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How to hide Persistent Notifications on Android 8+

hide persistent notification android oreo or newer

There are some apps that send persistent notifications on your Android screen, and you can’t swipe it away from the notification area. This unique notification shows unusual activity by apps or critical user information, that you should be aware of. For example, if you use a VPN, you might see that pesky “running in the background” notification. Though these notifications are sometimes helpful, the persistent presence of it in the notification area is really annoying.

Though you can’t swipe it away, you can get rid of it by using simple tricks. Here’s how you can hide persistent notifications in Android Oreo 8 or newer.

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Method 1: Disable Android System notifications

You can access quick notification controls directly from the notification shade. When an app has sent a persistent notification in the shade, just give it a long-press or slide it to left. it will reveal a Settings option. By tapping on it, you can access the detailed notification settings. Here, you need to turn off the toggle for “Allow notifications”. It will hide that persistent app notification from the notification area. But, it’ll still appear for other apps.

disable persistent notifications in Android

To turn off persistent notifications for other apps, go to phone ‘Settings’ ➯ ‘Apps manager’ ➯ ‘Show system apps’ ➯ ‘Android System’ ➯ ‘Manage Notifications’. Now, turn off the “Allow Notifications” option for the apps and services that show persistent notifications.

hide android system notifications
turn off android system notifications

It’s worth noting that, there are some Android system notifications that can not be disabled from the notification shade. Still, you can hide them from the lock screen.

Method 2: Use ‘AutoNotification’ app to hide persistent notifications

The easiest and most efficient way to get rid of persistent notifications is to use a third-party app called ‘AutoNotification’. Using this app, you can block whatever notifications you want from ever appearing on your Android smartphone. To start, download & install AutoNotification app from Play Store.

Once you have it installed, launch the app, and grant all required permissions. Tap on ‘Notification Blocking’ and press the plus(+) icon. Then select the specific app for which you would want to block notifications. Now, to filter a notification, you simply need to enter the title of the notification or add some keywords from the notification text. Then press ‘Ok’ to confirm it. The app will then filter the notification and never show it in the notification area. This way, you can add any number of filters.

block persistent notifications AutoNotification
Block Persistent Notifications In Android Oreo

Hope this guide has helped you to get rid of those pesky notifications. With these annoying notifications gone, your notification area should look much less cluttered and you’re less likely to miss an important mail or other notification.