8 Best Free Drawing Apps for Windows 10 PC

free drawing software for windows 10

Most artists, in this day and age, have evolved to use the benefits of computers and the internet to hone and showcase their creative abilities. They now rely on drawing applications as “canvas” for their art ideas. It is a more convenient way to do so. Especially since there are tons of drawing apps for Windows 10 PC ready at their disposal anytime, anywhere.

List of Best Free Drawing Apps for Windows 10 PC


1. Microsoft Paint 3D

free drawing software for windows 10

Microsoft Paint 3D is the upgraded version of the Paint application that is pre-installed on every Windows PC. It is a basic drawing software that is easy to use. The upgraded application contains all the major features of the classic Paint but also incorporates newer and more up-to-date utilities. With Microsoft Paint 3D, users can now create 3D objects easily.

Microsoft Paint 3D contains numerous art tools that include a calligraphy pen, marker, watercolor brush, oil brush, pixel pen, eraser, spray can and fill tool in every color, opacity, and thickness. It also features a crop tool for trimming down images. The drawing app allows users to insert shapes, textures, and stickers.

Users can draw 3D images right in the drawing app or import them directly from the device. The application also allows 2D images to be converted to 3D with the use of the app’s built-in tools. It can work with several file formats such as JPG, PNG, STL, OBJ, GLB, PLY, and the like.

In conclusion, Microsoft Paint 3D is a good free drawing app for Windows 10 PC and very ideal for digital artists.

2. Krita

drawing app for pc free

Krita is a free and open-source painting software that is used by most experts. Its fantastic performance and all-encompassing features are well-loved by so many users including amateurs and professionals alike. This application features so many built-in tools for layering, color mixing, blending, smoothing, transforming, and mirroring images. It also features functions that can aid in the editing and manipulation of pictures including HDR images.

Among Krita’s outstanding advantages over the other drawing, apps are its wide variety of brush engines that covers every need of the artist.

Krita has a very responsive user interface and it can work on desktops, tablets, and Android and iOS operating systems. It is the best free drawing app for Windows 10 PC.

3. Artweaver Free

drawing software free download for windows 10

If you have been a fan of Adobe Photoshop and Coral Painting then you can work best with Artweaver. It is a free drawing application ideal for both beginners and professional designers. It contains full-featured painting tools like pencils, airbrushes, pastels, acrylics, filters, and oil paints for realistic and artistic results.

Artweaver has a familiar user interface that is handy to use. You can also customize or re-arrange the functions to your ease and liking. It features a documentation function that records the whole art process so users can replay them and watch the progress of art from a blank canvas to a beautiful art piece.

The drawing app can support numerous document formats. Artweaver comes in free and paid versions and both are the best drawing apps for Windows 10 PC.

4. Mischief

drawing app for windows 10 free

Mischief is another drawing application that is free to use and available on both Windows 10 and macOS. Artists who love to sketch, paint and draw should give this app a try. It features functionalities that make the software as refined and as manageable as a physical pencil.

Mischief has so many striking features that artists would love to use. It offers infinite canvas sizing, basic color selecting, and customized color swatching,

Mischief is available for both paid free and trial versions. The paid version offers the full palette package but the free one also has several options beneficial for sketching beautiful images.

5. Adobe Photoshop CC

drawing app windows 10 free

Adobe Photoshop CC is perhaps the most prominent drawing application not only because it has the most features but because it has established its name for a long time already. It is one of the originally launched software that has gained so many followers even then until now.

Adobe Photoshop features a lot of great tools for specialized painting and digital drawing. It also lets users create unique paint symmetry. This drawing application will make every digital image transform into the liking of users. It has a variety of image selections, responsive neural filters, and plug-ins for more fuelled artistic results.

Adobe Photoshop CC has been and will always be one of the best drawing apps for Windows 10 PC.

6. Pix 2D – Pixel Art Studio

free digital art app for windows

Pix 2D is a powerful pixel art editor with an up-to-date user interface that can be used on desktops, tablets, and smartphones. This drawing app lets users create remarkable sprite illustrations, fantastic pixel art, and beautiful animations. It features drawing tools that are great for any graphical art. These features include palette control, brush settings, layers support, preview windows, custom grids, and other extra tools.

Pix 2D is enhanced for pen and touch input devices. It is one of the most reliable and best free drawing apps for Windows 10 PC.

7. Sketchable

free sketching software for windows 10

Sketchable is yet another fantastic drawing app that works on Windows 10 PC. It has a smooth but efficient user interface with a sketchbook style. It is like bringing your sketchpad but digitized wherever you go.

Sketchable allows artists to use fabrication technology and 3D sketching to its utmost potential by featuring so many built-in tools and drawing features.

Sketchable does not only let users create digital artworks or edit images but also allows them to scribble some notes like some notepads as the app works as a part journal.

Overall, Sketchable is a small but comprehensive drawing app that art fanatics can rely on.

8. Autodesk SketchBook

free drawing app on windows

This drawing application from Autodesk is among the many amazing softwares that Autodesk has launched. It is equipped with numerous useful built-in tools ideal for creating drawing and sketching masterpieces.

Autodesk Sketchbook is not only designed for expert artists but also amateur artists. It has a comprehensive guide for beginners. This app goes full scale in providing artists with all the necessary features and functionalities they need.

Sketchbook is one of the best free drawing apps for Windows 10 PC because it encompasses everything about digital drawing.



Drawing apps encompasses the main purpose that artists require for their work and passion. However, each application has a different unique feature that may work for you but not for other artists. In choosing the best drawing app for Windows 10 PC, you need to acknowledge what particular function you need. And find out which among the many free drawing apps available for Windows 10 PC is the perfect one for you.