Unlike many other apps, it offers not just the option of getting a second registered number but using them unlimitedly. Yes, all your numbers can call and text indefinitely. And that includes pictures messages. So send as many pics as you want from your fake numbers any time you want.

What about the area code? Well, in this sense, you will also benefit from this app; it allows you to choose your code within any US area code. And it goes for every line. So, no matter where you’re, you can have a local number and forget about long-distance calls.

Finally, besides all these benefits in one app, you can also enjoy a clear and neat connection; no more broken voices and lack-of-signal issues. So, what’s the cost of this app? You can get all the convenient and unlimited features for $7.99/month. A bit costly, but efficient. And if you’re not yet convinced, you can try one number for free for seven days.

Download: Flyp: Multiple Phone Numbers | Android | iOS

2. Vyke

free fake number app

Vyke platform combines the benefits of a messaging app with the advantages of a fake number app. If you and your friends connect through this platform, you can all chat and call for free! If it’s a phone call or SMS what you need, Vyke offers it low-cost.

Each number counts with free voice mail, and it’s up to you when any number gets forwarded. You can also decide whether you want longer or shorter-term communication. Plus, you can control when the numbers get activated or deactivated. And don’t worry if you temporarily deactivate one of your numbers; it will wait for you for a period. You won’t lose your messages. All this for around $3/month. And to put the cherry on top, you can mark your principal number as private. Isn’t that sweet?

Download: Vyke: Second Phone Number/2nd Line – Call & Text | Android

3. Phoner

fake number texting app

Phoner works pretty similarly to the past two fake number apps. Like the previous two, you can get up to 4 numbers at a time. Yes, you can choose the area code of your preference. When it comes to managing the numbers, you have a centralized and friendly interface for managing them all. You can even get an affordable data plan for international travel, which is already a plus.

Besides only offering the different numbers, Phoner also allows you to burn them after communications. As soon as you are done with what you need, you can shut the number and get to the next one. While other apps offer burning numbers, and we’ve already seen some that enable several numbers, this app provides both services plus call recording. Ideal for lawyers, investigators, bankers, officers – anyone who works, trades, or surfs the web using their phone number.

This is among the most versatile apps, with availability for text and call from 20+ countries. In addition, the voice mail is customizable. Finally, one of the most valuable features offered by the Phoner fake phone number app is incoming calls and texts identification. Identify who’s calling or texting before accepting the incoming call or reading the text.

Download: Phoner 2nd Phone Number + Text | Android | iOS

4. Unlisted

fake phone number app

This fake number app is interesting, as the developers themselves claim; they use this same app to manage their small enterprise every day. Perhaps the most outstanding feature among all the fake number apps is that this one is ad-free. They offer long and short-term plans that can be paid on the go. So, just like the previous app we’ve just seen, it works as a burner and as a private number service. All the lines available include all the essential services by default, such as customizable voicemail, text and calls, picture messages, call forwarding, etc.

And when it comes to voice quality, they use voice-over IP for WiFi calling, offering clarity anywhere. What grabs our attention regarding this app is how the developers are dead serious about protecting data, which is always a concern with this type of app. The downside is that you can only get area codes from the US and Canada.

Download: Unlisted – Second Phone Number | Android | iOS

5. Temp-Number

fake number for texting

What we were all waiting for, one of the best free fake number apps, Temp-Number. However, by its nature, this service at no charge comes with its limitations. The app does allow you to receive SMS from all over the world in different numbers. And you can use it for receiving verification messages on any website you want to register. But you can’t make or receive calls, and you can’t send messages of any kind either. It’s free, we told you so!

This app works as a burner and is under no concept a long-term fake number app. The messages received get deleted after 7 days, and the numbers recycle themselves after up to a month. They offer a list of countries available, which is an advantage. And their service is non-VoIP, so you don’t depend on WiFi to receive the messages. Please consider that this uses real-sim shared numbers, so we don’t recommend using it if you need long-term communication. They also offer premium lines that you can pay through cryptocurrencies.

Download: Temp Number – Free Virtual Phone Numbers | Android

6. Phoring

fake number generator app

Phoring is a premium option for those who value privacy over anything else. This fake number app just provides a second line, not many of them. This number is mainly targeted for business purposes, and for that reason, the app offers some serious management tools. The use of the second line is exactly the same as the main number. You can call, text, forward calls, customize voice mail, and receive calls, SMS, and picture messages. In addition, you can program it to forward your urgent calls directly to your sim-card number so that you won’t miss anything.

And if you want a few hours of sleep, Phoring has got your back too! You may set a don’t disturb feature that will still receive all your calls and register them on your history. But they won’t bother you in the middle of your break. For the traveler executive, Phoner offers a saving mode. It detects and connects to WiFi hotspots on the go, reducing your international roaming fees. When it comes to business options, Phoring has more features to offer:

  • Set up toll-free numbers for customers.
  • Transfer existing phone numbers so you can keep your contacts and database.
  • Pick the area code you need from 4,200+ locations.

As a plus, the developers are constantly making improvements, so there’s much more to expect from this app.

Download: Phoring – SIM-Less 2nd Line | Android

7. 2Num 2021

app for fake number

A recent and promising app, 2Num updated aims to be one of the most complete options in the market of fake number apps. One unique feature that calls our attention is the fast-dial support. You can create your own address book and quickly finish your calls for the day. It doesn’t matter if they’re national or international calls, as the app covers 200+ countries. What you need to be careful about is your connection. The app works with VoIP, which means you’ll be calling through WiFi. However, they boast of a very stable connection with no network restrictions. They also support 2G/3G/4G calls for better communication.

Our favorite feature is you can encrypt and protect all your personal info. Safety is always the first priority. Another nice touch is that the person you’re calling doesn’t need to download the app to receive your call. And even so, your real number will be protected. It offers both short-term and long-term services with an auto-renewable subscription that you can cancel at any time – $1.99 for one week, while the yearly subscription costs just $19.99. It may be costly, and the area codes are only from the US and Canada. But ultimately, it’s a practical tool for separating our busy work-life from our home life.

Download: 2Num 2021: Private 2nd Number, Calling & Texting | Android


As you can see, there’re many options to cover your needs for fake number apps. Choosing the right for you may depend on cost or features, but we are sure you’ll find an alternative that works. Just remember, using online phone apps may lead to scams, hacking, and any type of personal info violation. Assure that your first priority when choosing these apps is making sure they have a good privacy policy. Our mission here is to help you find those small but valuable applications that can make your life easier. So, thanks for reading! We hope they work for you and see you in the next article for more useful apps and websites.