Free Fighting Games for PC & Android

free fighting games

Fighting games are the most popular genre in the gaming world. Gamers from all age groups love to play fight games. There are many fighter games available that are paid or non-paid. However, not all fight games are good. If you have completed all your fighting games available on your desktop or mobile phones and are looking for new ones, this article is for you. In this article, you will learn about new and amazing free fighting games.

Best Free to Play Fighting Games for PC & Android

The best part is that all the fighting games mentioned in this article are free to play. So read this article till the end and download your favorite fighting game on your PC or Android phone.

1. Shadow Fight 3

fighting game android

Shadow Fight is famous for bringing unique combat gameplays. The latest version of Shadow Fight 3 is an improved and enhanced version than its previous versions. To destroy the enemy, you must train your heroes and learn new styles of attacks. Use different weapons and armor in battles to beat the enemy. There are three clans; you have to decide your side for fighting and saving the world. You can customize your hero with different skins, which you can win through battling. In addition, you can collect weapons set and use them in the battles.

2. Real Steel World Robot Boxing

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Real Steel World Robot Boxing is an Android game, which is free to play. This game was named after a famous movie called Real Steel. There are different robots customized and built to fight each other. This game also includes robots from that movie that are ready to fight. However, only the stronger one will stand out in the ring. You must control your robot smartly to win a fight against others. You have opportunities to win different international titles and belts. You can play this game as a multiplayer by challenging your friends. Knockout their robots and remain on top of leaderboards. The graphics of the games are amazing, and the sound quality is also good.

3. Punch Boxing 3D

fight game android

Who does not love to watch boxing matches? There are many famous boxers, and you love to watch them. Ever wonder you can also do boxing just by sitting in your room. Different boxing games are available on Play Store or for PC. We have included the Punch Boxing 3D, the best boxing game available on Android for free. The basic concept is the same as real boxing; you must knock out your opponent before he knocks you out. If your fighter is weak, train him and make him stronger. You can also customize your boxer, providing him a different haircut, shorts, and gloves for fighting. The 3D graphics bring you a real experience of battle.

4. GunZ 2: The Second Duel

fighting game for pc

GunZ 2: The Second Duel is a third-person shooting game, which is free to play. This game has different characters that have different abilities and skills. You can select among those characters. Some are defensive, and some are pro in using guns; you have to choose wisely. The fantastic thing about this game is that it gives you great movements of characters, smooth running, and excellent fighting skills.

GunZ 2 provides six maps to play, having different modes of playing. You can select modes among deathmatches, objective-based, etc. If you want to play with friends, you can play together as a team and complete missions, and defeat the enemy.

5. Dragon Ball Battle

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Who does not love to watch Dragon Ball Z? It is one of the famous anime in the world. Now you can also play Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball Battle is a fighting game available for free on the Microsoft store. It’s a 2D game. You will be playing as Son Goku, saving the world by beating up the enemies. The objective is simple; you need to collect all Dragon Balls before your enemies. The mechanics of this game are excellent; this game does not give you the feeling that it is free to play. Suppose you have a friend with you, no worries. This game has a multiplayer mode, so you both can play together.

6. Brawlhalla

Free to Play Fighting Game

Brawlhalla is an attractive multiplayer fighting game available on Steam. You can fight with your friends in multiplayer battles, show them your fighting skills and win the match. The characters in the game have different weapons that are strong enough to defeat your opponent. You have to understand how the weapons work, as not all the weapons work in the same style. You can also play online in ranked mode; the ranks will increase as you win the fights. There are two modes in a ranked online match; you can play as single or as a team with your friend. If you want to create your private room, you can also do that. Brawlhalla allows you to create a room of 8 players and play against each other. The game modes in Brawlhalla are interesting. Some famous modes are Kung-Foot, Bombsketball, and Brawball.

7. Sword Game

free to play 2d fighting game

Sword Game is a free-to-play fighting game, perfect for spending weekends with your friends. Sword Game was released in 2020, and the developer of the game is MOSN. This game is impressive. However, to play on your PC, you need a controller. You can play this game with 4 players in total fighting with the sword. There are different maps in which you fight. You can also have different styles of swords and hats. The players with the most kills will rank one, so you must gain more kills than your friends.

We have given you the complete list of the best free fighting games. Download these games and start playing with your loved ones and enjoy weekends while staying at home.