8 Best Free Social Media Contest Apps


Social Media Contest Apps

How to get more followers and site viewers? Aside from doing zany stuff on Tiktok, website owners can always hold social media contests and give out cash or other prizes. But those things need to be viral and reach as many people as possible. For that, you need the best free social media contest apps available.

It’s important for any website or social media page, or influencer to increase and maintain their followers and subscribers. It also would be nice to give back to those followers by raffling something off when you’re able. It’s no different than running any other business. Promote a sale or a raffle to boost traffic. Google alone won’t boost traffic to your website and the best alternative option to gain more awareness is social media.

For first-time success, make sure to use the free social media contest apps. Doing so will boost social media followers, drive traffic to your website (don’t forget to supplement your website with a social media page), increase your brand awareness, generate leads, and increase email traffic (if your website email is specified in your raffle).

List of 8 Best Free Social Media Contest Apps

1. Rafflepress

social media contest app

If your website runs on WordPress, then Rafflepress is the social media contest tool for you. It has plenty of options to choose from, even when using the free version. With Rafflepress, users can run sweepstakes, video contests, photo contests, and many others. Rafflepress is integrated with popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Features include SEO-optimized builder and widget, easy-to-use drag and drop giveaway builder, beautiful professionally designed templates, mobile widgets, automated start and end times, secure fraud protection and anti-spam, as well as random winner generator. Its main issue however is that it’s limited to WordPress websites.

RafflePress – WordPress Giveaway and Contest Plugin

2. Agorapulse

social media contest app

Agorapulse is more of a social media management tool with a feature worthy enough to be included in this social media contest apps list. This tool, however, is limited to Facebook. Facebook however still holds the title as one of the most popular social media sites. Agorapulse can create various contest types like photo contests, quizzes, and filter contests for likes, comments, and shares. It can select winners randomly or based on the most number of likes for contests with entries. If you’re mainly operating on Facebook, Agorapulse is an excellent first choice.

Agorapulse – Facebook Timeline Contest

3. Woobox

social media contest app

Woobox is a great app for marketing campaigns. Like Rafflepress, it has a drag-and-drop giveaway builder which supports platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Over 4 million brands now trust Woobox with their marketing campaigns, including big ones like the NFL, Hotwheels, Spotify, Riot Games, and American Airlines.

Woobox can create social media campaigns such as Instagram giveaways, Facebook giveaways, and hashtag contests to incentivize users to participate more and give out more likes and comments integral to social media success. Woobox also creates attractive landing pages for those contests, polls, coupons, and discount codes. Forms and newsletters can also be made easily and embedded on the website.

Woobox is free to use but is not much good, with only 100 allowed participants per engagement. Going with a $32 monthly subscription would get things going — a small price to pay for more engagements, even smaller if the whole thing goes viral.

Woobox – Build Forms, Giveaways, Contests, and More

4. ShortStack

social media contest app

ShortStack is another popular social media contest app like Rafflepress, allowing companies to create marketing campaigns online. Its features include creating contest landing pages, unlimited giveaway and email campaigns, collection of entries through secure forms and hashtags, online polls, creating sweepstakes, personality and knowledge quizzes, contests, and automatic winner selection. Contents can even be made into games to make them more engaging.

ShortStack supports and integrates most social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. ShortStack also includes analytics to see how the campaigns are performing. Email addresses taken from campaigns can be added into a database to become leads and later on customers.

Unlike Rafflepress, Shortstack can be integrated on any system that uses iFrame, such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, and Tumblr. However, the free plan is severely limited with only 100 contest entries which is paltry, so at least avail of the $29 monthly subscription and get more features with the pro version.

ShortStack – Create Online Contests, Hashtag Giveaways

5. Gleam

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Gleam is another excellent marketing platform. This platform is divided into four main apps used to run competitions such as photo contests, sweepstakes, quizzes, and referrals which can be easily created and embedded on your site. You can give instant rewards such as coupons and free downloads. Other features include creating social galleries directly imported from various social platforms, and a powerful email collector which captures email from integrated platforms to turn them into leads.

It integrates with over 100 marketing and social media apps, including Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Kickstarter, Shopify, Instagram, Spotify, Twitch, Pinterest, Reddit, and SalesForce. This high number of integration makes Gleam one of the best free social media contest apps available. If these platforms are in your marketing arsenal, then Gleam is the right app for you.

Gleam – Engage Customers via Contests, Giveaways

6. Wishpond

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Wishpond is similar to Gleam, where it divides itself into four marketing tools. First, landing Pages where users can create great-looking and mobile responsive landing pages without any coding experience. Second, Popups and Forms to generate more leads for every website page to collect customer information. Third, Contests and Promos, which is the subject of our list where users can create social media contests and sweepstakes. And lastly, Marketing Automation, where potential leads can be turned into customers.

In the Contests and Promos department, Wishpond allows users to create sweepstakes, photo contests, Instagram hashtag contests, referral contests, coupons, polls, photo caption contests, and video contests. These activities are sure to entice further engagements with your website. The results can be used with Wishpond’s over 300 integrations such as email, sales and analytics tools such as SalesForce, Mailchimp, Slack, and Shopify. Wishpond however is not free, unlike the rest of the list, but it needs to be recommended. It does offer a 14-day trial, enough to start a campaign. Wishpond is a powerful tool, so pricing can be dicey at $49 a month, billed annually.

Wishpond – Marketing Automation Platform

7. Woorise

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Another popular social media contest tool is Woorise, so that you can woo more customers for your website with giveaways. Woorise can create several engagement options like giveaways and contests, landing pages, quizzes, surveys, and forms. It’s also an e-commerce tool to create order and payment pages and donation forms for non-profit organizations.

Woorise is trusted by over 20,000 customers, including major brands like Adidas, Starbucks, and Tupperware; enough to overlook the lack of drag-and-drop functionality with the free package. However, the free package does include pre-made layouts and allows unlimited campaigns, 500 entries per month, and email support which should be enough as a tryout for smaller businesses. The $23 per month package allows 2,000 entries per month with chat support and removes the Woorise branding.

The other features included in the free package are multi-language support, CSV Data export, fraud detection, privacy tools, viral share, which rewards users with additional entries for sharing the contest, analytics, landing page, and one-click random winner.

Woorise – Create Giveaways & Contests

8. Kingsumo

social media contest app

The company Appsumo created Kingsumo for internal purposes but decided to share it with the world after seeing how efficient the app was. It’s not as big as the other ones listed here as it can only interact with Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and email. Yet being able to interact with the social media juggernauts is already a big plus.

Kingsumo deserves to be on this list of best free social media contest apps, thanks to how easy it is to use, with its free version being enough to satisfy small to medium businesses. The free version supports unlimited giveaway campaigns and can embed on any site. First-time users are treated on the get-go with a sample campaign that gets marketers excited. And for a one-time purchase of just $49, you have an effective and affordable social media contest app. There’s also a WordPress plugin for WordPress websites which costs $198 per website.

The paid version allows companies to upload their own logo, allow further social media sharing of the contest, additional social media following actions, email marketing integration, and display the number of winners in the giveaway app created to make it more believable. Email collection is limited to Sendfox, Mailchimp, Convertkit, and Zapier. In addition, there is built-in spam and fraud prevention and the ability to pick winners at random.

KingSumo – Grow your Audience through Viral Giveaways

Out of all the options, Kingsumo is a bargain even if paid. We wish you success in choosing any of these free social media contest apps.