How do I Alphabetize my Apps (Guide With Images)

Our Android devices are designed to store many applications that can assist us in racing through our daily endeavors easily. Gadgets powered by Android feature an App drawer where programs are accessible. However, the App Drawer does not automatically display applications in alphabetical order. You need to invest extra effort every time into discovering a particular application. Interestingly, many people don’t know that Android enables you to categorize programs alphabetically to assist you to find your selected applications much faster.

In this post, we will address how do I arrange my apps in alphabetical order question. You can follow this complete guide on how do I get my android apps in alphabetical order. This guide explains every method there is for organizing installed Android apps alphabetically. The methods listed below can be used to alphabetize applications on your Android smartphone.


How do I Alphabetize my Apps on Android

Before heading out to answer how you put apps in alphabetical order, you should take note that on the home screen, Android doesn’t let you arrange apps alphabetically. You can only organize apps in alphabetical order on the App Drawer. So in this first method, we will tackle steps to place apps in alphabetical order through the App Drawer.

Method 1: Using Layout Settings

Every Android smartphone offers Layout options that enable alphabetical application organization through its App Drawer. Follow the below-mentioned procedures on how do I alphabetize my apps below

Step 1: The first step to be done is to open your Android phone’s App Drawer. The app drawer can be accessed on most Android devices by either selecting the app drawer icon or swiping up from the bottom of the home screen.


Step 2: After opening the App Drawer, tap the three dots located next to the search bar

Step 3: Then Click on the “Display Layout”

Step 4: Choose “Alphabetical List” from the list of choices. Now, the App Drawer will display all of the apps in alphabetical order.

If your Android device does not have the Layout settings for you to be able to alphabetize your apps, then you can do the second method on how do I get my apps in alphabetical order.


Method 2: Using App Folders

Another approach to ordering programs alphabetically is utilizing the app folders. In this method, you have to establish a folder for each alphabet. That is each alphabet has to have its folder, and each folder needs to have apps added to it alphabetically. For instance, you could make a folder called “A” and put all the programs whose names start with “A” inside of it.

Follow the steps below on how can i alphabetize my apps using app folders.

Step 1: The first thing to do is to initiate the App Drawer

Step 2: Next is to Long-press on an app to get the app on the home screen.

Step 3: Activate the App Drawer. And then Long-press another application and drop it on another app on the home screen.

Step 4: You will now see a folder has been created. Open the recently created folder and rename it. You can call it “A” for the time being.

You need to open the App Drawer again and drop all the apps starting with “A” in the folder. And then you can apply the same procedures to other applications and alphabets.


How do I Manage my Apps

Arranging your apps alphabetically is not the only way to organize the applications on your Android devices. There are numerous ways how to manage your apps for an aesthetic or more personalized setting. Aside from arranging apps in a folder by alphabet, you can also opt to group apps together by topic. Say for example a folder for social media apps and a folder for gaming apps.

In addition, you can always uninstall unused apps so that there will be more space in your storage and home screen. It is best to only retain certain applications that are of great significance to you. This way, you can save on mobile data and phone storage. You can also change the default icons of your applications to make them appear more pleasant to your eyes. Particular themes come with cool icons for your applications.

Moreover, if you need good storage to make your Android device perform more stably, you can choose to move some of your apps to your SD card from your Phone storage. While it’s enjoyable to change the appearance of your Android apps, it’s crucial to control how much storage space they consume.



You are already aware that navigating Android devices is pretty simple because Android made it to be. So arranging your apps into alphabetical order is also fairly easy. The methods we discussed above on how do I get my apps in alphabetical order are the most basic techniques. You need to follow them and you are good to go.