Is Cyberduck Better Than FileZilla? – FileZilla vs Cyberduck

filezilla vs cyberduck

Employees in huge firms constantly share data in bulk with one another. There needs to be a secure means for organizations like to share information inside. Although there are other methods for transferring data, businesses prefer to use FTP for departmental communication.

The client-server connection in a computer network is necessary for the creation of the FTP. Because File Transfer Protocol is a standard communication protocol. To transfer data between computers on the same network or across networks via a secure internet connection, a variety of apps are currently available on the market. The two most popular programs are FileZilla and Cyberduck.

These two apps are generally the most renowned in the industry. And there seems to be an ongoing debate on which is better between them. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the two programs. We will analyze which of them is better than the other.

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Comparison of Cyberduck VS Filezilla



FileZilla is an open-source FTP software. It can be downloaded for free under the GNU license (General Public License). Users of FileZilla can upload and download documents using the drag-and-drop feature, and the UI is user-friendly. Additionally, FileZilla supports many file transfer protocols such as SFTP, FTPS, and FTP. The “cross-platform” file transfer function enables Internet-based data sharing across two computer networks.

Due to its many sharing, editing, and integration functions, FileZilla is well-known among its users. According to a recent tech poll, developers and several well-known software organizations use FileZilla on StackShare.

FTPS format is offered for exchanging sensitive documents in FileZilla’s commercial version. End-to-end encryption is used in this format to transfer the data file, ensuring the highest level of security. With the “Edit in Place” option, users can edit files with the changes being saved right away.

For operating systems including Unix, OSX, and Linux, FileZilla clients are also offered. This is in addition to the FileZilla Server version for Windows. FileZilla’s free version only provides a few services to users. FileZilla Pro, the software’s premium version, may be integrated with a variety of cloud storage services. These includes One Drive, DropBox, and Google Drive.

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Cyberduck is another free and open-source server program. It works by distributing data following FTP guidelines. Cyberduck has a GNU license for sharing and downloading, like FileZilla does. In contrast to FileZilla, Cyberduck is well-known for its widespread use in the healthcare, industrial, and educational sectors. Cyberduck’s user interface is simple to use. It is devoid of any extra functionality seen in FileZilla.

Cyberduck supports a variety of file transfer protocols for online file sharing. That is including FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, and others. Cyberduck’s built-in text editor enables on-the-spot editing and website or document storage. In addition to the built-in editor, Cyberduck also enables users to incorporate other web editors. Users of Cyberduck can also combine many cloud storage services. This is including One Drive, DropBox, and Google Drive.


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Both Cyberduck and Filezilla are open-source FTP software that has been chosen and proven to be effective by many users. Cyberduck has a more straightforward user interface than Filezilla. But the latter is not that difficult to navigate either. Filezilla works effectively with Mac, Windows, and Linux. And can transfer files safely. While Cyberduck is excellently compatible with Mac and Windows only. Filezilla is preferred by users needing to transfer files and other FTP solutions. Cyberduck on the other hand has been the go-to FTP software for most companies and industries.

Both the Filezilla and Cyberduck FTP programs have advantages and disadvantages. The decision is now up to the users’ discretion and comfort.


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