Hide WhatsApp Images/Videos from Phone Gallery in Android

hide whatsapp images from gallery android

When you receive a photo or video in WhatsApp, it automatically appears in your phone gallery. Many of those images and videos can be your private, which you don’t want others to see.

But, I am pretty sure, there are people who always want to check out your phone’s gallery. If you want to save it from prying eyes, you can hide them from the gallery without deleting the files.

In this guide, let’s see how to hide WhatsApp images/videos from Gallery.

Step 1: Change Default Settings in WhatsApp

You can change default settings in WhatsApp application, so that it hides photos and videos from the gallery, for both individual chat and all chats.

Hide any individual chat’s media

You can hide only one or some of your contact/group chat’s media. Proceed to the steps.

1.  Open any individual chat, then tap the contact/group name at the top.
2.  In the ‘Media’ section, tap ‘Media visibility’.
3.  From the three choices, select ‘No’.

Remember, this is not a global setting for all chats. You have to apply this setting to each contact/group to hide media from those chats.

Hide media from all chats

WhatsApp also has an app-wide setting that hides media in the gallery from all chats.

1.  Go to WhatsApp ‘Settings’ ➩ ‘Chats’.
2.  Make sure to uncheck the box for ‘Show media in gallery’.

That’s all. From now on, the newly downloaded images and videos from WhatsApp will not be shown in phone gallery. But, your previously downloaded images and videos are still there. Proceed to the next step to hide entire WhatsApp images/videos folder in Gallery.

Step 2: Hide WhatsApp images/videos folder in Gallery

For this, you need to install ES File Explorer. Then proceed to the following steps.

1. Open ES File Manager and navigate to WhatsApp ➩ Media ➩ WhatsApp Images folder.

2. Here create an empty file and name it as “.nomedia”.
3. Head to the gallery app. You will not see WhatsApp images there.

Now, include a .nomedia empty file inside other folders such as WhatsApp Video, Gifs, Stickers, etc to make it hidden from the gallery. And to view them again in your Gallery, you will just require to go to the same folders and delete the .nomedia file.