5 Best Secure Folder Apps for Android

best folder lock apps for android

It’s no secret that everyone wants some private space to keep their personal stuff. There’s no exception when it comes to the security of their folders in a smartphone. You may not feel safe when someone borrows your phone, thinking they can access your personal files like photos, videos, and confidential documents. There’s actually a way to hide or lock them. Of course, it’s all about Android secure folder apps. You can find hundreds of them in the Google Play Store. But in this article, you will find some of the best ones which you can rely on.

List of Best Free Secure Folder Apps for Android

① Folder Lock

secure folder app for android

Folder Lock is by far one of the best and most accessible folder locker apps for Android. It’s the most popular one, too since it’s one of the top-rated security app for Android, available for download in the Google Play Store.

You can secure all types of files and data in your Android phone like photos, videos, files, and documents by setting up a password. Your phone contacts, applications, and text messages will be protected too! This app is user-friendly, lets you secure your files by just tapping on them, and setting up your password. Rest assured your documents will be protected and only you can access them anytime you want.

Aside from setting up a password for your files, the app also allows you to use a pin code or your picture to unlock your folders.

② Vault

secure folder app

Vault is a great and popular app that can guard all your data, hide your photos, videos, and other types of files. It is like a secret box that is safe and useful for those who want to hide private contents from others. All your photos and videos can only be viewed after you enter your password.

Vault has many cool features which include; ability to set 2 passwords, synchronization with cloud storage, maximum data protection, and password recovery via email. You don’t have to worry if you fail to remember your Vault password. You can always retrieve it via email. Vault also has a unique browser that focuses on hiding your internet research traces and keeps your browser history locked or hidden. The “Cloud Backup” helps you keep important pieces of data, be it a photo, video, or an app itself without losing them.

Vault is used by more than 1 billion people around the world and the number increases every day. The app contains a few ads, and it’s totally free to use.

③ Secure Folder

free secure folder app for android

Secure Folder is a great app by Samsung that serves as a top-security and privacy storage necessary for keeping the information secure. It works only on Samsung devices.

Secure Folder uses Samsung’s Knox security system, which allows you to store any of your personal data in an isolated and private vault that only you can access. This allows your smartphone to have two profiles; a private and a public one. This lets you transfer apps between the two profiles anytime you want. Apps, folders, and files can be imported and/or exported with one tap, which makes the app easy and convenient.

It comes in handy for storing and securing files, folders, contacts, photos, videos, and banking apps. Secure Folder protects data by setting a Biometric lock, PIN, or password.

HideX – Calculator Lock

folder lock app for android

HideX allows you to securely guard or hide your personal data on your smartphone. It allows you to create well-secured hidden storage for your videos and photos. It also allows you to protect an entire album from unauthorized personnel, by simply adding them to the repository and set a password for access.

HideX has an interface similar to that of an ordinary smartphone calculator, so no one will guess about the hidden files in it. But if someone accidentally finds out about the hidden vault and enters the wrong password, the app will automatically take a picture of the person.

Here are some cool features of HideX:

  •  Imitates a regular smartphone calculator
  • Has an automatic search tool for photos and videos on the device
  • Setting a unique password for access to files
  • Well fitted for sorting files by folders
  • Features a built-in tool for viewing videos and photos
  • It has a private browser that does not save browsing history and works in incognito mode
  • Allows you to download videos, including those from Facebook and Instagram
  • Lets you create an unlimited number of hidden folders.
  • Can also create fake vaults.

⑤ File Locker

file locker for android

If none of the options above got you convinced, File Locker should be the one for you. We highly recommend this best free folder lock apps for Android devices if you want to protect and secure your documents. File Locker will guard all the files you secure in the app. It will also let you set up passwords to lock them. Additionally, you can set up security questions to secure your files if you prefer number codes instead of alphanumeric passwords.

You also don’t have to worry about other people seeing your private files and documents in your file manager. They won’t be available there, and you can access them through the app. This makes accessing your secured files easier. It’s because your files will be stored in the app instead of being mixed with your other files.