7 Best Files Over Miles Alternatives

Files Over Miles Alternatives

Using the P2P file transfer protocol, Files Over Miles was a renowned file-sharing service that was introduced in 2009 and made it incredibly simple to share files with your friends and coworkers. But even with its wide acknowledgment and positive reception, it was shut down permanently. This saddened users because the app was extremely advantageous.

The good news is that there are great alternatives for Files Over Miles that are also suitable for file sharing. If you need a good substitute for Files Over Miles, continue reading as we give you the best one.

List of 7 Best Files Over Miles Alternatives

Files Over Miles was a great service and as it’s no longer available, you can use the following alternatives to share your files.

1. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere File Transfer

Among the best alternatives for Files Over Miles and is considered the most popular file-sharing application is Send Anywhere. The best feature of Send Anywhere is how simple and easy understand its user interface is to utilize. With this app, users can send and receive any files in any size through a share link or a 6-digit numeric key. This sharing app does not compromise speed and usability even though the files being shared are big.

Send Anywhere is entirely free. Its file-sharing functionality can be done even without registering an account but there is a premium option where users can get cloud storage. This file-sharing app can function only when both devices are online.

Overall, Send Anywhere is a good choice if you’re looking for a practical and understated Files Over Miles substitute.

2. WeTransfer

WeTransfer - Send Large Files

Another comprehensive file-sharing service that functions as reliably as Files Over Miles. It works differently with Files Over Miles and Send Anywhere because it does not use the P2P protocol but it is as good.

With WeTransfer, you must upload the file to WeTransfer and provide the recipient’s email address, title, and message. Additionally, you will need to enter your email address and the verification code that will be provided to that address. After you confirm, the system will upload the file and email the recipient with a link so they can download the data within seven days.

WeTransfer comes with many plans available to subscribe to. The free version has a limited 2G file capacity limit. It is an outstanding file-sharing application and a good one to replace your Files Over Miles app.

3. SendGB

SendGB - Free file transfer

SendGB is a file-sharing service that has similar functionality to WeTransfer. You must input your email address, the recipient’s email address, the message, and the file upload information. Additionally, SendGB enables you to password-protect the file so that only authorized users may access it. Additionally, you can switch on the Self Destruct option, which would let the system delete the file after just one download. SendGB provides greater file protection measures in terms of overall privacy.

The free version has a 5GB size limitation while the paid ones come with 20GB to 1TB storage options. SendGB is another File Over Miles alternative for the best file-sharing services.

4. JustBeamIt

JustBeamIt - file transfer

JustBeamIt is another fantastic file-sharing application that works uniquely from other file-sharing softwares. It works by uploading the file. The app will provide a link that you can share with the receiver. Receivers can directly download the files once they click the shared link. The file only starts downloading if the link is clicked. This process is quick, easy, and safe.

JustBeamIt is free to use and does not have any premium plans. And it only has 2GB file limitations.

5. MyAirBridge

MyAirBridge - Send or share big files

Another good file-sharing app that can replace your Files Over Miles is MyAirBridge. It is another efficient file-sharing app that works quickly and securely.

MyAirBridge works in two ways. The service will generate a special URL that you can share with the recipient and have them use to download the files after you upload the files up to 20 GB. The second technique is email file sharing, where you enter the recipient’s email address and they receive an email with a link they may use to download files.

This file-sharing service has a 20GB limit for free, but if you are a heavy sharer, opts for a premium version with a 250GB file limit.

6. TeraShare

Terashare - Sharing large files

TeraShare is also a fantastic file-sharing app that is as good as Files Over Miles. It can share files even if devices are offline and it does not come with any size limitations. Shared files can be downloaded anytime when devices are online provided the size is below 10GB. For more than 10GB, both devices should be online.

This app works similarly to WeTransfer and SendGB. It has a straightforward user interface and is quick to perform.

7. Feem

Feem - Share Files Offline

Sharing files over LAN can be done with Feem. It is a great file-sharing application that is fast and high-performing. File sharing with this app happens locally and doesn’t require any servers, Wi-fi, and a phone’s hotspot. This app also features an in-app chat functionality that allows users to converse with the receivers.

Overall, Feem is a good choice if you’re searching for a lightning-fast file-sharing solution to exchange your local files. However, it is only available for a premium subscription.


It takes a lot of technology to share files. You must be able to share files effortlessly for any purpose, including personal, academic, and professional ones. With these reliable and fast-performing sharing file apps that work as reliable alternatives for Files Over Miles, you can share files with no limitations and in the quickest ways.