Hide certain apps on Android without Root

hide apps on android without rooting

We all want some privacy, whether it’s real or a virtual world. But when it comes to virtual worlds while we use mobile phones, most of us don’t know how to hide things in it. We all might have sometimes wanted to hide certain apps. But do you know how to hide apps on Android without rooting?

Well, if you don’t know it yet. Do not worry. In this post, we will read about 3 ways by which you can hide apps on Android without rooting it. So without further ado, let’s start.

Method 1: Hide Apps on Android using a Launcher

If you want to hide certain apps in your Android phone without rooting it, the best way is to use a Launcher. The launcher comes with other benefits along with the options to hide your apps.

We’ll use one of the most popular Launchers for Android. It’s none other than Nove Launcher. So, how you can easily hide apps in Nova launcher?

● Firstly install the app from the play store. Here’s the link Nova Launcher.

● Once you’ve installed, select Nova launcher as your default launcher.

best launcher to hide apps

● Now all you have to do is long-press the app icon that you want to hide and change its configurations. Changing configurations means you can change the app name and try a new app icon. Tap the done button after completing all the steps.

how to hide apps in android nova launcher

That’s all. Now your app is hidden in a new identity. If you use your creativity and make it something familiar like music or calculator, no one will ever find it or even search it with the app name.

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Method 2: Hide Apps on Android using Calculator Vault

Calculator Vault is another best option to hide apps on android. As the name suggests, it acts as a vault to hide the apps. 

how to hide apps in calculator without root

The Calculator Vault works as a calculator, and when entered specific numbers as a password, it will show the hidden apps. That’s all. It is a simple but very effective method to hide apps. Anyone else using your phone will be only able to use the calculator and not the hidden apps.

You can easily download app vault for free from the play store. Here’s the link for you. Calculator Vault: App Hider – Hide Apps.

Method 3: Disable the App

If it’s not about privacy and you only want to hide the app that you don’t use, then the best option is to disable it. Disabling the app in Android will also help in saving the RAM of your phone. It is possible that you are not using many apps which are continuously taking up your RAM and are on the screen. To hide them disable it from settings.

how to hide apps on android without disabling

This method only works for pre-installed apps; that’s why you can use it without rooting your phone.


Hiding the apps on Android is an effortless task if you follow the steps mentioned in this post.