6 Best Free Ringtones Maker for iPhone

free ringtones for iphone

Have you ever experienced that moment when you are with a group of friends, and your iPhone rings with the default iPhone ringtone, and every single one of you checks their smartphone because you all have the same ringtone? Well, it happens more than often! iPhone isn’t the number one in the world when it comes to customization. Furthermore, it brings so many amazing features, that users feel less of the need of customizing it. However, if you want to make your iPhone unique, you can customize it with a personal ringtone. You have two options here: changing the default ringtone and setting up another one from the menu or creating your own very special ringtone with a ringtone maker app.

List of Best Free Ringtones Maker for iPhone

In this article, we’ll help you find the most suitable ringtone maker for iPhone according to your goals and budget. Many of these apps are free to download, but there will be a cost (for example a subscription fee if you want to unlock the advanced features).

1. Ringtones : Ringtone Maker

One of the best ringtones apps for iPhone you can find is Ringtones. First of all, it provides you with a huge library of ringtones, that you can simply pick and set up as your very personal ringtone on your iPhone. The library gets constantly updated so that you can have the newest hits, the most trending melodies, and more.

Furthermore, Ringtones also allows users to create their customized ringtone for iPhone. You can start from your recordings or audio file and create a ringtone and the app also provides some tools to add effects or change details.

Whether you’ve picked one from the library or created your own ringtone, you can set it up directly from the app without exporting. Ringtones app is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later versions and it is free to download. However, there are some features you need to pay for; for example, not every ringtone library is free.

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Ringtones App Features

  • Includes libraries to pick your ringtone
  • Lets you use your audio files and recordings to create a personalised ringtone
  • Has wallpaper features to personalize your iPhone display
  • Ringtones and wallpaper are regularly updated.
  • Save for later features after creating your ringtone
  • Share your ringtone with friends via WhatsApp, iMessage, or email
  • Use your personalized ringtone without using iTunes

2. Ringtones HD : Ringtone Maker

Ringtones HD allows you to customize your iPhone ringtone in three different ways:

  1. You can pick one ringtone from the app’s catalog. You’ll see the newest and most popular ringtones available for download using the “Trending” filter
  2. You can customize ringtones with some customization tools that are provided inside the app (no need for external tools)
  3. You can also create and personalize your own ringtone from scratch by using an audio file or your own recording

This free ringtone for iPhone is available for download from the App Store with limited features. You can pay for a subscription if you want access to advanced features. The app is compatible with iPhones with iOS versions 11.0 and later.

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Ringtones HD Features

  • A catalog where you can pick your ringtone and has the latest songs
  • You can customize your ringtones
  • You can create your own ringtone
  • Easy to use, and is recommended for beginners

3. Ringtones for iPhone

Ringtones for iPhone is somewhat similar to other free ringtone maker apps, but has its unique features. This app features a catalog containing popular and trending ringtones you can download. Many of them are free and you can simply set them up as your iPhone ringtone.

It also lets you use your recordings directly from the app to create a new ringtone. This is what sets it apart from other free ringtone makers. Ringtones for iPhone lets you record your voice in the app, unlike the others where you need to import the recording from your device. This allows you to create customized ringtones extremely quickly. You can record a joke directly on the app and personalize it as a ringtone if you’re the funny type!

The app has a free version available, and offers subscription so you can access cool ringtones and additional features. You also need to have iOS 12.0 or later to use Ringtones for iPhones.


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Ringtones for iPhone Features

  • Offers various ringtones for free
  • Audio editing tools included
  • Social media sharing features
  • Integrated recording feature that you can use to create bases for your new ringtones

4. Ringtones Maker : The Ring App

The Ring App offers unique features others don’t as it lets you turn your videos into ringtones! This app lets you extract audio from your favorite music video and turn it into your iPhone’s ringtone.

This free ringtone maker’s catalog has tons of ringtones to choose from. If you want your ringtone personalized, you can also do that in the app through the standard audio editor.

The Ring App is free to download from the App Store and you need to pay a little to unlock other features. It supports iPhones with iOS 9.0 and later versions.


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The Ring App Features

  • Always updated catalog of ringtones
  • Lets you extract audio from your video files
  • Standard audio editing tools
  • Lets you convert audio to MP3 or MP4

5. Best Ringtones for iPhone

Best Ringtones for iPhone is ideal, as the name suggests, for those who’d like to set up trending songs as their ringtone. With this app, you get access to a huge library of songs, grouped in more than 20 categories. Each song comes with a cut specifically aimed at becoming the perfect ringtone so that the song is immediately recognizable as soon as the smartphone starts ringing.

The app comes for free, but unless you don’t update it to the paid version, it has many ads. This can be seen as an advantage because, if ads don’t bother you, you can use every feature for free!

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Best Ringtones for iPhone Features

  • The most trending songs become your ringtone
  • More than 20 categories
  • All content is available for free if you don’t bother displaying ads

6. TUUNES: Ringtones

If you want a very personalized ringtone, but you want it to sound professional and you haven’t the capabilities to obtain a professional result, you can download TUUNES. This app includes a catalog of professionally-made tunes for your iPhone that you can pick and set up directly from the app.

Browsing through the available tunes is made easy thanks to the fast audio previews that allow you to listen for some seconds to each available ringtone.

Like any other app in this list, TUUNES is available for free but if you want to unlock all the ringtones available you’ll have to subscribe to the paid version. It is compatible with iPhones that have iOS 11.0 or later versions installed.

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TUUNES Features

  • Huge catalog of professionally made ringtones
  • Fast audio features that lets you listen to a preview of the ringtone